9HTM – Ch342

Chapter 342 – A Very Generous Gift

As they entered the main hall, the luxuriousness of it was no less than Long Er’s Scaling Dragon Cave. The whole ground was made of crystals and although it wasn’t actual crystal stones, it was still considered a rare mineral of the seabed. On both sides of the hall were brackets holding onto luminescent pearls which made the main hall quite bright. In the center of the main hall was a golden throne that whoever sat upon, even if it was a child, would give off an Emperor’s momentum.

“This place is really not bad.” Lei Yu couldn’t help commenting and staring all around.

That huge golden throne could allow five people to sit at once. The old turtle pulled Lei Yu with him to sit down, a special treatment not anyone can enjoy.

“This is all from the appreciation of these underwater brats.” The old turtle smiled.

Lei Yu then asked: “Senior, you had previously mentioned my big brother had the aura of the Black Tortoise true god. What’s that about?” Lei Yu was really curious about this.

With a light smile, the old turtle replied: “The Black Tortoise true god will choose amongst the billions of existences to be his vessel. When little Hu reached the Gold Core stage, there was a strong resonance between him and my Black Tortoise Shield. If it wasn’t because of this, there’s no way I would have gifted him the shield.”

“What kind of power does the Black Tortoise Shield possess? As one of the divine beasts, why would the Black Tortoise choose my big brother?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

“Little Hu doesn’t know about this and needs to continue getting stronger in order to break past the barrier to understand it himself. I’m telling you this today for your own knowledge but I hope you will keep this a secret from him and allow him to discover it on his own.” Said the old turtle.

Lei Yu nodded to show he would keep it a secret. Right after that, the old turtle continued: “The ancestors of the gods have lived throughout the ages. From the beginning of time, their existence all came from the same source and that source also nourished their power. These bodies of power have been split into six paths; East, South, West, and North are considered one body. The top and the bottom are split into two realms. The two realms are further split into two regions but they are all part of the same source.”

“Uh…” Lei Yu blinked a few times and embarrassedly said: “Senior, can you say it in simpler terms? I didn’t understand a single word you’ve just said.”

“In other words, there were originally six great divine beasts and six great demonic beasts in charge during the ancient times. Right now, the demonic beasts are silent while there appears to be some divines beasts gradually waking up.”

“You’re saying Nuo Hu has been chosen by the Black Tortoise true god as its vessel to awaken in?”

“That’s absolutely right, and you should know that Long Er belongs to the Dragon Clan which is also the origin point of a divine beast. But of course not everyone of the Dragon Clan is a divine beast. Just like me – although I have the outer appearance of the Black Tortoise Xuan Wu, I’ve only grasped the ancient Black Tortoise techniques and don’t possess the divine beast essence. I’ve only been blowing my own trumpet all these years. Now when it comes to little Hu… if he’s able to train longer and increase his strength, he may eventually one day reach the power of the Black Tortoise true god!”

Lei Yu widened his eyes as he couldn’t believe his big brother would one day achieve such success! It looks like he definitely can’t be allowed to know about this too early. Although Lei Yu knew Nuo Hu’s personality quite well, telling him such a huge piece of news might cause Nuo Hu to feel he’d become strong in the future and actually slack off right now.

“What else is included with the six great divine beasts?” Lei Yu asked.

“At the head of the pack is the Multicolored Divine Bull. Riding on its back is the Vermillion Bird. On its left is the Black Tortoise, on its right is the White Tiger, and at its rear is the Azure Dragon. And the final one being the Lord of all these sacred guardians, a being known as Ares!”

Lei Yu swallowed hard as he was internally shocked to hear the name Ares! So could the bull-head been already identified as one of the divine beasts a thousand years ago?

“What’s wrong little Yu?” The old turtle asked when he saw Lei Yu’s shocked expression.

Lei Yu shook his head, “Oh, no, nothing. I’ve gained some understanding of the situation so thank you senior, for explaining everything.”

“It’s nothing much, most likely those in the senior generation all know about this.” The old turtle smiled.

“I heard today was senior’s birthday?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Indeed it is. I had originally not wanted to make a big deal out of it but that kiddo Guman, who I’m favorable towards, wanted to do something for me so I couldn’t reject his well wishes.”

Lei Yu’s hand shimmered and a large piece of light blue crystal stone appeared. Lei Yu was planning to use this to cultivate while outside of the Devil King’s Castle. Now that he found out it was the old turtle’s birthday and there wasn’t anything else he could bring out, Lei Yu decided to pull out the crystal stone from his Universal Pouch.

“This is a small appreciation from me so I hope that senior accepts it.” Lei Yu smiled.

Looking at this two meter long, half a meter wide, and about twenty centimeter thick crystal stone, the old turtle’s eyes became round and wide. “Such a big piece of crystal stone… and it’s even a blue crystal stone!”

Lei Yu lightly smiled. “I can sense that senior is struggling at the edge of the late Soul Splitting stage. You never know, this item might be the necessary catalyst allowing you to make a breakthrough.” From the very beginning, Lei Yu had already sensed the old turtle’s strength. The currently Lei Yu even has the ability to sense someone’s strength all the way to the late Boundary Transition stage now.

“Where did you get this crystal from? And such a generous gift, there’s no way I can accept it! This is like the ultimate treasure of all cultivators! Also… also there’s such a large portion of it!”

The mouth of the old turtle was saying this, but his eyes had never left the crystal a single time. It looks like he was really eager to have such an item but was just embarrassed to accept it.

Lei Yu could see through the old turtle’s desire. “Don’t worry, this crystal stone wasn’t stolen or robbed from someone. I still have some left over for myself so I hope that senior doesn’t continue to decline it. This is considered a gift for your birthday, okay?”

“Then… then I can only thank you with sincerity! This old turtle has been stuck at the late Soul Splitting stage for a while now and has never been able to find enough spiritual energy to make my breakthrough. Especially when the underwater environment here is rather weak in the gathering of spiritual energy. Now that you’ve given me such an item, it’s similar to sending me coal during a snowstorm!” The old turtle excitedly said.

Lei Yu’s eyebrows went up; the Immortal World also had the saying of sending coal during a snowstorm?

The old turtle excitedly received the crystal stone. If Lei Yu had brought out the purple crystal stone instead of the blue crystal stone, most likely the old turtle would be so excited they he wouldn’t be able to sleep for several days.

“Oh right little Yu, why did you come to the eastern sea region? And how come little Hu isn’t with you?” Asked the old turtle.

“I have an important task to take care of and couldn’t bring him along. But don’t worry, big brother is cultivating very seriously and had already reached the Nascent Soul stage.” Lei Yu replied with a smile.

“Nascent Soul? This short decade and he’s already reached the strength of the Nascent Soul stage?” Lei Yu’s words had shocked the old turtle once again. One needs to know that in order to break through to the Nascent Soul stage from the Gold Core stage; it required a long amount of time. Apart from time, it also required a continuous hard work without a break in order to successfully accomplish it. The old turtle couldn’t believe that Nuo Hu would have the strength of a Nascent Soul expert in such a short time.

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