9HTM – Ch344

Chapter 344 – White Scaled Giant Crocodile

Those words sounded reasonable and there wasn’t any need for him to keep the Jade Revolving Grass on him. Declining the old turtle might actually make Lei Yu look like he didn’t trust him.

Upon returning to the main hall, a youth was seen rushing in. He was about two meters tall and extremely thin, and no different from a stick of bamboo pole. As he was entering the main hall, he was already yelling: “Sea Emperor! There’s an outsider causing trou…” Once he saw Lei Yu and the old turtle sitting together on the golden throne, his eyes glazed over.

Lei Yu stood up and smiled, “My apologies, that was a misunderstanding previously.”

Guman’s eyes landed on the old turtle and saw the latter nod with a smile so he quickly forced a smile. “You are truly powerful. I believe in the eastern sea region, you can be considered an overlord!”

Lei Yu waved his hands and smile, “I’m in no way an overlord, I just happened to be passing by and encountered senio… the Sea Emperor who was an old friend.”

After chatting for a bit, Lei Yu realized how the old turtle was able to carve out his own territory in the eastern sea region. The surface area of the sea was extremely huge and the further one went out, the more experts there would be. They all happened to be demonic cultivators as well. Within this region, the old turtle’s late Soul Splitting stage power could be considered as one of the peak experts, but his territory only took up a small portion of the sea region.

Demonic cultivators had one special ability – the ability to detect outsiders or non demonic cultivators. No matter how strong that person was; once they entered their range, even if that person was at the Mahayana realm, a mere Gold Core demonic cultivator would be able to tell him apart from fellow demonic cultivators. This was because normal martial cultivators did not possess the unique aura a demonic cultivator typically had. This was something Lei Yu had experienced before when he was in the water region of the Southern Wild Lands.

“I can’t delay anymore and will be leaving right now.” Lei Yu stood up and cupped his hands.

“When you come back, I’ll have the Jade Revolving Grass ready for you!” The old turtle cupped his hands and sent Lei Yu off.

It wasn’t that Lei Yu was in a rush, it was because the Devil King in his Universal Pouch released an aura of grievance. If Lei Yu didn’t leave soon, and the Devil King happened to suddenly pop out of the pouch… a floating skull would be a terrifying scene for others to behold. Moreover, Lei Yu didn’t have the power to trap the Devil King in the storage pouch since he couldn’t even control the trace of energy still inside his body.

After bidding farewell to the old turtle, Lei Yu flew out of the waters and into the air. He figured he would just keep on meeting more and more opponents while underwater and that was trouble he didn’t want to attract. And since he already had access to the Jade Revolving Grass, there wasn’t any further need to travel underwater.

The surface area of the sea region was no less than the landmass of the Immortal World. Lei Yu didn’t require a long amount of time of flying but it still took him over half a month at top speeds.

During this time, Lei Yu would occasionally take out the Sky Devouring Sword and practice the new grasped 24th form of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique. In actual combat, this 24th form would be considered Lei Yu’s life insurance so he wouldn’t display it unless at the last resort.

Tsunamis or swells were a common occurrence in the Mortal and the Immortal World. As long as there was a strong enough wind, it would cause a huge wave. The huge waves and the gloomy skies would cause a depressive atmosphere for anyone.

Lei Yu had a foreboding that something would happen but that didn’t stop his flying. Even though he wasn’t seeking trouble, that didn’t mean trouble wouldn’t come looking for him. The current region Lei Yu was flying past happened to belong to a White Scaled Giant Crocodile that had cultivated for over 10,000 years and reached the early Boundary Transition stage.

Normal crocodiles should be living in small bodies of water such as rivers and lakes, but this White Scaled Giant Crocodile was different from others. It was an ancient demonic beast that one rarely encountered, but wasn’t ranked within the six major demonic beasts. It was only considered a very strong demonic beast, but even so, it possessed the ability to flip the earth and heavens upside down. Especially in the sea region, it allowed it to fully display its powerful abilities. Its attacks were extremely vicious and this would be considered Lei Yu’s bad luck to encounter it out of all places.

“Voluntarily leave behind your Nascent soul or else you won’t even have a whole corpse left!”

These words suddenly came from all directions. The voice came from underwater and had a muffled tone to it, but Lei Yu could hear each word very clearly.

Lei Yu never slowed down because he had already detected a huge demonic cultivator thirty miles out following behind him. It was only now that the demonic cultivator made its move.

Lei Yu didn’t panic but he still had to make some preparations. He started raising his internal energy levels so that he could either attack or run away.

“I’m only passing through so please don’t make things hard for me!” Lei Yu was floating in midair as his voice travelled in all directions. Even the surface of the water was trembling which showed how strong Lei Yu was currently.

At this time, there was a disturbance in the waters before a huge wall of water shot up a hundred meters high. Its height almost reached Lei Yu in midair. Once the wall of water crashed back down, water sprayed everywhere in the vicinity.

As the water disappeared, Lei Yu looked closely at the appearance of a towering crocodile. The appearance of this huge crocodile wasn’t that much different from other crocodiles except that its body was over forty meters in length. The width of its body was around ten meters, its body was mostly wide, its eyes were blood red and it had a vertical slit of yellow pupils. With its mouth open, one could see each sharp tooth was about half the size of Lei Yu’s body. This was only the hind teeth it used for chewing while the four front sharp teeth used for attacking was pretty much the size of Lei Yu.

Even though they were so far apart, Lei Yu could still smell the fishy stench of the crocodile’s breath.

Seeing such a huge creature, Lei Yu’s expression never faltered while the green brand on his right arm started flashing faintly. If things turned south, the powerful force inside him could be easily released at a moment’s time.

After licking its lips, the White Scaled Giant Crocodile used a low but ear deafening cold tone: “You dare to intrude upon my White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s territory? Leave your Nascent soul behind for my consumption or else I will rip you into shreds!”

Lei Yu’s body twitched a bit as he narrowed his eyes. “It looks like you want me to leave my Nascent soul no matter what?”

“That’s right!”

Lei Yu coldly sneered, “Since I’m going to die anyway, I might as well fight it out with you for the hell of it.”

Lei Yu’s words lightly startled the giant crocodile. When others faced him, not many would dare to say such words. He never imagined this human in front of him would have such courage.

Although the White Scaled Giant Crocodile was a level higher than him, Lei Yu had his own unique abilities and the Sky Devouring Sword. Facing such a terrifying and vicious looking demonic beast, Lei Yu was still confident he would be able to safely run away.

But the hot blooded him didn’t want to do that. Once someone strong meets another strong person, not being able to exchange some moves would be such a pity. This was the first strong enemy that Lei Yu had encountered ever since reaching the late Soul Splitting stage so he wanted to test out his own strength.

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