9HTM – Ch325

Chapter 325 – Getting Along Together

Two piles of meat were kneeling at the main hall and they were none other than Little Ha and Big Ha.

“Given that you two have merit, a mansion will be assigned to you in the city. You guys are also eligible to enter the Devil King’s Castle to cultivate, but you two cannot enter simultaneously.”

“Wahhh…” Snot was dripping down Little Ha as he suddenly cried in happiness. Ever since he was born, this was the first time he got so close to the Demon King. And he was even able to talk to him! All of this had caused Little Ha to be unable to hold down his emotions anymore.

Big Ha had a face full of smiles, but at the same time felt embarrassed. He pulled the corner of Little Ha’s clothes and then with an excited smile: “Thank you Lord Demon King! Thank you your Majesty the Queen!” He then turned around to look at Lei Yu, “Thank you Lord Lightning!”

“You guys may withdraw!”


After those two left, Lei Yu considered this as paying what he had promised them. He felt like some pressure had been lifted off his chest as the smile he revealed became a bit more splendid. After recalling Little Ha’s prior expression, he almost couldn’t hold in his laughter.

“Are there any more matters that need to be accounted for?” The bull-head rubbed his horn with a proud expression on his face. It was obvious he was feeling good from showing how mighty he was in front of Lei Yu.

“Stop messing around, there’s really something I need your assistance with.” Said Lei Yu while scratching his head.

“You’re still saying those polite words of needing my assistance? Just go ahead and tell me what you need!” Said the bull-head as white mist sprayed from his nostrils.

Lei Yu glanced at Nuo Hu and Ai Er, “Can you allow Ai Er and my big brother to enter the Devil King’s Castle to cultivate? There’s so much spiritual energy in there so it’s an ideal place for them.”

“Stop kidding around!” The bull-head stood up with a “bam.” Everyone was suddenly dumbfounded wondering what this bull-head was doing. But his following words made others unsure as to laugh or cry: “Not to mention allowing or not allowing, I can even give the castle to you!”

“I don’t want it, something like that is only safe if it’s under your name. Anyway, didn’t I take with me a big chunk of purple crystal stone when I left?” Lei Yu had intended on bringing the crystal stone along with him to improve his cultivation, but never thought he would actually give it away instead.


In the Immortal World, eating and drinking weren’t something cultivators really cared about. It was only necessary when it came to celebrations because this represented their expression of happiness.

Amidst this crowd, there were no separations of lords or servants as everyone just randomly sat around a large stone table. The alcohol they had brewed themselves was really not bad, causing everyone relish in its taste.

After being satisfied with food and alcohol, everyone was aware on what they had to do. They all had to give some space for Lei Yu to deal with his relationship between Ai Er and Telephassa.

During the banquet, Ai Er and Telephassa had already chatted with each other for a very long time and they happened to have good feelings towards one and another.

Since Lei Yu was so devoted to Ai Er, that naturally meant she had qualities about her that excelled.

In the eyes of Ai Er, Telephassa was worthy of her respect and admiration. Not evening mentioning her current status, just Telephassa’s devotion to Lei Yu was already enough for her respect.

There were things Lei Yu wanted to say but he didn’t know how to start it so he just sat there like an idiot. The two beauties glanced at each other and seemed to form a mutual understanding. They both stood up in unison and with one to the left and one to the right of Lei Yu, the grabbed his arms and pulled him up.

“What are you two doing?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Shall we go to my place?” Telephassa’s eyes glanced at Ai Er. The latter then nodded, “Sounds good!”

Heading into the luxurious bedchambers, the faint aromatic smell would make anyone intoxicated. Even Ai Er was relishing it for a while before opening her eyes, “Big sister, what kind of smell is this? I really like it!”

“You like it too? Come with me!” Leaving Lei Yu to the side, Telephassa pulled Ai Er and the two of them walked towards a wooden shelf in the corner of the room.

“These are spices I specially brought with me from Greece in the Mortal World. I’ve always been reluctant to use them and have only used it a few times. And it happens to be when he comes before I’m willing to use it!” As Telephassa was saying this, her eyes glanced towards Lei Yu.

Ai Er giggled, “It looks like this is a very precious item so I cannot snatch it away from big sister.”

“It’s fine, why are you still being so polite with me?”

Seeing that those two were interacting with each other in a harmonious manner, Lei Yu’s heart started fluttering in his stomach. But it was at this time that he felt he was an extra since those two were having fun chatting with each other as if the topics would never end.

The most headache inducing issue hasn’t happened yet but it will soon!


Lei Yu brought Nuo Hu, Ai Er, and Little Ha together to the Devil King’s Castle. Lei Yu actually had some feelings towards this place because this was where he rose from the Nascent Soul stage to his current strength. It was definitely not an easy experience. Even though one was able to cultivate in this castle made of crystal stones, it’ll be impossible to attain the strength Lei Yu currently has based on that alone. His extreme cultivation improvement was mostly due to the coincidence of meeting and being guided by the Devil King’s soul remnant. Of course Lei Yu didn’t elaborate the details of the encounter to the others.

Upon entering the Devil King’s Castle, those three behind him were extremely excited, especially Little Ha. His older brother Big Ha gave him the right to enter first, making him extremely grateful for that action. After all, those two were brothers. Even though they would at times argue with each other, when something happens, they would still be united in thought. This was something Lei Yu admired about those two and he had already made some plans for them.

“It’s so pretty here!” Ai Er couldn’t help praise out loud while she stared around at all the crystals.

“Lord Lightning!” A familiar voice came from the distance causing Lei Yu to turn around with a smile. “Silo, your strength has improved!”

“It’s all my fault for being so dumb. I’ve already been here for a few hundred years yet have only reached the middle Boundary Transition stage.” It was clear that Silo was not happy with his own cultivation speed.

Little Ha stared with his tiny beady eyes at the fearsome looking Silo and then asked excitedly: “You are Lord Silo?”

Silo coldly looked at the fatty, “You should be the person specially permitted to enter the castle to cultivate, right?”

Silo’s words clearly showed he knew the story about Lei Yu’s disappearance and reappearance.

“Tha… that’s right.” Little Ha replied after swallowing hard.

“He’s a friend I met by fate so treat him like one of us, don’t treat him like such a stranger.” Lei Yu lightly patted Silo’s shoulder. With Silo’s powerful physique, Lei Yu felt like he was patting a piece of marble.

No one would dare to act so casual in front of Silo, but Lei Yu didn’t receive his anger and instead, everyone could see Silo laugh in a foolish manner.

Little Ha stayed to the side without making a noise. Although he knew Lei Yu wasn’t a simple person, he still couldn’t understand what kind of status this Lord Lightning had. Why would the totem of the Southern Wild Lands be lightning? And how come all those senior members of the Demon King’s retinue are all familiar with him? This information wasn’t something he was qualified to know and no one will tell him anyway. But in the future, he will become one of Lei Yu’s important Generals.


T/N: Author contradicts himself about the soul remnant so modifications were made. The discrepancy in this chapter was that the author said Lei Yu didn’t tell anyone about the soul remnant but in Chapter 317 he clearly told everyone about it. Also I don’t understand why there wasn’t a short paragraph of Lei Yu telling them why he was missing for 5 years.

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