9HTM – Ch330

Chapter 330 – Finally Meeting Again

“Lord Demon King, there’s someone by the name of Liu Hao who says he is Lord Lightning’s disciple. He’s currently waiting outside the main halls.”

Minotaur Linos immediately stood up, “Quickly have him come in!”

The bull-head had heard Lei Yu mention the name Liu Hao before so he was familiar with it. What he couldn’t believe was that Lei Yu’s disciple had reached the Gold Core stage and managed to pass through the Chaotic Star Sea to get here.

“You are Liu Hao? You are little Yu’s disciple Liu Hao?” The bull-head was acting very warm which lessened his status as Demon King, but he didn’t care one bit.

The burly guy swallowed hard a few times and realized this might be actually true. If the Demon King found out he almost killed this guy, what would happen to him? The burly guy stood to the side completely filled with unease.

Liu Hao was shocked upon seeing the bull-head; is it really a human body with a bull’s head? Isn’t this the bull-head that guards the Palace of Hell? He was thinking this and of course didn’t dare to say those words out loud. He then smiled, “I am indeed Liu Hao. Do you know where my master is? Is he still here somewhere?”

Seeing how informal Liu Hao was acting, Tian Ye felt cold sweat dripping down his back. He gently pulled Liu Hao’s clothing and kneeled down on one knee, “Greetings to Lord Demon King!”

Liu Hao looked at him and realized he was being rude. Just as he was preparing to kneel down as well, the bull-head strode forth and grabbed onto Liu Hao’s hand. “If little Yu knew his precious disciple had arrived in the Immortal World, wouldn’t he be super happy? Hey dimwit, why aren’t you quickly rushing to the Devil King’s Castle to tell Silo so he can pass the message onto little Yu?”

“Ahh! Right! Right!” The burly guy wiped the sweat off his forehead and quickly went out. Liu Hao didn’t hold him accountable for his actions was considered him being fortunate today.

Knowing Lei Yu was really here, Liu Hao was so happy that he almost cried. But he endured; he was going to wait until he saw Lei Yu before expressing his emotions. He then started chatting about random subjects with this weird looking bull-headed monster.

“You brat, it’s really you!” Lei Yu cried out emotionally as Nuo Hu, Ai Er, and Romon came striding in from outside.

Upon hearing that voice, Liu Hao trembled before turning around. When talking about Liu Hao and Lei Yu’s relationship, they were actually very close to each other. If it weren’t for that fateful day when Liu Hao was taking a dump and meeting Lei Yu, the series of encounters would have never happened and they wouldn’t be having today’s reunion.

Liu Hao had transformed from his previous fat self to the current somewhat handsome guy. This was all Lei Yu’s credit. And the current strength he possessed was forced out of him one step at a time by Lei Yu. Lei Yu had showered upon him a grace that was as high as the heavens! The two of them were master and disciple in name, but they pretty much treated each other as brothers.

“Master.” Liu Hao clenched his fists as saliva unconsciously gathered in his mouth. After continuously swallowing a few times, his eyes were also turning red. He trembled as he breathed before kneeling with a “plop” on the ground. “I’ve missed you! I’ve really missed you!”

Lei Yu dabbed a tear from the corner of his eye and quickly strode forth to support Liu Hao. “Stop acting like a girl and talking about mushy stuff like missing me!” Right after that and contrary to everyone’s expectation, he too hugged Liu Hao. “I missed you like crazy too!”


Lei Yu was in a somewhat better condition while tears only dripped down. As for Liu Hao, he had already started crying out loud. The current scene caused everyone to have a lump in their throat as tears formed in their eyes as well.

Minotaur Linos didn’t know but others understood that Liu Hao and Lei Yu had a very close relationship like brothers. How can others not be moved from seeing this sudden reunion?

Nuo Hu cleared his nose as his voice seemed to be an octave higher. “Liu Hao, you only remember your master and not about us?”

Liu Hao let go of Lei Yu and gulped down some phlegm before sobbing a couple more times. A bear hug was unavoidable but Nuo Hu’s figure was huge now making Liu Hao unable to give him a complete hug.

Lei Yu felt gratified because his own disciple listened to his words and cultivated diligently. Attaining his current strength was all due to his own hard work. Even though it was a rather absurd situation when those two met, everything after created memories that would never be forgotten and was always fresh on his mind. For Liu Hao to have gained immortality today was a huge joy to Lei Yu!

After letting go of Nuo Hu, Liu Hao turned to face Ai Er and was a bit surprised. He then choked back a sob and said: “Master’s wife is even prettier now and seems to be different from before!”

“Liu Hao, you haven’t changed one bit and are still so nonsensical.” Ai Er’s eyes were also red which meant she had previously been crying as well.

Liu Hao turned around, “Master, can I give master’s wife a hug?”

Lei Yu didn’t say anything and Ai Er stepped up and hugged him. Liu Hao’s eyes widened, “Wow, it’s very fragrant! Master’s wife, are you using perfume? The smell is very unique!”


“You brat, you’re always spouting nonsense!” Lei Yu half cried and half lectured him.”

“Brother Lightning, congratulations on the reunion of master and disciple!” A familiar voice was heard behind him. Lei Yu turned around and shocked because he only noticed Liu Hao prior and didn’t even notice Tian Ye at all.

“Brother Tian Ye! How come you’re here as well?” Lei Yu asked in shock.

“I coincidentally met Liu Hao and then came here together with him. We were waiting at the Thunder Rune Sect for two years and happened to find out you were here, so we immediately set off for this place.” Said Tian Ye with a smile.

“How come you guys were at the Thunder Rune Sect?” Asked Lei Yu with surprise.

Liu Hao and Tian Ye started explaining everything in detail to Lei Yu. Once they arrived at the part about finding out about the Southern Wild Lands, everyone was stunned.

Liu Hao then touched his nose, “Master, I also brought them along with me!” After waving his hand with the storage ring, a sly look appeared on Liu Hao’s face. Nuo Hu frantically raised his hand to glance at the ring on his own finger.

“Did Ying Ying and Nami really come?!” Ai Er asked happily while Lei Yu didn’t say a word.

“That’s of course.” Liu Hao stepped backwards a few steps and made a thought. Two beams of light then shot out from the storage ring Liu Hao was wearing. The beams of light landed on the ground and two girls in modern clothing stood there staring blankly at everyone.

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp as their stared wide eyes at two familiar faces. Lei Yu also just stared and didn’t know what to say.

The two were none other than Cui Ying Ying and Nami who had been yearning for Lei Yu night and day. Once they saw everyone in front of them, those two were also staring in a daze. This sudden meeting would make anyone freeze and have difficulty reacting.

“Nami, am I dreaming? How come I’m staring at him right now?” Cui Ying Ying’s eyes didn’t leave the man in front of her while she asked Nami next to her.

“I don’t know but I also see him too!” Nami used her hands to cover her mouth but it couldn’t block her shocked expression.

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