9HTM – Ch328

Chapter 328 – Forever Young

“That’s right!” Tian Ye then continued with the explanation: “Legends say that female Devil cultivators can look forever young. And there are many human Devil cultivators with extremely gorgeous bodies while their strength cannot be overlooked. They can’t change their looks but they can maintain it, and the appearance of you two are rather suitable for it. But there is an irreversible price associated with it…”

“Quickly tell us!” Cui Ying Ying and Nami’s emotions were in an upheaval since they couldn’t believe that there was such a thing in this world.

Lei Ba Tian lightly sighed. He knew that girls in love would not hesitate to pay whatever the price without consideration. Since his words had already been spoken, it would be impossible to keep this hidden anymore. “A Devil cultivator must be prepared for never ever having their own offspring.”

Cui Ying Ying and Nami froze. To some people, this price was not considered much but to some that weren’t married yet, this was similar to a punishment. They haven’t even become old yet and couldn’t have any babies in the future? This was a bit difficult for Cui Ying Ying and Nami to accept.

But Lei Yu was like their everything right now. If they didn’t see Lei Yu ever again, most likely they would regret it for the rest of their life. After clenching her teeth, Nami was the first to respond: “I have decided to cultivate the Devil’s Path!”

“I have decided to as well!”

Lei Ba Tian looked at the sky and sighed, this was a conclusion he already guessed would happen. “How about we wait two more years? If two years later little Yu still doesn’t come back, I will not obstruct the decision you two have made today. You girls must know that you haven’t even wedded yet so I’m afraid you will regret your decision in the future.” This matter was really their own private business and didn’t have anything to do with him, but Lei Ba Tian still wanted to point them in the correct path out of the kindness of his heart.

Cui Ying Ying and Nami were really appreciative. They bowed and said: “Thank you Sovereign, we have already decided and won’t regret it!”

After sighing heavily, “Fine, I hope that little Yu will not let you two down!”

“Sister Ying Ying, Nami, you two really have decided to cultivate the Devil’s path? Could it be that you two don’t want to give master descendants? You two don’t want to ever hold your on baby?” Liu Hao felt their decision was a bit too impulsive so he couldn’t hold back.

“Liu Hao, isn’t there still Ai Er? Can’t she give birth? As long as Ai Er has a baby, what difference is it compared to our own baby?” Cui Ying Ying lightly smiled while Nami nodded from the side.

Those words clearly showed the determination of the two and that they had staked everything they had on Lei Yu. Based on Tenglong country’s law, a polygamous relationship was impossible but changing nationalities wasn’t something difficult. A place that allowed this was Africa, so they wouldn’t regret their decision. Even if Lei Yu couldn’t accept them for now, they will still wait for the day he does. This stubborn devotion had actually touched everyone present.

“Your actions have made me think of someone.” Lei Ba Tian murmured.

Everyone asked in unison: “Who?”

Lei Ba Tian started recalling a sad experience, “Several hundred years ago, my Thunder Rune Sect was the leader of the Immortal World’s five great Sects. Back when we were fighting over the Southern Wild Lands, the Immortal World erupted into chaos. Countless small and large Sects rushed forth in order to get a piece of the treasure. My Thunder Rune Sect had also participated, but because of my unfilial son developed a relationship with my enemy’s daughter, it created a series of calamity for us. In the end, our Thunder Rune Sect deteriorated to this current point.

“So the Thunder Rune Sect used to be one of the five great Sects!” Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

Lei Ba Tian smiled in ridicule at himself and then said: “I remember clearly back then, there was a Demon King that came out of the Chaotic Star Sea. The strength of that Demon King was only at the early Soul Splitting stage, but he possessed a very special battle axe and unique martial skill allowing him to stand at the peak where no one was his opponent! Together with him was a woman, and the Immortal World gave her the title of the Queen of the Southern Wild Lands. Although her strength was weak, the Demon King protected her with his life on the line. That Queen of the Southern Wild Lands was a devil’s cultivator, and her purpose of walking the Devil’s path was also to wait for her lover’s arrival. In order to maintain her youthful looks, she too chose this path. To this day, she must have been waiting for over a thousand years now! In the Immortal World, everyone feared the Wild Land’s Demon King and everyone praised the beauty of the Queen. She was basically a goddess and the embodiment of beauty!”

“That man must be really lucky in order to have such a devoted woman; such a deeply moving story!” Said Cui Ying Ying in sadness.

“Right! And according to legend, the Demon King has a son who is cultivating in the Mortal World who happens to be an ascetic cultivator. In order for that man to find his way to the Immortal World, he deliberately had his son wait in the Mortal World for him.”

“What kind of relationship did the Demon King have with the man? Why would he have his only son stay behind?” Cui Ying Ying asked in surprise.

“Wait a minute…!” Liu Hao’s heart started beating like mad. Everyone stared at him and noticed Liu Hao was clenching his teeth. He then asked in a trembling voice: “Sovereign… you’re… you’re saying the Demon King’s son was an ascetic cultivator? And he was in the Mortal World?”

“That’s right, that’s what those people who knew the story had said.” Lei Ba Tian nodded.

“Then what is his son’s name?” Asked Liu Hao.

“That I don’t know. In fact, this legend had been passed down through many people so whether it was true or not, I really don’t know. But we do know that the Queen is devoted to a single guy.”

“It shouldn’t be fake… it’s completely true!” Liu Hao said in an excited manner.

“The legend is true? How do you know?” Lei Ba Tian asked in skepticism.

“What is it Liu Hao?” Cui Ying Ying and Nami were both a bit doubtful.

Liu Hao shook Cui Ying Ying and Nami, “Did you two forget about Romon? Romon is an ascetic cultivator! Wasn’t he in the Mortal World solely because he was waiting for master?”

Nami and Cui Ying Ying both felt a buzz in their mind. Although Cui Ying Ying had only seen Romon once, she clearly remembered things about him. As for Nami, she had never met Romon before but had heard many stories.

“You’re saying the person the Queen had been waiting for over a thousand years… is little Yu?” Lei Ba Tian asked with wide round eyes. Tian Ye who was at the side just stared with a dumbfounded expression.

“It shouldn’t be wrong!” Liu Hao swallowed a few times, “Does that Demon King have a head like a bull’s?”

“That’s right!” Said Lei Ba Tian.

Liu Hao stood up with a bang, “Shit, it’s all true!”

The two beauties were stunned while Lei Ba Tian sighed in his heart. “What sort of experiences has little Yu encountered? Why does everything seem so miraculous and unbelievable when it comes to him?”

“Sovereign! We have to go to that Southern Wild Lands territory! Tell us, how do we get there?” Liu Hao eagerly asked.

Pointing off in a certain direction, “Straight to the south, everyone knows where it is. During your journey, you can ask anyone and they will be able to point out to you an accurate location.”

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