9HTM – Ch329

Chapter 329 – This Daddy Will Go All Out

“Thank you! Sovereign, how about going together with us?” Said Liu Hao in an excited manner.

Lei Ba Tian shook his head with a light smile, “I have to stay here to guard the Sect. Even though it’s a bit boring, our Sect cannot sustain another attack. If I went with you guys, it might take five to six days for a round trip and usually I will never leave the Sect for more than three days time.”

“It’s fine, we’ll go on ahead then!” Liu Hao glanced at the other three and saw them nod in unison.

Liu Hao made a thought and his ring flashed before Nami and Cui Ying Ying disappeared from their spot.

One was on top of a blade while the other on a sword started rapidly flying towards the southern direction.

In another area.

“Congratulations big brother! You’ve finally reached the Nascent Soul stage!” Lei Yu placed both hands on Nuo Hu’s shoulder in joy.

Nuo Hu had a happy expression on his face, “If it weren’t for cultivating in this castle, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to breakthrough even if given another five years!”

Lei Yu smiled, “Both you and Ai Er have reached the Nascent Soul stage. Who would’ve imagined this could be possible back then? This is too incredible!”

“That’s right!” Nuo Hu then asked: “Little Yu, haven’t you already reached the peak of the Fusion Soul stage already? How come you still haven’t broken through yet?”

Lei Yu was a bit depressed, “I don’t know either. I feel like there’s a power suppressing me so I cannot break through it. I’m currently working really hard on it!”

“Don’t force it. If it doesn’t work, just stop for a while. Even if your strength stagnates at that stage, I don’t wish to see any harm to befall you okay?”

Lei Yu nodded, “Don’t worry, I know what to do!”

Three days later, two people were floating at the outer periphery of the Southern Wild Lands.

“This place is the Southern Wild Lands?” Asked Liu Hao as he looked at all the rivers criss-crossing each other.

“It should be right since we’re at the most southern area now. And all the people we’ve met during our journey have mentioned the outer periphery of the Southern Wild Lands is made up of rivers criss-crossing each other. This has to be the place.” Said Tian Ye as he nodded.

“Let’s keep going and see!” After saying that, the impatient Liu Hao had already flown ahead on top of his sword.

Ever since the Southern Wild Lands got rid of the rule of prohibiting flight, the security had been increased. Minotaur Linos had assigned two of the great commanders to guard the two main territories. Every certain distance would either have guards in the air or on the ground as sentry. Coincidentally, Liu Hao had encountered them.

“This place forbids outsiders from entering, please return where you came from!” A burly guy with an emotionless face coldly said.

Liu Hao frowned, “We are here to look for someone. Is the Demon King present? Oh right, how about Lightning? Is he here?”

“How can any random people meet with the two Lords? I advise you two to quickly leave or else we’ll be forced to kill you. With you two mere Gold Core stage, I’m afraid you bodies will be shattered into nothing!” The burly guy roared as a powerful energy aura crashed into them. The two were having a difficult time resisting and were forced back several meters. The subordinates of the burly guy all started covering their mouths in laughter.

There were rarely outsiders entering the Southern Wild Lands so when these two came, they were all naturally curious about this.

“Lightning is my master! I’m here to find my master!” Liu Hao knew he wasn’t the opponent of the burly guy in front of him. Just a simple energy aura had caused Tian Ye and him backwards, clearly showing how powerful his strength was.

Hearing those words, all the Demonic cultivators stopped laughing. That burly guy also became a bit serious and asked: “You say that Lord Lightning is your master? Do you have any proof?”

“P… proof? How can there be any proof? If you were the son of your mother, what would you do if someone asked you for proof?” Liu Hao had always been blunt like this and didn’t hold back. Tian Ye knew this wouldn’t go good since demonic cultivators had short tempers. Those with a strength disparity would definitely not dare to mess with them, nor would they dare to curse at them. Liu Hao’s words had now caused them trouble; one could even say disastrous trouble!

“You’re courting death! A mere Gold Core stage dares to talk trash in front of me?! Even if you’re the heavenly king’s disciple, I’m still going to cut you into a thousand pieces!” The burly guy roared. As one of the four great commanders, no one has dared to speak to him like that apart from the Demon King. Of course he would be extremely pissed off being spoken to like that.

After roaring out, the burly guy raised a golden mace. With flick of the mace, a golden light with a powerful energy flew towards Liu Hao and Tian Ye like a wave.

Liu Hao and Tian Ye quickly flew off in different directions and fortunately escaped the strike. But this was just a prelude of the burly guy since he merely waved his weapon and didn’t directly issue an attack. Just this simple move made the faces of Liu Hao and Tian Ye completely change.

The golden mace rotated once and a golden whirlwind shot out straight for Liu Hao. The whirlwind wasn’t big and was only about the size of a human body, but no one would doubt its power. As a super expert at the Soul Splitting stage, getting rid of someone at the Gold Core stage was similar to stepping on an insect. The burly guy was only playing around and still hadn’t revealed his true strength yet.

“F*cking bastard!” Liu Hao kept dodging left and right but the whirlwind seemed to have locked onto his body. No matter which direction he went to, the whirlwind would keep following him, yet it didn’t attack him and just continued following!

“Liu Hao, I’ll help you!” Tian Ye roared before clapping his hands together. A white light appeared in his palms and slowly condensed into a white orb. He instantly threw the white orb out which collided with the golden whirlwind. Right after that, Tian Ye became dumbfounded!

When his own energy collided into the whirlwind, it was completely swallowed up causing the whirlwind to increase its power but a few levels.

The burly guy coldly sneered while his face will filled with disdain, “Just a simple move and you guys are so helpless. You actually dare to say you’re Lord Lightning’s disciple? You’re simply living in a dream!”

“Motherf*cker, this daddy will go all out!” Liu Hao didn’t care about falling down and actually grabbed onto the golden sword below his feet. One could hear him roar out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, fifth form!”

A golden light shot out like a meteor and clashed with the whirlwind. A large boom was instantly heard causing the whirlwind to disperse everywhere. The force of explosion causing Liu Hao to fly back several meters before his body started falling. He was then able to quickly step on top of his sword to stabilize himself before crashing to the ground.

The burly guy stared with wide eyes, “You can actually use our Demon King’s martial skill?! Who are you?!”

All these demonic cultivators were staring with mouths agape. In their whole life, they had only seen their Demon King display his move once but just that once has caused it to be deeply entrenched in their memory. That previous move by Liu Hao was clearly a skill that belonged to the Demon King!

“I already told you but you son of a b*tch didn’t believe me! There’s also you guys that only laughed in the back! Go ahead and laugh some more!” Liu Hao floated there with his hands on his hips like a clown that didn’t fear the heavens or the earth. But if he knew this commander was actually a super expert at the Soul Splitting stage, most likely he wouldn’t dare to curse as much as now.

Liu Hao’s identity had been partially confirmed so the burly guy didn’t dare to continue saying anything more. His subordinates didn’t dare to continue laughing either because if this turned out to be true and this kid complained about them, their ending would not be good at all.

“Follow me!” The burly guy didn’t dare to make any more comments. Even if they were Gold Core stage cultivators and weren’t Lei Yu’s disciple, he still didn’t want to cause any more issues. He then brought Liu Hao and Tian Ye into the depths of the Wild Lands while his subordinates stayed patrolling the area.

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