9HTM – Ch343

Chapter 343 – Jade Revolving

The old turtle didn’t know but within the Devil King’s Castle, a person of average talent would still cultivate faster than someone with exceptional talent out in the regular Immortal World. Especially when Nuo Hu’s talent would be considered one of the top out of all the other geniuses. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be a Fifth Order Warrior when he was only in his twenties during the time in the modern world.

“Little Yu, what level of strength have you reached now? How come I cannot sense your energy fluctuations?” The old turtle asked while thinking Lei Yu had used some secret skill in order to block his senses.

Lei Yu originally didn’t want to bring up anything about himself but since it was already mentioned, and that he was dealing with his sworn big brother’s master, Lei Yu didn’t want to hide anything. He then honestly replied: “I am the same as senior, at the late Soul Splitting stage.”

The old turtle was slightly surprised and then started laughing. “Okay, stop joking with this old turtle. Quick, tell me what secret skill you are using in order to hide your own strength?”

Lei Yu felt a bit helpless and understood why the old turtle didn’t believe him. Who in this world would believe that in a short decade, he went from an insignificant brat with a newly formed Gold Core to a super expert at the Soul Splitting stage that could be counted one’s hand in the Immortal World?

Actions were louder than words so Lei Yu stood up from the golden throne. As he walked to the center of the main hall, one could see his mouth chanting something. The brand on his right arm suddenly flared up brightly before a column of lightning the shape of a dragon burst forth from his body. This was a dragon covered in lightning that slowly wrapped itself around Lei Yu. There was a “hissing” noise from the surrounding water and it even started boiling. Right after that, the huge dragon slowly unwound itself onto the ground. Lei Yu then made a thought and a faint illusory purple light flew towards the dragon. The next moment, another Lei Yu with the same looks appeared in front of the old turtle, except the skin of this new Lei Yu had a light purple tinge to it.

The old turtle’s eyes were already round and wide. He was so shocked that he didn’t even realize that he was releasing snot bubbles from his nostrils that were floating upwards to the surface. He was currently glancing non-stop between Lei Yu and his soul body without blinking. After a long while, the old turtle finally stood up from the golden throne.

“You are truly a monster! An utter true monster! How would anyone in the Immortal World dare to compare themselves to your cultivation speed?!” He then clutched onto Lei Yu’s arm, “It looks like for the Dragon Vein to recognize its owner, the owner would definitely have unimaginable achievements!”

Lei Yu had a faint smile on his face but there was actually some bitterness in his heart. He remembered the Devil King had once said all of these should have belonged to him and not Lei Yu. But what Lei Yu didn’t know was that even if the Devil King personally went to the spot of the Dragon Vein, the Dragon Vein may not recognize him unless he had a strong will and a powerful soul. And one of the main conditions for the Dragon Vein to recognize its owner was something the Devil King didn’t know about – it required a righteous person and not an evil one!

“I hope so…” Lei Yu smiled bitterly. “That’s right senior, have you heard of something called the Jade Revolving Grass?”

“Jade Revolving Grass? How do you know the name of such a grass?” The old turtle asked slightly surprised.

Lei Yu was overjoyed because it looks like the old turtle knows about it or else he wouldn’t respond like that. “I have an old friend that’s an expert at refining pills and I happened to learn a bit of pill refining from him. Since I’ve come to the eastern sea region, I was hoping to find traces of this herb.”

There was a sparkle from the old turtle before he smiled, “Come with me.”

Lei Yu felt it was a strange reaction but kind of guessed the reason and started getting excited.

He followed the old turtle through several turns in the palace before arriving at a place that looked like a garden. This place had many varieties of sea grass and multicolored corals but since it was underwater, it didn’t give off the smell of flowers where a typical garden would have.

In the center of this so called garden, Lei Yu was staring at a cluster of sea grass that gave off a light green light. His jaws dropped and it was a while before he was able to ask: “That’s… is that the Jade Revolving Grass?”

“That’s right.” The old turtle clasped his hands behind his back, “The Jade Revolving Grass has a strong ability of replenishing one’s spiritual energy. I happen to come across it back then and managed to transplant it here. I never imagined that I would meet you here and you happen to be looking for it.”

“What effects will there be if I ate the Jade Revolving Grass raw?” Lei Yu asked.

“The Jade Revolving Grass has the ability of replenishing 30% of the consumer’s internal energy. But if it underwent refinement by a master level refiner with the addition of other herbs, I believe it would at least reach the effects of 50% internal energy replenishment.”

Lei Yu swallowed hard a few times. Back then, Ceng Hong told him it took him many tries in order to successfully refine the Green Vein Dewdrop pill to have the effect of 100% energy replenishment. If he managed to have such an ability… and managed to have a few pills on hand, wouldn’t that mean he could dominate the entire Immortal World?

Unfortunately, one clump of Jade Revolving Grass can only be refined three times. There was a high chance of failure accompanying it and once one fails, the effects of the grass will be completely gone. Lei Yu had already known how rare the Jade Revolving Grass was in the <<Hundred Herbs Record>> and it wasn’t something you could get whenever you wanted. If one didn’t have the luck, even flipping the whole eastern sea region upside down may not net any at all.

Lei Yu pointed at the Jade Revolving Grass while glancing at the old turtle. He didn’t know what to say and instead, his face started getting red because he was slightly embarrassed.

“Little Yu, how about I give you these Jade Revolving Grass as a gift?” The old turtle laughed as he could see Lei Yu’s thoughts.

“Really?” The excited Lei Yu gasped out and even forgotten the usual decorum of declining it. The old turtle didn’t care about it and nodded, “Let’s consider it as a small reciprocal gift from the birthday present you gave me!”

Knowing how precious this main ingredient for the Green Vein Dewdrop pill was, Lei Yu became extremely ecstatic.

“But…” The word from the old turtle startled Lei Yu and made him perk up his ears for the rest of the sentence.

“But the Jade Revolving Grass has to be refined within three months of being picked or else it will lose a portion of its medicinal properties. Although it’s not obvious, it will actually reduce the success rate when refining.”

Those words of the old turtle made Lei Yu realize why he kept it planted in the garden instead of storing it someplace. For it to lose a portion of its medicinal properties after being picked for three months, this clearly showed how precious this plant was.

Lei Yu felt an oncoming headache. If he were to pick it now when he didn’t know when he would accomplish his task. And if it couldn’t be complete it in three months, wouldn’t he be decreasing his own success rate of refinement? For someone like Lei Yu that had never refined a pill before, the chances of him succeeding would probably be next to impossible.

“Little Yu, don’t you have a task you need to deal with? How about coming back here after you’re done? There shouldn’t be any difference or issues with that.” The old turtle reminded him.

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