9HTM – Ch337

Chapter 337 – Heavenly Lightning Tribulation

With a giggle, Xue Yu’s body became illusory before becoming two white energy that flew towards Lei Yu’s wrist. The Spiritual Bracelet of Frost once again appeared while Lei Yu had a distressed look on his face. The faintly purple skinned Lei Yu was currently standing there wearing Ai Er’s clothes. A “rip” sound was heard and Ai Er’s t-shirt was ripped by his soul. Lei Yu frantically activated his internal energy to force his soul back inside. Although his speed was almost instantaneous, it still caused everyone present to roll on the floor in laughter. Lei Yu’s powerful and prestigious image had now ceased to exist.

It was at this time…

The rumbling of storm clouds from everywhere could be heard gathering in the skies above. Everyone ran out of the main hall too look up and noticed the storm clouds covered at least over 10,000 mile area!

There’s only one explanation for such a vast amount of storm clouds to gather in the Immortal World!

“Not good! It’s centered near the Void Sect!” The bull-head gasped. Just when his voice faded, a thick column of lightning descended. Even though they were currently in the most southern area, everyone could sense how powerful that lightning was!

Everyone had a serious expression on their faces while Lei Yu couldn’t understand why.”What’s not good about it? Let it strike him to death!”

“Little Yu! Have you lost your mind or something?”

“Master! How come you don’t know what’s going on?” Liu Hao and everyone were now staring at Lei Yu.

Being stared like this, Lei Yu felt uncomfortable and asked in confusion: “What is it?”

“Little Yu, you don’t recognize the heavenly lightning?” Asked Telephassa.

Romon slapped his head, “How could I have forgotten this?! Little Yu never experienced the heavenly lightning tribulation and directly condensed his gold core!”

“What did you say?!” Everyone had big wide eyes while staring at Romon.

“That day in the Mortal World…” Romon continued to explain, “A column of lightning descended but it was the Dragon Vein recognizing its owner and not the heavenly lightning tribulation. Once the lightning of the Dragon Vein passed, he condensed his purple gold core. This was all personally witnessed by me since I was present during that time.”

“Such a thing can happen?” The bull-head and Telephassa glanced at each other with questioning looks.

“Don’t bother with that for now; tell me what’s going on currently.” Asked Lei Yu as he pointed at the huge column of lightning.

“This is the tribulation when breaking past the Boundary Transition stage, and it’s something I’ve experienced before!” The bull-head mumbled.

“What you mean to say is that Void Immortal, he… he broke through the Boundary Transition stage and is reaching the Mahayana stage?! How could this be?” Lei Yu was frowning. If this really was the case, wanting to use his own strength to defeat him wasn’t something he can accomplish in a short period of time!

Lei Yu was busy with many things but he would never forget the reason he came to the Immortal Realm. The hatred he had for the Void Sect wasn’t something that will ever be forgotten. He had once promised himself to make the Void Sect suffer the consequences. But now looking at the situation, the Void Immortal and the bull-head had become existences at the same level. Wanting to defeat the Void Immortal was something currently impossible to accomplish!

The bull-head helplessly shook his head, The Void Immortal’s potential was originally not bad, so after cultivating for such a long amount of time, going through this heavenly lightning tribulation isn’t anything strange.”

“Is there any way to stop his tribulation?” Lei Yu asked.

The bull-head looked at Lei Yu for a while before replying: “Yes!”

Lei Yu’s eyes lit up, “What way?”

“Kill him! The heavenly lightning tribulation will take a long time. It’s during this tribulation that the person is at their weakest moment. With my speed and before the tribulation ends, making a move on him would cause his complete annihilation. It’s only that…” Reaching to this point, bull-head hesitated.

“Only what?” Lei Yu eagerly asked.

“Trying to prevent this tribulation would cause everyone in the Immortal Realm to despise the saboteur, and result in leaving behind a name of infamy throughout the ages. One needs to understand that for a cultivator to condense their gold core is already extremely difficult, not to mention the last threshold of the Boundary Transition. If people found out someone acted to prevent the tribulation, the Immortal World might unite together and attack the culprit. Unless you manage to silence all witnesses, otherwise there’s no other way of getting mud on your name.” Bull-head explained.

Lei Yu smiled while shaking his head, “That’s something I wouldn’t do either. If our interference really caused his complete annihilation, that would be too villainous of us!” After laughing a bit, Lei Yu then said: “Even if he has reached the Mahayana stage, I will depend on my own hard work to catch up to him because I want to fight with him fair and square!”

One of the reason people were unconsciously attracted to Lei Yu was that he would never perform underhanded moves against others. Men had to be righteous and just in order to be respected by others!

“I believe you will eventually accomplish that!” Nodded bull-head with a satisfied look on his face. Everyone else had forgotten the embarrassing encounter with Lei Yu’s soul and was now only looking at him with respect and admiration.

“I will continue working hard!” Lei Yu made up his mind and clenched his fists. Once he takes care of his matters, he will focus all his attention on cultivating! Only when he reaches the Mahayana stage will he truly become an overlord in the Immortal World that gained the respect of millions. This wasn’t the glory that Lei Yu desired, but it was only reaching that point will he be able to stand up and be able to truly protect those around him!

There were a total of six lightning strikes and each one was more destructive than the next. But the strikes didn’t come one after another but had a long pause in-between. They also came at random times so one wouldn’t know when it would come. Lei Yu said to himself: “Void Immortal, I hope you don’t get obliterated by the heavenly lightning because I want to directly kill you myself! I will use my own strength to defeat you!”

After a full day and night, the skies started calming down and the storm clouds gradually dissipated revealing the blue sky once again. Lei Yu stood there unmoving until the heavenly lightning had come to an end. One could see the hot blood boiling in his eyes, which was the source of his current motivation!

Upon arriving at the Devil King’s castle, Lei Yu said to himself: “I had always been counting on the green energy so in the future; I will have to count on my own abilities to become stronger!”

There was no day or night for Lei Yu while cultivating, and each time he would enter a deep meditative state for at least two months at a time. But it was also because of this that his strength continued to increase. Inside the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, Xue Yu wasn’t tired or bored and just continued to assist Lei Yu by purifying all the absorbed spiritual energy. This allowed Lei Yu’s cultivation to yield twice the benefits with half the effort.

Sometime a year later…

Upon slowly opening his eyes, Lei Yu’s lips curved into a smile. This was exactly his signature smile. Lei Yu then went to the small room in the back with the wooden door.

“We can leave now!” Lei Yu coldly said.

The Devil King’s skull was glimmering with a green light, “You have truly made me shocked. Even without the help of my energy, I’m sure you would have reached this strength eventually. Not bad, not bad at all!”

“It’s not necessary for you to praise me. Let’s not delay anymore and head out!” Lei Yu’s tone was cold and it wasn’t a tone he would use towards others. But when facing this terrifying looking Devil King’s skull, there was no way he could pretend to be amicable.

“I want to remind you that having more people accompany us it not necessary a good thing. It would actually be easier if you went alone!”

Those words of the Devil King made Lei Yu frown, but he still nodded. “Tell me, where’s this place we’re going to?”

“We’re going to the eastern sea edge wherein the Forest of Fog lies!”

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