9HTM – Ch339

Chapter 339 – I Don’t Want To Kill You

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”


A single axe of the bull-head was able to block all six of the Void Immortal’s sword qi causing the heaven and the earth to shake! The sand dune Lei Yu was hiding behind almost collapsed from the collision! It was fortunate that they still didn’t notice Lei Yu while he continued staring at their battle.

Lei Yu wasn’t worried about the bull-head at all because the bull-head explained to him some things back then. Once one reaches the Mahayana stage, there were no longer any levels to distinguish the power differences between each other. It now determined the amount of spiritual energy conversion the person had in their body. It was very clear that the bull-head had broken through for over a hundred years while the Void Immortal had only broken through for two years.

This took a while to explain but everything happened really quickly. The bull-head’s single strike and blocked the Void Immortal’s six sword qi’s while there was still another golden beam of light that was flying towards the Void Immortal. The Void Immortal didn’t have enough time to react and the bull-head’s attack landed on him. His body then flew off like a cannonball for over a hundred meters before he finally stopped. A shocked expression was then clearly seen on the Void Immortal’s face.

“I told you before that you weren’t my opponent. Just leave, I don’t want to kill you!” Bull-head lightly waved his arm and a huge momentum was released causing Lei Yu to almost suffocate. This was the true power behind the Mahayana stage?!

Lei Yu knew that although the exchange between the two of them quick and didn’t have the expected large scale destruction, just a mere aura of their attacks could completely crush his existence!

“Don’t think that I only have those moves! Take this attack!” The Void Immortal was like a cloud has his body became illusory and instantaneously arrived in front of the bull-head. His whole body was enshrouded with white energy and his momentum was no less than the bull-head’s. It was only missing a bit of dominance and adaptiveness but this was also the gap between them two.

For someone who focused his cultivation around the sword, the Void Immortal instantly transformed himself into a huge sword. He had used his body to near the bull-head before transforming to a sword as his attack. Although this move was considered a cheap villainous act, it was still one of his strategic moves he had up his sleeves.

Bull-head looked unusually calm as the golden glow around his body immediately brightened. One could only hear a loud “bang” sound when the Void Immortal was once again forced backwards. When the huge sword reverted back to his original human appearance, one could see blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth. The Void Immortal now had eyes filled with fear as he stared at Minotaur Linos in front of him.

“I’ve been converting spiritual energy for the past a hundred years while you have only been doing it for two years. Did you really think that upon attaining the Mahayana stage, there would be no difference in levels? Simply laughable! I’m going to say it one last time – leave. Even though I despise you, I don’t wish to kill you! Eventually, someone else will be going to take your life but that person won’t be me!” Bull-head left these words and turned around to leave. He no longer cared about the Void Immortal who had a face filled with shock.

“What’s above the Mahayana stage?!” The Void Immortal yelled at the back of the leaving bull-head when he finally came back to his senses.

Without turning his head, Minotaur Linos said: “Go comprehend it yourself! I hope that before you die, you are able to comprehend some of the mysteries of Mahayana! This will allow you to live a little bit longer!”

Lei Yu knew that the person bull-head was inferring to who was going to take the Void Immortal’s life was himself. But why didn’t the Void Immortal ask who that person was? Could it be that he already knows?

Seeing the Void Immortal’s dispirited expression, Lei Yu’s hate for him had actually lessened a little. But this didn’t mean Lei Yu would forgive him. Even though he doesn’t have the strength now, one of these days Lei Yu will pay back everything owed to him!

The Void Immortal slowly turned to leave. His goal was the bull-head but they only exchanged one move; a golden flash of light and the Void Immortal had no ability to counterattack. This clearly showed the power difference between the two was too huge.

The admiration Lei Yu had for the bull-head went up some more, and he also realized something: For a peerless expert, they don’t necessarily need to show everyone they are powerful. Just doing things low key will also garner the respect of everyone.

Once the Void Immortal disappeared, Lei Yu floated up into the air and felt the residual powerful aura of the two’s battle. Lei Yu didn’t dare to stay here any longer because he could start to feel a slight difficulty with his breathing.

With a push of the internal energy at the sole of his feet, Lei Yu started flying towards the city.

Within the main halls.

“You have to leave now? You’ve already reach the late Soul Splitting stage?”

Towards this god-like existence, such a quick improvement in cultivation was still inconceivable to the bull-head. Lei Yu’s advancement was truly too shocking.

“That’s right; I’ve just broken through!”

Bull-head nodded, “Since you’re in such a rush to take care of this, just go without any worries. Tai Lao, Hei Feng and Golden Tiger will accompany you there.” Just as his voice faded, a group of people came in. They all had happy expressions on their faces except for Ai Er and the other three beauties. They had apprehensive looks on their faces because they knew Lei Yu would be leaving them once again.

“Master! I only have one word for you: So awesome!”

“Was that only one word you dummy?”


“Lord Lightning, we’ve already prepared everything to accompany you on your journey!” Said Golden Tiger while Tai Lao and Hei Feng nodded along.

This was the originally arrangement but what others didn’t expect was Lei Yu shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

“What is it? Did something happen?” Nuo Hu was worried Lei Yu had encountered something problematic and was the first to ask.

“You cannot go alone! We have no idea what you are doing so what if you encounter something dangerous?” Telephassa frantically interjected.

Lei Yu was grateful to see how everyone was so worried about him but he had no choice in this matter. The Devil King also mentioned that having more people along was not necessary a good thing.

Lei Yu had some certainty of beating the first three guards so them coming along was unnecessary.

“It’s actually safer if I went alone.” Everyone had worried looks as they couldn’t understand Lei Yu’s words.

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Golden Tiger, Hei Feng, and Tai Lao… the strength of you three aren’t weak but do you have this ability?” Lei Yu’s aura suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Everyone could only feel an empty area where Lei Yu was at but he was definitely standing there. They couldn’t detect any of his aura or presence so what was going on?

Nuo Hu, Ai Er, Romon, and the bull-head already knew about this but everyone else was shocked. Their astoundment clearly showed on their facial expression, especially the three that was about to accompany Lei Yu on the journey.

“Lord Lightning! What sort of divine skill is this? How come your aura has completely disappeared?” Tai Lao asked with round big eyes.

Lei Yu released his aura, “This is an ability that I’ve grasped upon reaching a certain level of my cultivation method. It can escape all detection abilities!”

Those that didn’t know finally realized how Lei Yu could always escape in the middle of a crisis. And being able to escape the detection of thousands upon thousands of demonic cultivators was truly mind boggling back then.

“I’m not going to be encountering anything especially dangerous there and I still have my backup help. That’s why everyone shouldn’t be worried because I will definitely be back in a few months time!”

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