9HTM – Ch341

Chapter 341 – The Black Tortoise True God

The first one to discover Lei Yu was the shrimp demonic cultivator. He then reached towards Lei Yu with a boastful attitude in front of all his peers because it showed how acute his eyesight was in discovering the outsider.

“Surrender yourself or I can’t guarantee there won’t be any pain!” The shrimp soldier scoffed.

Lei Yu only lightly smiled because he wasn’t placing this mere late Gold Core demonic cultivator in his eyes. It was already very difficult for the current Lei Yu to meet an equal opponent in the Immortal World. As for the current situation, the strongest was only at the early Fusion Soul stage. Lei Yu only had to act a bit serious and most likely there would no longer any demonic cultivators here left alive.

Upon seeing Lei Yu’s expression, the shrimp soldier angrily frowned because this guy was not giving him any face at all. In front of so many people, this outsider was treating his words like a fart. And he was even smiling! This shrimp soldier wanted to grab onto Lei Yu but when his hand touched his shoulder, a strong energy rushed out of Lei Yu’s body. It was only a brief instant when all the demonic cultivators present could smell a very delicious grilled shrimp smell.

Even though Lei Yu didn’t take that shrimp soldier’s life, his hand would still be crippled now.

The eel on the stage started descending with a frown, “You’re truly here to cause trouble?”

Lei Yu gave the eel a strange glance, “I didn’t even have a chance to speak and you guys wanted to capture me as an outsider causing trouble. From what I can see, it wasn’t me that acted first but you guys.”

“An outsider like you dares to act wildly in the Sea Emperor’s territory?” The eel roared out. He previously sensed that there was a powerful electricity like energy that burst out of Lei Yu that attacked the shrimp soldier’s hand. His ability was almost the same as Lei Yu so he didn’t have any fear.

Thousands of eyes were looking at him. In the eyes of these thousands of demonic cultivators, his status was not low so now was the perfect chance to further enhance his own reputation!

“You still want to be safe and sound after injuring my subordinate’s hand?” He then waved his arms at the surrounding shrimp soldiers and crab generals and said: “This guy has some skills so there’s no need to make any unnecessary sacrifices. Let me personally handle him!”

This was something the surrounding demonic cultivators were hoping to see! They started backing up creating a large empty ground for the eel and Lei Yu to show off their moves.

“Outsider, what is your name?” The eel asked.

“Is there really a need for someone that’s about to die to know their killer’s name?” Lei Yu had an expression of disdain. There were experts at the Fusion Soul stage around but it wasn’t this eel in front of him. This eel’s strength had barely reached the late Nascent Soul stage so Lei Yu didn’t even bother looking at him seriously.

“What bravado! Hand your life over now!” After roaring out, power exploded forth from the eel’s thin body before he rushed towards Lei Yu. There were two long whiskers on his head that had started emitting dots of white light. Lei Yu was very familiar with the energy behind that white light because it was actually electricity, except the strength of it was too substandard for Lei Yu to care about.

“Playing with electricity in front of me? I’m like the ancestor of electricity.” Lei Yu’s lips curved into a grin. His forefinger and middle finger then clasped together and a purple light was condensed at the tip of his fingers. One could only see Lei Yu gently flick his finger and the purple light shot out at the eel who was currently rushing towards Lei Yu.

The moment the purple light intercepted the eel, a brief flash of light was seen and the eel’s body had a startled reaction. Right after that, the eel started falling over onto the bottom of the seabed. Its body had already stiffened up while it still had eyes of confusion.

This attack by Lei Yu made all the present demonic cultivators shocked. Although this eel was not the strongest existence around here, it was still someone that had assisted the Sea Emperor and may be even considered his right-hand man. Someone now dared to kill him which caused an unbelievable scene to appear before everyone’s eyes.

“Outsider! You actually dared… dared to kill Lord Guman?! You… you are finished now!” Shouts were heard from the present crowd and discussions of this event were getting rowdier and rowdier. Lei Yu knew the eel wasn’t dead; it was just acting like that because it couldn’t handle the amount of lightning currently rampaging around its body. It only had to wait a few hours and the eel would gradually recover. But of course Lei Yu was too lazy to explain himself and only coldly harrumphed out loud. He stomped down on the ground and started shooting off upwards since he didn’t want to waste anymore time here.

“You want to leave after injuring a person of mine? It looks like you aren’t placing me, the Sea Emperor in your eyes at all.” A voice that made the underwater area tremble came out from the palace. Lei Yu slowly turned around and suddenly stared with wide eyes in shock.

“I say… I say old senior, why… why are you here?” Lei Yu asked in a stuttering manner at the newly arrived huge creature.

The huge creature that appeared was also staring with wide eyes in shock, “Little Yu?”

“You actually know I’m called little Yu?” Lei Yu felt this was strange because he never mentioned his real name before.

“That brat Nuo Hu told me about it, and he kept mentioning that you had to be safe no matter what. It looks like your fate is truly tough – you were actually able to leave the Void Sect in one piece!”

That’s right, this newly arrived creature was none other than the divine beast Lei Yu had entrusted to take care of Nuo Hu – The Black Tortoise Xuan Wu!

The old turtle remained the same as always. It had a pair of light blue eyes that gave of a pale light, and its long rough neck was over two meters in length. The old turtle had a brown spike on its head and the huge turtle shell on its back had clearly visible patterns on it. Within each pattern was a spike sticking out that looked beyond sharp.

Lei Yu gradually returned back onto the seabed. Even though the water pressure surrounding him increased once again, this wasn’t considered much. Lei Yu then heavily knelt on the ground with a look of respect and gratitude. “Thank you senior for taking care of my big brother! Little Yu humbly thanks you here in sincere gratitude.”

This scene had caused the surrounding crowd to become disappointed. The Sea Emperor’s appearance didn’t create a fight and instead, those two started chatting like old friends? What was up with this?

The old turtle spun around and after causing a bright flash of light. An elderly man with white hair then appeared in place. He then supported the kneeling Lei Yu up, “Back then, I was afraid the Void Sect would use some dirty methods so I brought little Hu all the way here to the eastern sea region. It was on a small island here that I brought him into the path of an Immortal cultivator. You should be the one thanked for everything because it allowed me to realize little Hu had the aura of the Black Tortoise true god.”

“The aura of the Black Tortoise true god?” Lei Yu was like a monk rubbing his bald head in confusion to the old turtle’s words.

“Come into my palace and I’ll explain everything in detail to you.” Only after those two started making their way into the palace did the over a thousand demonic cultivators recover their senses. When the old turtle appeared, they forgot to salute him. Now that the old turtle was going back inside, they obviously had to show respect by bowing and saying: “We respectfully send off the Sea Emperor!”

Once the two left, all the demonic cultivators were pushing forward and jabbering about something. As for that eel Guman, he was already pushed to the back of their minds.

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