9HTM – Ch331

Chapter 331 – Sisters Of The Mortal World

“Ying Ying! Nami!” Ai Er ran up and hugged them both. Those two finally realized they were not dreaming and everything was real before them!

“Ai Er! Is it really you? Is it really you?” Asked Cui Ying Ying as her voice choked back a sob.

“It’s me, it’s really me!” There was no need to ask those questions and respond to them, but when humans were shocked, it’s not strange for them to start doubting themselves.

Lei Yu heavily exhaled as he looked at all these important people in his life that he couldn’t live without in front of him. His heart was already beating out of control and the joy he was experiencing felt like it wanted to come out of his throat. Lei Yu didn’t know what words to use to describe his current emotions; he only knew he was so excited to the point he couldn’t speak at all.

“Lei Yu! After millions of miles, I finally get to see you again!” Cui Ying Ying’s eyes were red but she was holding herself back not allowing the tears to drip out. She slowly raised her jade like hand out in front of her like she wanted to shake hands with Lei Yu.

Lei Yu pursed his lips and pointed at Cui Ying Ying’s hand, “Is our relationship only worth this much?” After saying that, Lei Yu opened up his arms with a light smile.

Cui Ying Ying couldn’t hold back anymore and rushed into Lei Yu’s embrace. She didn’t care that there were people around and started crying. A beautiful woman crying was something that was the most difficult for one to endure, and Lei Yu didn’t know how to comfort her.

She was completely expressing her emotions and no one was able to stop her, so one could only wait until everything subsided. Standing off to the side, Nami’s tears were coming down non-stop because she too wanted to experience such a tender embrace. Ever since that night in the hospital room between them two, Nami’s love for Lei Yu had become something beyond her control. She had always buried that emotion deep in her heart because she felt she wasn’t qualified and too insignificant. She knew Lei Yu’s feelings to the Kou people and felt that since she was one as well, she wasn’t qualified to be with him. But when she became close to all of Lei Yu’s friends, she realized no one looked at her coldly, no one looked down on her, and no one despised her.

Following the flow of time, Nami’s love towards Lei Yu could not be held back anymore and that’s why she came to the Immortal World with Liu Hao. Today, she finally saw the person she had been dreaming of day in and day out. Even though she couldn’t get that tender embrace, standing far away and looking at him was good enough for her.

After a long time, Cui Ying Ying finally let go of Lei Yu. Seeing such a beautiful woman distraught would make anyone’s heart shatter. Lei Yu then smiled, “Don’t cry, you’re looking at me now, right?”

Cui Ying Ying exhaled while trembling and didn’t care about the people present. She then yelled out: “Lei Yu! I love you! I love you! I want to be together with you! Even if I can only standing behind you and see your back, I’ll be happy with that! I know your heart only has Ai Er, and I also know you aren’t someone that plays around with multiple girls. But I just hope to be able to say what’s in my heart… it’s been over ten years now! The feelings I have for you have never changed!” For a woman to be able to say those words out in public, one could see how much in love she was in with the person in front of her. Just this courage alone was enough for everyone to admire her.

Lei Yu’s eyes landed on Ai Er and saw the latter smile while nodding her head. Lei Yu’s heart was extremely grateful. He raised his hand and rubbed the tears from Cui Ying Ying’s face. Her face was very smooth. Even though she was a woman in her thirties already, she still maintained it very well. Her skin felt like a baby’s causing Lei Yu not daring to exert any strength.

As if she had been poked, Cui Ying Ying stood there stunned as her body trembled and wanted to say something. Lei Yu smiled, “We’ll just never separate from each other anymore okay? There’s no need to cry.”

That tone was so warm and gentle that she almost became drunk from it. Cui Ying Ying felt like she was about to melt! It’s been over ten years! Being able to hear those words, even if she were to die right now, she would still be willing!

“I didn’t hear anything wrong right?” Cui Ying Ying recovered and secretly glanced over at Ai Er and noticed her smiling. Only after that did she silently exhale. “What nonsense are you talking about?! This one was just getting something off her chest! What never separate ever again are you talking about?”

Lei Yu laughed. This woman that had always done everything for the sake of him was really too adorable.

“Ying Ying, quit pretending. Everyone knows what those words brother Yu said meant!” Ai Er stuck her tongue out before running over, “I’ve already forced him to give you and Nami a spousal status! You go ask him if it’s true or not!”

“Ai Er, you…” Cui Ying Ying’s eyes widened while Nami to the side felt a buzzing noise in her mind.

“Cough… cough…!” Liu Hao forced himself a cough a few times. “Such an ambiguous scene, can’t you guys save it for the bridal chambers? Look at you all! You’ve completely forgotten about us important figures!”

Ai Er and Lei Yu and everyone present started laughing while only Cui Ying Ying and Nami lowered their heads with a blush. These two women looked like young girls who had just fallen in love and were pulling at the corner of their own clothing.

“What’s going on that everyone’s so happy about?” A voice like a wind chime came from outside the main hall. Everyone turned around while Nami, Cui Ying Ying, Liu Hao, and Tian Ye stood there completely stunned.

A beautiful goddess appeared in front of everyone wearing the same clothes she usually wore. She still wore white silk clothing wrapped around her upper and lower body. The white silk was embellished with golden accessories and below her white neck showed people a partial view of her jade white chest that would cause any man to drool. Her thin waist would make any woman jealous, and her two long white symmetrical legs were completely exposed for all to see. She wasn’t wearing any shoes and her bare feet looked like white jade as well. Her beautiful eyes landed on Cui Ying Ying and Nami which made her a bit surprised. “What two beautiful girls we have here!”

“Your Majesty!” The bull-head off to the side made a slight salute.

Ai Er smiled and said: “Big sister! Let me introduce them to you!” She grabbed onto Telephassa and pulled her towards Cui Ying Ying and Nami.

“They are my good sisters in the Mortal World and they came together here with Liu Hao!”

“They came from the Mortal World? How come I can’t sense that they’re cultivators?” Telephassa asked in confusion.

“It was I who brought them here!” Liu Hao cupped his hands and said in a goofy manner.

“You are…?”

“I am master’s disciple!”

Lei Yu knocked on Liu Hao’s head, “You retard! What you just said was equivalent of not saying anything!” He then smiled at Telephassa, “This is my dumbass disciple who had broken through to the Gold Core stage. He coincidentally found out I was here and came.”

After the introductions, Telephassa realized those that were in love with Lei Yu weren’t just her and Ai Er, and that there were two more girls.

“Your fortune with love is truly not bad! With so many beauties devoted to you, you must have done something great in your past life!” Telephassa covered her mouth with a giggle.

“That’s right, even I am envious to the extreme!” Liu Hao sneered.

“You dare to keep spouting nonsense? Just watch me knock your head to mush!” Lei Yu made a gesture like he was about to smack him, scaring Liu Hao into dodging. This made everyone present start to laugh out loud. Even the embarrassed Cui Ying Ying and Nami started laughing as well.

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