9HTM – Ch326A

Chapter 326A – The Dark Room

Mo Bei Li had already heard Lei Yu’s voice so she ran out of the castle in joy, “Brother Yu!”

Lei Yu originally had a face full of smiles but upon seeing her appearance, it was replaced with an expression of shock. Lei Yu quickly looked off to the side while even Ai Er and Nuo Hu were in a daze. As for Little Ha, his little eyes were now big and round as blood started squirting out of his nose.

“What… what on earth?”

“Cough… cough…!” Lei Yu cleared his throat, “Shouldn’t you first put on some clothes?”

“What do you mean put on some clothes? I’ve always been like this when I was in the water territory.” Said Mo Bei Li in a confused manner as she pulled on the three piece string bikini she was wearing.

Mo Bei Li’s snow white skin was exposed out in the open while half her soft looking two towers were revealed. It was only her two pink mounds that were covered up at this point. And don’t even mention the lower half of her body; a glance would immediately cause one to have a nosebleed because it was only covered by a simple small piece of yellow cloth. If one looked at her from the back, it would look like she wasn’t wearing anything at all. Compared to when Lei Yu first encountered her, this was the exact same bikini getup she was wearing.

The big burly Nuo Hu was now scratching his head while his face was blushing. He made a thought and took out some old clothes that used to belong to Ai Er before handing it over to Ai Er.

“Little sister, do you want to wear this? It’s so chilly in here, aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?” Ai Er felt this was a bit awkward and thought it should be her to be saying this. Although those words of catching a cold towards a cultivator didn’t make sense, Ai Er just couldn’t come up with anything better on the spot.

“Wahh! You’re the big sister Ai Er that brother Yu always talks about? You’re very pretty!” Mo Bei Li enthusiastically jumped towards Ai Er as her twin peaks wobbled up and down causing extreme temptation.

“Ah, I’m done!” The voice of Little Ha was heard as he sat on the ground with a “plop” as more blood started spraying from his nose.

Lei Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I swear, you are too shameful!”

It was only after putting on Ai Er’s clothes was a bloody tragedy stopped from happening.

Upon entering the castle and greeting Kalchas, they all separated to find their own cultivation space. Once everyone was settled, Lei Yu turned around to leave and went towards that certain hallway.

Different from before, Lei Yu could now lightly push the wooden door and it would open without any obstacles. “Devil King, are you here?”

“Little friend, you’re back!” Inside the dark room, one couldn’t see their own hands in front of them. A sudden green light then appeared as a pair of green eyes floated in midair. The green light came from those eyes and gradually, a terrifying looking face appeared before Lei Yu. The face was a white skull with snow white hair fluttering on the top, while its empty eye sockets only had a pair of glowing green eyes.

The first time Lei Yu saw it, he completely jumped in fright but now he was used to it.

“Devil King, I’m back and I’ve completed the matters you wanted. But an accident happened so quite a bit of time was used up.” Lei Yu said in an apologetic tone.

One could see the skull was attempting to frown, “It’s a bit difficult if you want to recover the energy inside you.”

Lei Yu was a bit surprised why the Devil King would say that. He had already fully recovered and his internal energy was now even more vigorous than before. Lei Yu was confused on what the Devil King meant.

“Devil King, you’re talking about…?”

“Cut the bullshit! Sit down cross-legged, focused your energy in your dantian and don’t let any aura escape from your Nascent Soul’s body!” The Devil King roared out so Lei Yu didn’t dare to be slow. He immediately sat down and did what the Devil King told him. Converging his aura wasn’t something hard since before he reached the Gold Core stage, he already had that ability.

Lei Yu slowly closed his eyes and within this small room, a green light started shining brightly. The light was coming from the floating skull, the remnant of the Devil King’s soul.

One could see the skull spray out a green internal energy that went straight into Lei Yu’s chest. This powerful aura made Lei Yu feel a bit suffocated, and he even felt pain on his chest that started spreading out to the rest of his body. This was similar to tens of thousands of ants biting one’s body and was extremely difficult to endure. But Lei Yu didn’t want to show his weakness so he continued enduring without making a bit of noise.

Lei Yu was then shocked… completely and utterly shocked!

“Isn’t this the green energy that used to be in my body? How come it made its appearance again?” Lei Yu said to himself in surprise.

As the energy came from the Devil King into Lei Yu’s body, it gradually became a green energy that jumped into Lei Yu’s heart meridian. It was the same as before, Lei Yu felt this unfamiliar energy form. It was like a scared child as it slowly traveled around his body in a cautious manner.

Lei Yu had already forced the pain to the back of his mind but his breathing was no longer uniform. He could only focus on the transformation that was undergoing in his heart meridian right now.

Although his meridians that were all messed up after the big battle had recovered, there were still some parts that had crisscrossed each other that shouldn’t have happened. Once that green energy arrived inside his body, it immediately went to fix it and forced it into the correct position.

“Is this energy something he gave me? How could that be possible?” Lei Yu didn’t dare to believe it but the facts were in front of him. The green energy slowly recovered and became stronger. Unknown how much time had passed, the green energy seemed to be full of vigor right now. One could see that energy slowly get close to the infant body residing in Lei Yu’s dantian. It stopped in front of the purple lightning brand for a bit before drilling itself into it.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth and fist as he endured. Sweat continued pouring down his forehead and his clothes were now completely drenched. But he continued enduring and didn’t scream out because he knew this was a critical moment. Moreover, if he screamed out, everyone outside will definitely try to rush here and that might interrupt this critical moment.

A searing pain was felt on Lei Yu’s arm that almost caused him to faint. There were even hissing noises coming from his arm right now.

The pain gradually subsided and Lei Yu flopped to the ground like a pile of mud. One couldn’t see it in this dark room but his face looked like it had been drained of blood and was now pale white.

“I chose you because you have such a strong will. If it were another person, most likely they wouldn’t be able to endure this.” Said the Devil King’s skull.

Lei Yu then weakly asked: “Was this green energy something you gave me? Why?”

“It’s very simple! Did you remember our agreement five years ago? You had to help me accomplish a task. That green energy inside you was my insurance as it will grow strong along with your own growth. If my true body doesn’t help you suppress it, there’s no way you will be able to control it. By that time, you will only have a physical body but your soul will belong to me! You will never be able to restore your own consciousness!”

Those words of the Devil King wasn’t very oppressive, but to Lei Yu it felt like the sick feeling of being raped and afterwards was told the rapist had AIDS. Lei Yu really wanted to stomp this skull into a pile of mud right now but he couldn’t do that.


T/N: The author likes to be vague but it has been revealed! Back then when Lei Yu was about to die from fighting the Void Immortal, some random plot armor unknown entity took over his body and drained the green energy out of the lightning brand. It was the Devil King that took over!

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