9HTM – Ch340

Chapter 340 – Sea Emperor’s Birthday

Lei Yu’s promise looked like it wasn’t a big deal, but he was mainly doing this so that his women and his friends wouldn’t be too worried about him.

Since he had such an ability and his words were so determined, it didn’t allow anyone else to rebuke him. If the situation could be solved stealthily but with the three accompanying him causing the situation to turn out into a big fight, then the whole situation was truly unjustified.

This time, Lei Yu felt rather relaxed leaving which was different from before. All his friends and those close to him were with the bull-head so their safety was pretty much guaranteed. The only thing that caused him to frown was finding a method to get rid of the despicable green energy within his body.

If he didn’t accomplish this matter, he didn’t doubt what the Devil King said would come true. By that time, his body will remain the same but his thoughts and soul will all belong to the Devil King. Lei Yu will no longer be anything different from a zombie and dying might be the better choice by then!

In order to save time, Lei Yu decided to use his Sky Devouring Sword. He only had to inject a tiny amount of internal energy into the sword to control its flying ability which was much less when compared to using his feet. Lei Yu had originally not wanted to expose the Sky Devouring Sword to the public that often ever since the bull-head mentioned to him: “I can sense that this Sky Devouring Sword is definitely not simple so you must protect it at all costs!”

While flying through the high altitude of the Immortal World, Lei Yu’s speed can be described as a flash of light. It would not be an easy task if someone wanted to catch up to him at this point.

Although with the current strength of Lei Yu in the Immortal World wasn’t considered something where he could walk sideways unobstructed, he was still nevertheless considered one of the high ranking experts now.

During his time in cultivation, Lei Yu had also completely memorized the two books that Ceng Hong had gifted to him. He had familiarized himself with all the various methods of utilizing the herbs and their effects. But when it came to refining medicinal pills, now that was a cumbersome topic. Lei Yu still carefully memorized the formulas except there were some areas that still required actually hands on practice before he could fully understand it. Without having actual practice was equivalent to not possessing real knowledge. An example was a so called stock experts – they could talk all they want on the television but a true in-depth analysis required their past experience in the field. Just by reading and talking about the topic, one cannot achieve the desired end results. One has to get their hands dirty in order to gain a method and depth of understanding belonging to themselves.

Lei Yu clearly remembered in the <<Hundred Herbs Record>>, there was an herb recorded that was one of the main ingredients for refining the Green Vein Dewdrop Pill. This herb was extremely rare and was called “Green Revolving Grass.” It was impossible to find this herb in ordinary lakes and rivers and could only be found in the depths of the deep sea. Even the broad underwater world of the Dragon Scaling Caves did not have such a grass. And there’s definitely none around the water territory of the Southern Wild Lands. The only way to find traces of that herb was to head towards the depths of the sea located at the eastern side of the Immortal World. This herb belonged to a family of aquatic plants and was extremely rare. Not only did one require a powerful eyesight ability to search for it, one also needed a lot of luck. So no matter how strong one’s eyesight was, it would be useless if they were unluckily in an area without the plant.

Since Lei Yu had to pass through the sea on his journey, he decided that he might as well travel through the underwater region. He wouldn’t regret it even if he doesn’t find any since he at least tried. Testing his luck wasn’t a bad choice since the loss in time wasn’t a huge difference.

After crossing a large portion of the Immortal World, Lei Yu slowed down a bit before descending.

The dark blue waters of the sea were endless and Lei Yu couldn’t even see where the next piece of land mass was. With a “plop,” Lei Yu dove into the sea. For someone that had reached Lei Yu’s current strength, there was not much difference whether they travelled through the air, on land, or in the water.

There was a huge pressure while deep under the sea. If it was back then, Lei Yu probably wouldn’t be able to resist it for too long. But now he had no feeling as if the pressure didn’t exist at all.

Lei Yu played around by using his internal energy to make it encapsulate his entire body and forcing all the water away. He then childishly laughed, “So it looks like I have the same ability as Long Er!”

This was simply an idiotic statement of his…

Lei Yu then released his perception ability and realized the distance of his senses had been reduced quite a bit underwater. This was the case because there were too many uneven surfaces, living organisms, and the hydrostatic pressure of the sea. As long as Lei Yu kept his vigilance up, he shouldn’t encounter any serious dangers.

As he propelled himself forward rapidly, Lei Yu kept an eye out on the surrounding clusters of corals. He was keeping any eyes out for the rare herb amongst the coral reefs and the seaweeds on the seabed.

It was around this time that Lei Yu was startled. “How come there’s so many energy fluctuations up ahead?” Lei Yu could sense in front of him was a crowd of demonic cultivators gathered together. Still filled with vigilance, Lei Yu gradually got closer to the group. At the same time, he lowered a majority of his aura but didn’t completely hide it.

The closer he got, the more shocked he was because there was over a thousand demonic cultivators here. These demonic cultivators were all related to sea creatures of different shapes and sizes. It was nothing out of the ordinary for him to see such demonic cultivators because he met many different species daily in the Southern Wild Lands. The only thing he was curious about was why there were so many of them gathered here today?

Over a thousand demonic cultivators were all gathered outside some type of underwater palace. At the top of the staircase over a hundred steps high was someone of the fish species on a stage, and it wasn’t hard to tell that it was of the eel species. There many types of eels in the sea and was not a bad choice as a food item. The meat can be moist and very delicious tasting. But this wasn’t a normal eel and was actually the rarely seen electric eel. Just like Lei Yu, it can release different intensity of electricity as its offensive ability.

This eel was at least three meters long and there was no need to mention that it had formed its essence. Although its body looked slim, its voice was very rough to the ears. One could hear it say to the thousands of demonic cultivators: “Today is our Sea Emperor’s millennial birthday. Just leave your presents on the ground and the guards will come forth to accept it.”

After hearing that, thousands of demonic cultivators started bowing at the waist. Some brought out items from their belongings while some took out items from their mouths. Some even dropped their beloved weapons on the ground right in front of them. Why would they present their own weapons as gifts?

Lei Yu was at a complete loss after witnessing such a scene. Just when he was still in a daze, a shrimp looking guard in an archer’s outfit came over and looked at Lei Yu strangely. “Where’s your present? Wait! You don’t have the aura of a demonic cultivator! You’re an outsider!” After saying that, he drew a weapon from his waist and stood in a stance about to attack. Upon hearing this ruckus, everyone turned over with strange looks in their eyes. When they saw Lei Yu, they all showed ill intentioned looks and began to surround him.

Lei Yu didn’t panic or feel any fear. Under his perception ability, the strongest demonic cultivator out of the crowd was only at the early Fusion Soul stage. Although there were a lot of them, just using the Sky Devouring Sword to strike out twice with the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s first form was enough to take care of all of them.

On top of a stage, the eel coldly harrumphed. “Outsider, why did you come here? Could it be that you want to cause trouble during our Sea Emperor’s birthday? Capture him!” With that command, the thousands of demonic cultivators didn’t move but a stream of Shrimp Soldiers and Crab Generals streamed out of the palace and surrounded Lei Yu three levels deep.

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