9HTM – Ch326B

Chapter 326B – Energy Source

“If I had known this before, I wouldn’t have allowed you to help me recover!” Lei Yu angrily said to himself, but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t know what the Devil King was doing prior but now he finally found out.

“Don’t worry, I will fulfill my promise and help you rescue your true body. But will this energy eventually disappear? Also according to my knowledge, I’m not the only person that has a strong will so why did you have to pick me?” In regards to this, Lei Yu had to get to the bottom of it since there was an energy inside him that was equivalent to a time bomb. Lei Yu didn’t know when it’ll explode so how could he not feel fear it?

Back then, Lei Yu had a favorable impression of the energy but of course now, that has all disappeared!

Even though that green energy had saved him a few times, this was something the Devil King had done in order to guarantee that he doesn’t die. It now appears that everything had been a conspiracy! And it happened to be a very insidious plot!

Helping Lei Yu heal his wounds, and then helping him improve his cultivation levels. All of this was a conspiracy plotted by the Devil King in order for him to help save his true body!

“Your friend Romon wasn’t a bad choice, except that I cannot manipulate the will of an ascetic cultivator. But someone with a slightly weaker will cannot handle the green energy inside their body so there was only you that was capable of handling it!”

“You bastard!” Lei Yu cursed out as he couldn’t accept this.

“I am a bastard! But it was also this bastard that helped you change the fate of death a few times! It was also this bastard that allowed the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost recognize you as its owner! It was also because of me, the so called bastard that gave you the chance of being recognized as the owner of the Dragon Vein! Originally everything should have belonged to me yet everyone has befallen you, and you’re still not satisfied?” Every single word of the Devil King drew blood, causing Lei Yu’s heart to shake.

“Didn’t you do this all because of yourself? Wasn’t your goal so that I would accomplish tasks on your behalf?” Lei Yu angrily stood up. His emotions were in disarray as he angrily stared at the white skull floating in the air.

Lei Yu felt like his heart was about to shatter. So all these fortunate encounters were due to the green energy inside his body.

“Don’t be so agitated. If it weren’t for your strong will, and your hard work in cultivation and your innate talents in understanding the mysteries of your cultivation method, I believe that even if you had the energy, you wouldn’t have risen to your current strength. All those fortunate events had only brought you a bit of assistance, while the true reason for you becoming stronger… is yourself!” The Devil King seemed to have suddenly changed to having a very human-like kindness as he praised Lei Yu.

“Cut the bullshit! Once the matter between you and I are finished, I hope that the energy inside me will disappear!”

“Of course!”

Lei Yu no longer paid attention to him and pulled open the wooden door to go out. He then tried to calm himself down to show a more normal expression when at this time, he noticed Ai Er and others were already sitting around discussing something.

“Brother Yu, you’ve finally come out! I was so worried!” Ai Er ran over and hugged Lei Yu as she said this.

“Wha… what’s going on?” The heavy hearted Lei Yu said as he stroked Ai Er’s hair.

Nuo Hu stood up, “Little Yu, you’ve been inside the room behind the wooden door for over two months already! If you didn’t come out soon, we were going to seek out Lord Demon King to have him come by!”

“Over two months?” Lei Yu’s eyes widened. No wonder the Devil King said it was kind of difficult for the energy to recover its strength. It had actually used up so much of his time, it really wasn’t worth it! What a hopeless situation where one would waste so much time in order to be planted with an evil curse.

“Nothing going on, I was just in deep meditation so don’t worry.” Lei Yu smile apologetically. “Everyone should continue to cultivate!” Lei Yu was the first to sit back down. At least Lei Yu knew that those four different colored energy wasn’t related to the Devil King, which made him feel a bit better.

In another area.

“My two friends, can I ask if you two came from the Chaotic Star Sea?” A person suddenly appeared and asked.

Liu Hao and Tian Ye glanced at each other before one of them pointed to the back, “Could that place behind us not be the Chaotic Star Sea?”

This person was slightly surprised because this scene seemed to have happened before. After racking his brains in thought, he finally recalled… back then when Lei Yu and Big White came here, didn’t they say those exact words? The response of these two was exactly like Lei Yu’s.

That’s right; this person was none other than the disciple of the Thunder Rune Sect, He Chuang.

“This is so funny, the words of you two are exactly like my brother Lightning’s.” He Chuang gave a light laugh.

Liu Hao and Tian Ye originally wasn’t going to bother with this guy but upon hearing those words, the two visibly shook and decided to stay. Liu Hao quickly asked: “You know Lightning? What does he look like?”

He Chuang blinked a few times, “You two also know him?”

“Quickly say it, what does he look like? Is he wearing a ring that looks like the one on my fingers right now?” Liu Hao frantically asked as he raised his hand in front of He Chuang’s face.

“I don’t really remember this but the Sovereign had once said that brother Lightning has a brand that only the Lei Sect possesses.”

Liu Hao’s heart was beating like crazy while Tian Ye was overjoyed. Liu Hao then laughed into the air, “Shit, my luck is too good! I immediately got news of master upon arriving in the Immortal World, this is awesome!”

“Uh…” He Chuang looked at Liu Hao with a strange look. “You are… you are brother Lightning’s disciple?”

“Yes I am! Quickly bring me to see my master!” Liu Hao grabbed onto He Chuang’s hand as he said this.

“This…” While hesitating, He Chuang then said: “Brother Lightning isn’t at our Thunder Rune Sect right now. How about you two fist come back with me to meet the Sovereign? His old esteemed self knows much more about what’s going on while I’m merely just a simple disciple.”

“Then let’s not delay anymore friend, please show the way!” Tian Ye made a please gesture with his hands.

“Please follow me then.”

Tian Ye was fine since he had been to the Immortal World before but Liu Hao was completely spellbound. With picturesque clouds drifting around the mountain ranges, this scene looked like paradise.

They arrived at the so called Thunder Rune Sect and found it strangely quiet. Tian Ye felt weird at first since most of the Sects of the Immortal World refused to take in disciples, so why would there be someone waiting at the barrier between the Chaotic Star Sea and the Immortal World? Now he realized this Sect was one that has deteriorated, and the sword and axe scars left behind meant this place had experienced a big battle in the past.

As they entered a rather old looking main hall, He Chuang said: “If these two guests can wait here, I will go get the Sovereign.”

The two nodded and He Chuang left. After waiting shortly, they felt a strong aura entering their presence so Liu Hao and Tian Ye quickly stood up out of their seats.

Before Lei Ba Tian had arrived, his voice was already heard: “Is it really little Yu’s disciple?”

Hearing the two words “little Yu,” Liu Hao knew this wasn’t an outsider so he grinned in anticipation. This strong aura crashing against the two was something Lei Ba Tian unintentionally released from being too excited.


Liu Hao copied Tian Ye’s manners and also cupped his hands, “Sovereign.”

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