9HTM – Ch332

Chapter 332 – A Peerless Blade

According to the customs of the Mortal World, having a dinner with newly arrived guests was a must. The dinner that night was very luxurious and very lively. Nami and Cui Ying Ying gradually became familiar with Telephassa, Minotaur Linos and others. They started having conversations that would never end. Seeing this scene, Lei Yu felt very happy because as long as they all got along well with each other, this would save a lot of trouble for him in the future.

Seeing these four ultimate beauties, a surge of emotion appeared in Lei Yu’s heart. What did people pursue in their lives?

Fame? That wasn’t something Lei Yu bothered with since he often tried to hide his own identity. Money? This was similar to dirt to Lei Yu since there was no difference to having it or not.

There was no need to even mention power and position because Lei Yu didn’t have a single trace of interest in it. Back in the Mortal World’s Tenglong country, Chairman Lin had persistently asked that he create his own army group but he kept refusing. Just from that, one can see Lei Yu didn’t care about power and position. He was a person that didn’t like to be restricted and preferred his freedom.

While these were going through his mind, he couldn’t help but think of one thing that caused a pressure in his heart. The conditions of the Devil King’s soul remnant was simply too difficult to achieve. But in order to expel the dangerous green energy from his body, there’s nothing he could do. Otherwise, even though he had all these beauties in front of him, he wouldn’t have the fortune to enjoy them!

“What’s wrong master?” Asked Liu Hao while he shoved a large piece of roast meat into his mouth.

“Nothing, I was just thinking of something. Liu Hao, how much have you grasped from the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique?” Lei Yu casually asked as he glanced at Liu Hao who looked like he had been starving for over a year.

After quickly swallowing, Liu Hao used his hands to wipe his mouth. “I’ve already fully grasped the first six forms and can easily release the first set of combination.”

Lei Yu nodded in satisfaction. “What about the cultivation method I gave you? How’s that going?”

Without thinking, Liu Hao replied: “I’m stuck at the peak of the [Detachment] stage but cannot breakthrough no matter what. I have no clue what’s going on.”

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “It looks you brat, have really worked hard cultivating these past few years. At least you’re worthy of my mentorship… here, take this!” With a wave, a book appeared in Lei Yu’s hand. This book was considered Lei Yu’s ultimate treasure and he has never brought it out in front of anyone before, yet he still gave it to Liu Hao without hesitation.

Liu Hao glanced at the book strangely, “Heavenly Thunder Manual latter half? Master, this…” Liu Hao knew Lei Yu was treating this as something extremely precious. Not to mention the original copy, even a hand copied one would not have been brought out yet it was easily placed in his grasp.

“Take it; I’ve already memorized everything inside. This is all I can give you now. I have the same words for you; everyone will depend on your own hard work!” Lei Yu patted his shoulders while saying this.

Liu Hao pursed his lips and looked like he was going to cry. Lei Yu then glared at him, “If you dare to start crying, I’m going to take the book back!”

“Eh? Fine, I’m not crying! Not crying at all!” Liu Hao said this with a smile but the tear in his eye couldn’t help coming out a bit.

Ai Er and Telephassa wanted to see the livelihood of the ordinary citizens of the city so they grabbed Cui Ying Ying and Nami out with them. On the main streets, all the demonic cultivators were staring with mouths agape and drool pooling beneath their feet. These four beauties that would cause any man to smile in their dreams all belonged to a single person.

“Brother Liu Hao! My eyes couldn’t recognize Mt. Tai so I hope you can forgive me for my previous offense!” A burly guy holding two bowls of alcohol came over to where Lei Yu and Liu Hao were at. Liu Hao turned to look, “Shit! If it weren’t for how powerful my precious blade was, I would have probably been played to death by you!” But there was a smile on his face, “It was just a misunderstanding, don’t worry about it.”

“Good! Brother Liu Hao is truly a magnanimous person. Come, cheers!” After saying that, one of the bowls was shoved into Liu Hao’s hand and they both downed the alcohol.

“Lord Lightning, brother Liu, you guys keep chatting while I won’t be bothering you anymore!” Lei Yu nodded with a smile while Liu Hao waved his hand before the burly commander left.

“You mentioned something about a precious blade? Also, I’m curious about a matter – how did you know the path towards the Immortal Realm? I remember back then I have never told you these things.” Lei Yu asked in a puzzled manner.

“Master, you must have forgotten about something.” Liu Hao narrowed his eyes with a sly smile.

“What something?”

“It’s that passionate night you had with Nami in the hospital.”

Lei Yu felt extremely awkward as he knocked on Liu Hao’s brain, “Why are you bringing this up? My body was beyond my control that time!”

Liu Hao rubbed his head, “Did you forget that you left something behind in Nami?”

Lei Yu’s eyes widened as he gasped. After swallowing a few times, “You’re not implying that Nami already has my child right?”

“Uh…” Liu Hao froze for a bit before starting laughing for half the day before finally stopping. “Master, you surely have a good imagination. After that night with Nami, you went to the U.S. for over a year. If she was with child, wouldn’t you be notified of it already?”

This manly man Lei Yu couldn’t help start blushing a bit. “Then you’re talking about…” He then suddenly remembered, “You’re talking about the Spiritual Bead of Longevity?”

“That’s it. These past several years, it appears that the Spiritual Bead of Longevity has recovered inside Nami’s body. More than once, it would undergo some dramatic changes and almost take her life. If it weren’t for me taking care of it, most likely you’ll never be able to see her again.” Said Liu Hao.

“How could I have forgotten about this?! I’m really muddleheaded!” Lei Yu slapped his head and then continued: “What about now? Are they any more side effects from the Spiritual Bead of Longevity?”

“You do really care about your own wife.”

“Less bullshit, just tell me quickly!” Lei Yu raised his hand about to smack down causing Liu Hao to quickly reply: “None, none at all! It’s already out of her body now.”

Lei Yu then asked in confusion: “Then where is it right now?”

Liu Hao stood up and waved his hand and a steel blade appeared. The blade was glowing yellow and had a length of 1.6 meters. The handle was about 20 – 30 centimeters and had some strange carvings that looked like dragon’s scale. On the blade portion was an eye catching yellow jewel embedded into it. For such a fine blade to appear caused everyone around to glance over in surprise.

“It’s really a good blade!” Lei Yu couldn’t help exclaim.

“Not bad huh? Master, you don’t know but it was gifted to me by an old senior. He was also the one to tell me how to extract the Spiritual Bead of Longevity from inside Nami. And this yellow jewel is exactly it.”

He didn’t pay attention to it because he was so surprised, but now Lei Yu suddenly sensed a familiar aura exuding in the area. How could he forget this familiar aura that had accompanied him for such a long time?

“Do you know who this old senior is? And what does he look like?” Asked Lei Yu.

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