9HTM – Ch338

Chapter 338 – Forest Of Fog

“Why would your true body be there?”

“Don’t ask so much, just act according to what I tell you!” The Devil King’s tone was adamant.

Lei Yu didn’t care about the tone since he originally wasn’t that interested in it either. He was merely asking out of the blue. Since the guy didn’t want to say it, he was too lazy to bother dwelling on it.

“There are four so called barriers of entry within the Forest of Fog. The first barrier has a guard called the Swordback Tiger – its strength is the weakest and it’s only at the late Fusion Soul stage. It’s good at long-range attacks so you need to be careful about it. The second barrier is the Great Dahl Ape – its strength is at the early Soul Splitting stage. Even though it has a powerful offensive and defensive capabilities, its speed is very slow so it shouldn’t be considered much for you. As for the third barrier, you need to pay extra attention to it. There’s actually two guards there – one is at the late Soul Splitting and the other at the early Boundary Transition stage. They are both of the Large Roc species and are commonly known as the two Demon Roc Emperors. Their attacks are extremely powerful but their weakness is their defensive ability.”

“Are you serious?! One has the same strength as me while the other is a level higher than me! How the hell am I supposed to fight them?” Exclaimed Lei Yu while frowning.

“Could it be that you still aren’t familiar with your own strength? Based on your unique cultivation method and special physique, you are at least two levels higher than those at your same realm! You don’t have to pretend to hide this from me because I am very clear about it!”

What the Devil King said was indeed correct. Back then when he was only at the early Gold Core stage, Xue Yu inside the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost mentioned his strength was similar to someone at the late Gold Core stage. And back then at the outer periphery of the Chaotic Star Sea, he fought with that tyrant Manor Lord. Even though that tyrant wasn’t subdued by him in the end, Lei Yu was only at a slight disadvantage during the entire fight. That tyrant was over three levels higher than himself, which shows he is in fact capable of jumping levels in a fight.

Although it would be a difficult fight, as long as he used some strategy and displayed his unique abilities to their utmost, it’s not impossible to defeat opponents a few levels higher.

“What happens if upon entering the Forest of Fog, these bunch of guardians suddenly surround me?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Each guardian has their own territory and will never take a single step out of it. Your opponents will all be separated and you will not encounter such a problem.” Explained the Devil King.

“So, what about the fourth barrier? What will I encounter there? Don’t tell me it’s an even stronger existence?” Lei Yu asked in apprehension.

The floating skull nodded its head, “You are spot on. The most terrifying existence of the Forest of Fog will be the Sky Devouring Rat at the late Boundary Transition stage who hasn’t undergone the heavenly lightning tribulation yet. Although its body is small, its specialty is exactly the same as yours – speed! Its speed is similar to instant teleportation and that’s still not the most terrifying aspect. Its teeth are capable of biting through all things and it’s coated with highly toxic poison. One cannot be injured by those teeth or even if it’s the Ceng family, they still wouldn’t be able to save you!”

Lei Yu stomped down, “What the f*ck?! There’s no way I can defeat it then!”

The Devil King cackled in a gruesome manner, “Have you forgotten one of your specialities? You have the ability to hide your breath and aura. Upon entering the fourth barrier, hide your aura and just directly search for my true body there. Once my remnant soul is released and rejoins my true body, I can then assist you in the fight. By then, killing it will be easy as pie!”

Hearing the Devil King’s words, Lei Yu’s brow went up slightly. “Then doesn’t that mean upon entering the Forest of Fog, all I have to do is hide my aura and directly pass through everything? Why would I need to bother fighting with the other guardians?”

“That won’t work.” The Devil King shook his head, “Only the first outer barrier allows you to enter freely with your strength while subsequent ones will require defeating the guardians in order to obtain the key to enter the next barrier.”

“The key is inside their body?” Lei Yu asked with wide eyes.

“This is just a metaphor, I’ll tell you more about it when the time comes.” After pausing for a bit, the Devil King continued: “This is all I have to say to you for now. Once you take care of your matters, let’s quickly start the journey. Remember, it’s best if you went alone or else the fourth barrier’s Sky Devouring Rat won’t be able to be avoided!”

Lei Yu was thinking that wasn’t it basically forcing him to go by himself? That Sky Devouring Rat is at the late Boundary Transition stage and has the ability to devour anything. If he brought Golden Tiger and company who aren’t its opponent, the instantaneous teleportation speed of the rat could easily kill them all before they even have a chance to look for the Devil King’s true body.

Lei Yu reached the desert right outside the Devil King’s castle and was still figuring out how to explain this to everyone. Off in the distance, a piercing noise was heard that made Lei Yu turn to its direction. It was there that he noticed two people floating in the air.

“Void Immortal? Why did he come here?” Lei Yu frowned as he whispered to himself. He then hid his aura and slowly went forth. There was only the bull-head confronting the Void Immortal while everyone else stayed inside the castle.

As he got closer, Lei Yu was finally able to hear the conversation of those two. He heard the bull-head coldly say: “You have just reached the Mahayana stage and want to see who would win or lose in a fight? Aren’t you overestimating yourself a bit?”

“Demon King! This Southern Wild Lands that originally belonged to me was taken by you several hundred of years ago. It was also because of you that I was seriously injured back then. Now that I’ve successfully reached the Mahayana stage, I came today in order to conclude our affairs!” The Void Immortal coldly replied.

Lei Yu was shocked upon realizing those two also had such a relationship in the past.

There was no change in the bull-head’s expression since he didn’t even place the Void Immortal in his eyes. His voice was still cold: “You’ve only reached the Mahayana stage two years ago. Now that you’ve come looking for me, it’s equivalent to courting your own death!”

“Then let’s try it out and the results will be automatically revealed!” The Void Immortal narrowed his eyes as he said that. He then slowly opened up his arms from left to right and six huge swords made of internal energy appeared floating behind his back. His momentum was much stronger than several years ago!

Lei Yu stared with wide eyes. For two super experts to fight, it would a be an extreme pity for anyone to miss out on it!

Lei Yu was currently hiding behind a sand dune and it was fortunate his upper body was bare because his bronze skin color was very similar to the color of the sand. And because those two were both concentrating on each other, they wouldn’t notice that there was a pair of eyes staring at them from below.

“Humph, merely acting reckless!” The bull-head coldly harrumphed while his two arms shook. A golden colored internal energy rose out of his arms and formed a pair of huge golden axes.

It was no wonder that the bull-head gave the Ares axe to Tai Lao because there was no longer any need for him to use physical weapons anymore!

The Void Immortal was the first to act as he pointed with both hands and all six swords shot out at once. This move was a bit different from when his deceased disciple Kun Xian used back then. Each of the six sword qi’s had armageddon like destructive powers, and as long as he wished to, it was capable of completely destroying the entire city of the Southern Wild Lands. The city would then be just like the Devil King’s castle being completely buried by sand!

How would the bull-head allow him such a chance? He waved both arms and the two golden lights were released from his hand.

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