9HTM – Ch336

Chapter 336 – Big Sister Goddess

Tian Ye was extremely grateful for such an opportunity, but he was thinking of and greatly missed Yanrong and Tian Dan Er in the Chaotic Star Sea.

As if seeing his thoughts, Lei Yu promised Tian Ye that when given the chance, he would bring the entire town to settle within this city. Regardless of Lei Yu trying to stop him, Tian Ye started loudly kowtowing towards in order to repay his gratitude after hearing this.

Lei Yu then walked towards the middle of the hall and said with a face filled with smiles, “Let me introduce everyone to a new friend of mine.”

“A new friend? Where?” Everyone looked around and didn’t notice anyone. They all then stared at Lei Yu in a strange manner.

They all noticed Lei Yu’s lightning brand on his right-arm flash before his body gradually became illusory. Right after that, a purple light mixed with white starry dots burst forth from his body while two beams of white energy came out from his bracelet and started merging into one. The bracelet on his wrist disappeared and everyone stared with big round eyes at the appearance of this person, because it wasn’t Lei Yu’s soul!

An ultimate beautiful girl with an aura of cold aloofness appeared. Her eyes were filled with excitement and the girl happened to be completely naked as well! Her skin was extremely white and the proportions of her body were big and slim in all the right places. The whiteness of her body was like a white jade that people didn’t dare to touch in case they blemished it. The only color apart from her whiteness was the two little pink points protruding from her twin peaks. Add that her long black hair was slightly coiled on her head that showed off her exquisite facial features, her whole outlook would cause any man to go crazy for.

Lei Yu was originally all smiles but when he turned around to look, he almost jumped out of his skin in fright. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?!”

This person was none other than Xue Yu who borrowed Lei Yu’s soul to form a body. For such a peerless beauty to be completely naked caused Liu Hao to bitterly cry with arousal.

Xue Yu glanced at herself, “What’s wrong with that?”

Lei Yu helplessly covered his eyes with his hand, “Why are you just like Mo Bei Li who doesn’t care about stuff like that? I give up!”

With over a dozen people in the main hall, everyone’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets and their mouths were as wide as they could get. With the sudden appearance of such an ultimate naked beauty, even Lei Yu’s four beauties had similar reactions. It was only after a while before bull-head asked with hesitation: “Little… little Yu… this… this is your soul? No… no way right?”

Lei Yu wanted to cry. “Someone quickly bring her some clothes!”

With the sudden cry by Lei Yu, Nuo Hu finally recovered his senses and quickly retrieved some of Ai Er’s old clothes from his storage ring. Lei Yu kept one hand over his eyes while the other hand grabbed the clothes and passed it to Xue Yu. He accidently happened to nudge Xue Yu’s soft mound and felt it was cool to the touch but was extremely bouncy. Lei Yu couldn’t help swallow a few times, “Quickly put this on!”

Xue Yu couldn’t understand why everyone was so shocked but she still began to wear the clothes she was given. Ai Er’s clothes were of the modern style which consisted of a t-shirt and a skirt. Even though she now had some clothes on, it still couldn’t cover up the seductive aura she gave off.

Without waiting for Lei Yu to say anything, Xue Yu started running around the hall. “Wow, this is the outside world! It’s so pretty! Master, what is this?” Asked Xue Yu as she pointed at the throne in the main hall.

“Oh shit! Is she an alien or a girl with amnesia?” Liu Hao exclaimed out loud.

Lei Yu helplessly shook his head, “Ai Er, you should recognize her.”

“I should recognize her?” Ai Er started blinking while carefully observing this unfamiliar yet beautiful girl. No matter how she racked her brains, she couldn’t think of anything.

“Right, it’s someone you know. Also, bull-head and everyone shouldn’t misunderstand about the situation. She’s borrowing my soul in order to appear in the physical world. The body is hers while the soul is mine, but she’s currently in control of her own body.”

Everyone stared with wide eyes while bull-head asked: “Are you saying she’s now part of your soul? How did you two fuse together? I can’t believe this is possible!” For someone like the bull-head who has seen many strange and odd things in his life, even he said this was too unbelievable which showed this was something that has never happened before.

“Right, the early and mid Soul Splitting stages restrict one’s soul while only the late stage does not.” Said Lei Yu.

Those at the Soul Splitting stage and higher already knew about this but for others, this was their first time hearing it.

“Brother Yu, you keep saying I should recognize her but who is she?” Ai Er asked in confusion.

Xue Yu ran over to Ai Er, “You don’t recognize me? I’ve helped you heal your body back then!”

Ai Er once again racked her brains and started mumbling: “Helped me heal my body…?”

“Ai Er, she’s the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost!” Lei Yu twisted his wrist a few times to show that his white bracelet was gone.

“Eh? Spiritual Bracelet of Frost? How could…?”

“Didn’t I just explain it? There’s a soul spirit within the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost and Xue Yu is that soul spirit. She’s borrowing the power of my soul’s body in order to appear in reality.” Said Lei Yu.

Everyone finally realized what was going on. Liu Hao then said in an envious tone: “Master, how come you’re body is covered with treasures? That jade pendant around neck is a cultivating treasure; you also had a storage ring that was a special treasure. And now you’re even hiding a big sister goddess in your bracelet… you’re too shameless!”

“Be mindful of your words or else I’ll give you a good beating!” Lei Yu glared at him.

“I was wrong! Quickly introduce this big sister goddess to us okay?” Liu Hao cupped his fists and showed a bitter face.

Xue Yu left Ai Er and ran over to Lei Yu and grabbed onto him. “Master, let’s see if my guesses are accurate!” This move made the four beauties somewhat jealous. But when they thought about it some more, Xue Yu was technically Lei Yu’s soul body and wasn’t a real person so that calmed them down a bit.

After saying that, Xue Yu ran over to Tian Ye’s said and started pointing one by one: “Tian Ye, Nuo Hu, Romon, Tai Lao, Hei Feng, and Golden Tiger. There’s also master’s four lovers and your idiotic disciple.”

“I’m actually very intelligent!” Liu Hao pouted with an unsatisfied expression.


“You can actually recognize each of us? Little Yu, isn’t this a bit too incredible?” Telephassa said in surprise.

“There’s nothing I can do since she can see through everything inside the consciousness of my soul!” Lei Yu shrugged. The Spiritual Bracelet of Frost along with the sun and moon pendants were items he couldn’t control.

“That’s enough Xue Yu, you should go back for now. Having my soul leave my true body uses up a lot of my energy. You will be coming out to help me fight in the future so I’ll introduce you to other stuff at a later time, okay?” Said Lei Yu.

Even though she was disappointed, Xue Yu walked to up to the side of Lei Yu, “See you later everyone.”

Liu Hao swallowed down a gulp of saliva, “See you later big sister goddess!”

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