9HTM – Ch327

Chapter 327 – Caring About One’s Appearance

After Lei Ba Tian’s detailed explanation, the two found out Lei Yu was currently attending to some matters and wasn’t in the process of rescuing Ai Er. Lei Ba Tian clearly described that Ai Er and Nuo Hu was accompanying Lei Yu when they left two months ago. This clearly showed Lei Yu was successful in rescuing Ai Er and Nuo Hu from the Void Sect’s grasp.

“How about this – since you two don’t know where to find little Yu, why not just stay at my Thunder Rune Sect for now? Little Yu said once he is done with his matters, he will definitely return here since this place is his home!”

The two thought for a bit; the waters of the Immortal World were really deep and if one wasn’t careful, they could easily lose a shoe. Even though everyone says the Chaotic Star Sea is dangerous and filled with chaos, the Immortal World is also not an easy place to wander around. If one didn’t have the support of a powerful Sect, they might even find themselves in trouble.

“Then we’ll be disturbing you.”

“There’s no need for such words! One is little Yu’s good friend, the other is little Yu’s pupil, just treat this place as your home and don’t be so polite! I will have He Chuang arrange some guest rooms so just stay here with peace of mind, okay?”

The three got up together and cupped hands with each other. Lei Ba Tian then said: “You can cultivate your internal energy in your rooms while physical practices can be done in the training grounds. We have all the facilities necessary so just make yourself at home!”

“Thank you Sovereign! But… I have a request.” Liu Hao said a bit embarrassed.

“Please say it!” Lei Ba Tian was about to leave but stopped and glanced at Liu Hao.

“Can you prepare two more guest rooms? I still have two more friends.”

“When will they arrive?”

Liu Hao waved his hand and two beams of light rushed out of his storage ring. Cui Ying Ying and Nami then both appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing two beauties wearing slightly revealing modern clothing, Lei Ba Tian actually went into a slight daze. He then quickly recovered, “No problem! These two are…?”

Liu Hao covered his grin, “These two are both my master’s intimate friends!”

“Liu Hao! You itching for a beating?!” Nami was a bit better and only blushed a bit while Cui Ying Ying raised her fist and punched at Liu Hao. Those two were like that as they started chasing each other around. It was quite funny to behold where a Gold Core expert that was similar to a God in the Mortal World was being chased around and beaten on.

“Uh…” Lei Ba Tian and Tian Ye glanced at each other and didn’t know what to say.


To cultivators, the passing of time wasn’t something they would bother with anymore. Everyone’s innate talent was different, so it’s not surprising to find some that were getting up there in age before they can reach the Gold Core stage. There were two main reasons for that: First, they were just not born with talent. The second was where one would see an elderly person with a high position in a Sect – which could mean they only started cultivating when they were middle-aged thus giving them such an appearance. But whatever the reason is, most cultivators would have the middle-aged look while only a handful elites of the Sects would have a youthful look. Still, no one would go about asking for other’s age because no matter where, that subject was considered impolite.

In the Immortal Realm, seniority was based on strength and not age.

Thunder Rune Sect – Liu Hao, Tian Ye and the two beauties had lived here for two years already. Liu Hao and Tian Ye were not in a rush, but Cui Ying Ying and Nami felt like they couldn’t wait any longer. Age comes with the passing of time was a fact of life for them, especially when they didn’t have any secret techniques to maintain their youth. If a few more years pass by, Lei Yu would still be a handsome looking youth while those two would start turning wrinkly like an aging pearl. By that time, even if Lei Yu didn’t mind, they themselves would be embarrassed to be with him.

“Liu Hao! We can’t just keep waiting like this right?” Said Cui Ying Ying as she shoved opened his door.

“Sister Ying Ying, don’t be anxious, I believe master will be back soon! How long can it take to deal with some matters?” Liu Hao tried comforting her.

“But it’s been two years already and he still hasn’t returned. You guys can keep waiting but Nami and I cannot! Can’t you see that another year has passed and I’ve aged another year?!”

Liu Hao understood what Cui Ying Ying was trying to say, but this was a helpless situation. After thinking for a bit, “How about I pass the cultivation method master gave me to you two? You guys can then start cultivating here, okay?”

“Start our cultivation now? Isn’t it too late? By the time Nami and I reach your level, I’m afraid we’ll be both old and yellow by then.” While biting her lips, Cui Ying Ying turned around and looked off into the distance. A light mist of tears appeared in her eyes before she sighed, “I only hope to see him one more time. Even if I can’t be together with him, I’ll still be satisfied!”

“Ying Ying.” Nami went over to hold onto Cui Ying Ying’s hand.

Cui Ying Ying turned towards Nami, “Nami, I believe you feel the same way as me. We cannot maintain our youth forever and I don’t want to be old by the time I see the man I love again. By that time, I might as well disappear and never appear again.”

Nami kept her head lowered and didn’t say anything because she was thinking the same thing as Cui Ying Ying. As long as she could see young master one more time, she would have no regrets even if she was to die right after. Ever since her grandma passed away, Nami no longer had any family. Having Lei Yu’s group of friends gave her a sense of belonging, but they key to this belonging still fell on Lei Yu himself.

Nami was someone of the Kou country and to a certain extent, Tenglong people held resentment towards the Kou people. But Lei Yu was someone that had pushed those feelings aside and accepted Nami in a way. Nami now felt like she was already part of this group and even followed Liu Hao to the Immortal World. This wasn’t because she wanted to take care of the problem the Spiritual Bead of Longevity was causing her, but it was so she could see Lei Yu one more time.

“Why are you two so depressed? Could one’s appearance be that important to you two?” Lei Ba Tian’s voice was heard from a distance.

Liu Hao and Tian Ye cupped their hands while Nami and Cui Ying Ying slightly bowed. The latter then said in a dejected manner: “I just don’t want to show my old face towards the person I love for the final time.”

Lei Ba Tian opened his mouth about to say something but swallowed it back down. Tian Ye noticed that slight movement and also recalled something and asked: “Did Sovereign want to mention about the Devil’s Path cultivation?”

Lei Ba Tian was slightly surprised but still nodded. “Right. Since the two girls place so much importance on their appearance just for little Yu, this kind of dedication is really admirable. I was contemplating if I should talk about such a topic.”

Tian Ye was also in thought because this matter was worth considering. But the consequences related to it would be irreparable and filled with pain, so neither one of them wanted to be the ones to talk about it first.

“What? What sort of matter is this Devil’s Path?” Liu Hao asked in confusion.

Lei Ba Tian closed his eyes and clasped his hands behind his back, “This is a method for one to maintain their youth, but the price to pay for that is pain!”

“There’s such a thing?” Liu Hao’s eyes widened. Cui Ying Ying and Nami perked up their ears hoping to hear more of it.

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