9HTM – Ch346

Chapter 346 – Taking The Nascent Soul

Amongst its white leathered scale were five fresh wounds. Blood was dripping out and splashing into the sea before disappearing without a trace.

The White Scaled Giant Crocodile roared into the air; it had been completely enraged by Lei Yu! It had never suffered any injuries to its body before and now a puny martial cultivator had damaged its natural body armor. How could it not be in rage?

After issuing an ear piercing roar, its white internal energy erupted from the giant crocodile. The white energy coursed throughout its body before all heading towards its mouth. As the internal energy reached its mouth, two long fangs started elongating before it slightly curved.

If one was bitten by those two long fangs, most likely one would be ripped into thousands of pieces!

Lei Yu knew that it wouldn’t be easier to defeat a demonic beast who had reached the Boundary Transition stage. He had already finished preparing his second attack and was only waiting for the right time to release it.

Lei Yu was now concentrating on injecting internal energy into his arms so that the powerful energy currently stored inside the Sky Devouring Sword can be easily released at a moment’s notice.

The White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s speed was considered tyrannical, but Lei Yu’s speed was also as quick as lightning!

As the former and the latter struck out, it was the latter that gained the advantage! Lei Yu’s attack was a form of energy attack, while the White Scaled Giant Crocodile had to get close to its opponent in order to use its body as the attacking medium!

The victor between the two was already obvious. Lei Yu roared out each word: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, second combination!”

His arms came down, the sword flashed, and there was a bright gleam!

Lei Yu’s attack a formed into an arrow made up of radiant light. With him as the bow and the Sky Devouring Sword as the strings, the arrow was shot out at breathless speeds!


The Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s seventh form was the arrow while it contained five eye-catching stars. The moment the White Scaled Giant Crocodile rushed towards Lei Yu, the arrow pierced through its chest!

The speed was too fast for one to react. The White Scaled Giant Crocodile didn’t even get a chance to show off its other special moves before its life was taken by Lei Yu.

While gasping big breaths of air, Lei Yu was actually falling down from the air. He plummeted into the sea before resurfacing and trying to catch his breath.

If that White Scaled Giant Crocodile wasn’t taken down by that move, it would definitely be over for Lei Yu. Using two combinations one after another had completely drained Lei Yu of his internal energy. He was so drained that he almost felt like his soul had left his body. The White Scaled Giant Crocodile had an insanely strong defense, but it was fortunate that after being angered by Lei Yu, it directed its power into an offensive attack instead of maintaining its defense. This was the flaw the giant crocodile had created itself – relaxing its focus on defense was the cause of its own demise!

The moment Lei Yu fell down was also when the waves surged. The White Scaled Giant Crocodile had previously shrunk its size similar to Lei Yu’s, had suddenly reverted back into its forty plus meter size upon death. Intense waves was caused by it crashing into the waters that flung Lei Yu dozens of meters away. Lei Yu didn’t bother about any of this because the most important thing he needed now was to recover!

After his brief recovery, he felt a cool sensation circulate inside him. Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Thank you Xue Yu.”

“I never imagined master could kill an opponent at the Boundary Transition stage without using your Nascent Soul! You’re truly very powerful!” Xue Yu’s voice was transmitted into Lei Yu’s mind.

“That’s because the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique that the bull-head imparted to me is very powerful, or else I’d definitely have had to split my soul out to fight.”

“I thought I’d be able to appear in reality again but didn’t expect to be not needed, sigh!” Said Xue Yu while pretending to be disappointed.

“Next time, next time, first help me recover!” After saying that, Lei Yu who was floating on his back in the sea went back to a sitting position and didn’t sink into the waters. Lei Yu was in the process of absorbing while Xue Yu assisted by healing and refining the spiritual energy. With the cooperation of the two, Lei Yu’s energy recovery rate was clearly much faster now.

It’s not entirely that the bull-head’s Thirty-six Lunar Star technique was that powerful that it could pierce through anything. This martial technique was of course an exquisite piece of art, but the power behind was only a singular property. If both Lei Yu and the bull-head stood at the apex of the Mahayana stage, there’s a chance that the bull-head would not be Lei Yu’s opponent!

Having analyzed the martial technique for such a long time, Lei Yu used his unique powers and integrated it with the Thirty-six Lunar Star’s special offensive properties. So with his special lightning attributes fused in, he was able to come up with his own attack methods. On the other hand, the bull-head was only capable of releasing attacks that contained internal energy and wouldn’t be able to achieve the piercing powers like Lei Yu’s. With the difference between the two, it will clearly show the gap in power between their attacks.

After several hours of recuperating, Lei Yu finally opened his eyes. He still felt a bit weak but at least it was much better than how he was feeling before.

In the Immortal World whether one was a martial cultivator, a demonic cultivator, or the elusive devil cultivator that Lei Yu hasn’t seen yet, they were all full of personal treasures. Lei Yu of course wouldn’t let this opportunity of taking treasures slip by. And there had always been a question he was curious about and he was going to find out soon!

Lei Yu flew up into the air towards the White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s corpse that had drifted over a few kilometers away. After descending down, Lei Yu injected his internal energy into the Sky Devouring Sword and stabbed it into the giant crocodile’s abdomen. Blood started gushing out while Lei Yu remained extremely cautious. He didn’t forget about the explosion that happened to the Dragon-Snake’s corpse back then.

After retreating backwards and not seeing any changes, Lei Yu once again went up to the corpse and dug deeper with the Sky Devouring Sword. Without the protection of internal energy as a reinforcement, the giant crocodile’s natural defense was still strong but couldn’t resist the Sky Devouring Sword filled with energy.

Upon examining closer, Lei Yu actually found an infant like being floating there! He edged the Sky Devouring Sword close to the infant and suddenly a bright white light flashed as if it was making its last resistance!

This was the Nascent Soul of a super expert at the Boundary Transition stage, something that a Gold Core could never compare to!

The Nascent Soul that lacked a living body was slowly sucked into the palms of Lei Yu. After his suppression, Lei Yu was successful in calming it down while the previous resistance disappeared. At this time, the Nascent Soul that was giving off a warm white light really looked like a small infant lying in the palms of Lei Yu.

The infant wasn’t very big; it was about the size of a single hand and his two palms managed to cup it perfectly.

With a thought, he stored it inside his Universal Pouch. Right now Lei Yu wasn’t in a hurry to use it. Once he took care of all his things, he will have plenty of time to raise his strength in the future.

While on top of the Sky Devouring Sword, Lei Yu was now slowly absorbing spiritual energy to replenish his internal energy as he continued flying forward.

At the edge of what was considered the eastern sea region, living creatures and other demonic cultivators were seen less often. Lei Yu could clearly feel an enormous pressure in this area, and even the air felt thick in this environment. As he flew forward, he could feel an invisible energy dragging him down. Although it didn’t cause too much of an impact, Lei Yu still felt uncomfortable from its effect.

Lei Yu gradually descended onto a small island. He looked off into the distant gloomy fog but couldn’t see anything beyond it.

At this time, his mind heard the Devil King’s voice: “This region is the Forest of Fog, a place that no one has dared to take half a step into!”

“No one? Then what about me?” Lei Yu raised the Sky Devouring Sword and cut his hair that had reached his waist already. A chunk of hair fell to the ground and Lei Yu’s already wild looking hair looked even messier now.


(T/N: I have no clue the meaning behind Lei Yu cutting off his own hair at a time like this.)

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