9HTM – Ch345

Chapter 345 – First Combination

As his voice faded, Lei Yu clapped his palms together and a hissing noise was heard. The sky was already filled with storm clouds but once Lei Yu’s palms clasped together, a huge lightning dragon flew down. Its target was precisely the White Scaled Giant Crocodile floating in midair!

The giant crocodile wasn’t able to react fast enough from the sudden attack. But since it possessed a naturally thick armor, it didn’t care about such a normal looking attack. As the lightning landed on its back, it only felt a slight numbness and didn’t sustain any injuries.

“I never thought you would dare to make the first move! You’re simply courting death!” The White Scaled Giant Crocodile dove through the air with its open mouth about to bite at Lei Yu.

Although Lei Yu had a strong body, the size of him wasn’t even enough to cover the gap between the giant crocodile’s teeth. For such an enormous demonic beast to attack such a small target didn’t look quite right. But one still had to admire the White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s speed and precision; in a moment’s time where Lei Yu hadn’t even finished breathing, he was already within the jaws of the giant crocodile.

Lei Yu didn’t panic and condensed internal energy beneath his feet. There was a sudden bright light and like a lit firecracker, he blasted off to the side past a gap of the giant crocodile’s teeth.

But was the White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s attack that simple? Nope, it had already expected Lei Yu to escape from its bite. When Lei Yu hadn’t escaped far away yet, a whip like object swept straight for him.

In front of Lei Yu was a giant tail and behind him was a large mouth – there was no way for him to escape!

Lei Yu clenched his teeth and injected internal energy into his skeletal structure that contained metallic properties. One could hear a large “bang” before Lei Yu’s body shuddered. His entire skeletal structure felt like it was going to break apart as a look of horror appeared in his eyes.

“This giant crocodile’s attack actually has an anti-shock effect!”

Lei Yu’s body was shaking as “pak pak” sounds was heard from his body. The pain from his body then disappeared without a trace, which was caused by a beam of white light from the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost.

After exchanging two moves, the White Scaled Giant Crocodile didn’t gain any advantages over Lei Yu causing it to be a bit surprised. There weren’t many people that were able to escape from the clutches of his mouth. And in this sea region, there were barely any demonic cultivators at the Boundary Transition stage. Moreover, he was almost an existence almost on par with the six major demonic beasts so how could there be any common cultivators around here with such an extraordinary strength?

This was called a frog at the bottom of well looking into the sky. This White Scaled Giant Crocodile had never left its own territory so it naturally didn’t know there were many existences much stronger than Lei Yu in the Immortal World. Over a century ago when the Immortal World was in chaos, the weakest top expert that participated in it was in the late Soul Fusion stage. Now there was already two experts that had reached the Mahayana stage who could deal with this White Scaled Giant Crocodile as easy as flicking dirt from their nails.

Lei Yu’s goals was to test out his abilities and had no intention of killing this giant crocodile. But just with the giant crocodile’s bite and a sweep of its tail, Lei Yu could tell the crocodile wanted to take his life which caused his anger to rise up.

With a roar, Lei Yu interlocked his hands and pushed down, causing all the muscles in his body to start bulging. Just like a slab of granite, his muscles were now filled with an explosive power.

Lei Yu had enshrouded himself with his internal energy making it similar to an energy shield that surrounded the whole body. He didn’t want to experience the direct impact of that huge tail anymore since it was quite a painful experience.

It looks like the giant crocodile’s natural defensive body wasn’t something Lei Yu could break past in a short time, so the only thing he could do was engage it up close and find a flaw for a fatal strike!

After his decision, Lei Yu started moving about the giant crocodile with the shield covering him and not giving it a chance to land a strike.

Several fierce pounces by the White Scaled Giant Crocodile netted it nothing but air. Lei Yu’s expertise was his speed which was similar to lightning! In front of this monster, Lei Yu was like a little flea making the giant crocodile roar out in annoyance.

After another several rounds of attack that didn’t land, white energy suddenly rose out from the giant crocodile. The white energy created multiple round hoops surrounding it before its body started shrinking. Its body kept getting smaller and smaller!

Finally, its body turned into an upright position. There were no changes in its appearance except for its pelvic bones moving back which allowed it the upright posture.

Lei Yu was shocked. Although demonic cultivators were able to transform into a human form, the current giant crocodile didn’t do that while its appearance reminded him of a certain person. And this person was someone Lei Yu hated to the bones!

It was precisely Doctor Tony who had hidden in a secret base in the United States and created a terrifying bacterium! Although there were stark difference between the two of them, especially their skin color, yet there still remained many similarities!

Seeing his enemy in front of him, Lei Yu’s clenched his teeth and his eyes went red. Not giving the just transformed giant crocodile a chance, the Sky Devouring Sword in his hand started emitting a bright light.

Lei Yu then roared out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, first combination!”

This was the first time Lei Yu was using the first combination he had grasped. The Thirty-six Lunar Star technique was split into six parts, and each part had its own style of attacking. Once someone masters the first six forms, that’s equivalent of reaching the Gold Core stage. Mastering all the forms was equivalent of reaching the strength of the bull-head. So how strong was Lei Yu’s first combination attack?

The extremely bright purple internal energy contained white starry dots which made it especially eye catching. The point of the Sky Devouring Sword shot out six beams of light, and those beams of lights began to fuse together forming a huge illusory crescent sickle blade. This was only a portion of when the beams of light fused together. On the edges of the crescent sickle blade were five bright stars that each looked like one of the attack forms of the technique!

The first form was like the base igniter while the other five forms were the blade, creating a fusion of attack that achieved its most powerful effect!

From the time Lei Yu roared out those seven words to the time of forming the first combination, not even a second of time had passed by. The crescent blade attack with the five stars had already shot towards the giant crocodile’s body.

It didn’t dare to hide anything back now – ever since it was born, this was the first time the White Scaled Giant Crocodile had encountered such a powerful attack. It was now even slightly regretting its previous action of blocking Lei Yu’s path.

It was planning on using its own naturally powerful defensive body to block Lei Yu’s attack. But just when the attack was less than half a meter before striking its body, it finally revealed a terrified expression.

The shrill piercing sound it emitted would many anyone’s scalp go numb. The giant crocodile finally realized this crescent attack possessed a very strong penetrating power! Since it was unable to escape, the White Scaled Giant Crocodile tensed its scale armor up in attempts to resist with its life on the line!




Several strange sounds were heard. The sharp crescent blade sliced into the White Scaled Giant Crocodile but it wasn’t able to break past its hard scale armor and only caused it to shudder violently. Right after that, several large “booms” was heard because it was the explosion of those five stars on the edge of the crescent blade.

The eyes of the White Scaled Giant Crocodile bulged out. If it previously didn’t activate its own defense to the maximum proportions, most likely it would have been already cut in half! And the several explosions were obviously an aftereffect of when the crescent blade wasn’t able to kill its opponent off!

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