9HTM – Ch347

Chapter 347 – Swordback Tiger

While staring at the forest that will filled with the aura of death, Lei Yu felt slightly irritated. With the faint mist enshrouding this place, it had actually hidden this forest within the sea region.

Before entering, Lei Yu had to make some preparations that he couldn’t do without. He was holding onto a red ribbon while his Universal Pouch was to the right-side of his waist so that items can be taken out at the shortest amount of time. With the Sky Devouring Sword in his hand, “Can we go now?”

“Use your strongest attack to break apart the outer protective net for the forest!” Reminded the Devil King. Lei Yu condensed internal energy on his feet before flying towards this dangerous forest filled with unknowns.

In the air, the shadow of a person was seen holding a brightly lit sword. An extremely strong aura was fluctuating in the area that was filled with a terrifying amount of lightning. One could see this person clench his teeth before slashing down fiercely. A strong beam of purple energy that was similar to a purple dragon rushed towards the light brown outer protective net of the Forest of Fog.



After lightly breathing out, Lei Yu observed the scene become clearer as the barrier disappeared. The scene of dense populated trees appeared before him while there didn’t seem to be any other living beings in the area. There was only dead silence.

There were no sounds of insects and no sounds of birds chirping. Even the trees didn’t have any leaves on them making this place look like a bunch of dried up vertical corpses. This wasn’t strange because this forest had been constantly covered by the mist barrier so sunlight couldn’t enter. There’s no way these trees would be able to survive under those conditions.

Lei Yu then carefully descended to the outer periphery of this Forest of Fog and felt that the pressure here was even stronger. Lei Yu released his spiritual perception in hopes of finding the first barrier’s guardian – the Swordback Tiger.

The Devil King had already told Lei Yu about the powers of the Swordback Tiger. It was a beast at the late Fusion Soul stage and it was good at long-range attacks. Lei Yu still had to be careful because before he even reaches the Swordback Tiger, it may launch an attack from a long distance.

When Lei Yu reached the late Soul Splitting stage, the area of his spiritual perception was greater than before. Although this Forest of Fog took up a large area, Lei Yu’s spiritual perception was still able to encapsulate this entire first barrier region.

There was no other living beings in this area except for something on top of a thick tree, where Lei Yu was able to detect a living entity that was breathing. As he carefully got closer, he began to hide his own aura. To be honest, what Lei Yu was doing was unnecessary.

Breaking apart the protective barrier of this Forest of Fog had caused such a large commotion, so how could the Swordback Tiger not know? It of course knew but there was no need for it to reveal its presence yet. As long as it made sure the intruder couldn’t break the second protective barrier, then it would consider itself of fulfilling its duty. It was taking a nap while patiently waiting for Lei Yu’s arrival.

Lei Yu decided to walk instead of flying. The dried twigs underneath his feet were all making “cracking” noises as he stepped on them. With a light stomp, Lei Yu leapt up and landed on a sturdy looking tree. While holding onto the Sky Devouring Sword, he coldly stared at the living being that wasn’t too far away. Lei Yu didn’t bother to continue hiding because the huge being was already staring at him from a distance away. Most likely it had already detected Lei Yu a while back.

There was a giant yellow tiger with black stripes that looked no different from any other tigers, except that its body was twice as large as normal. The most unique thing about it was its back – there were spikes about 30 centimeters long sticking out of each of its spinal joints. There were about twenty to thirty of those spikes!

Those two did not bother speaking with each other. The Swordback Tiger knew this person was an intruder while Lei Yu knew he wouldn’t be able to pass unless he killed this Swordback Tiger. The only thing these two had to do was start their life or death battle!


The ear deafening sound of a tiger’s roar was heard. There was a slight grin on Lei Yu’s face because this was the biggest tiger he has ever seen in his life. And with those white spikes growing from its back that looked like short swords, placing it in a zoo as an attraction would definitely attract plenty of visitors. But if it was used as a mount, the rider would need to have some skills or need to add some extra holes to their butt.

Lei Yu didn’t move yet but the fierce tiger already made its move. One could see it suddenly pounce towards the ground with its back arched. Each of those spikes were shimmering a white light as if they were arrows about to be released. The target was none other than the intruder in front of the tiger – Lei Yu.

Lei Yu didn’t put the tiger in his eyes. One had to pay attention to a late Fusion Soul stage demonic beast, but its attack to the current him didn’t cause much threat. The Sky Devouring Sword in his hand was exuding a faint purple light. He was waiting; waiting for the best time to not waste too much effort in slicing the Swordback Tiger’s throat.

Seconds passed by. The Swordback Tiger had made its preparations for an attack but didn’t launch its spikes because it noticed the confidence on Lei Yu’s face. This look of confidence made it have thoughts of wanting to flee, but its duty was to guard this area and even if it were to die, it couldn’t take half a step out of this place!

With another roar, those already decaying trees starting falling over from the shaking power of its voice. Not waiting anymore, the Swordback Tiger’s back suddenly brightened. Right after that, those short sword like spikes on its back started shooting forth towards Lei Yu.

“Whoosh, whoosh…”

There were a dozen attacks and their frequency was in a consistent manner. Before the first short spike arrived in front of Lei Yu, there was already another one shooting out from the Swordback Tiger’s back.

Lei Yu was in no hurry as he used the Sky Devouring Sword to knock aside those short spikes flying at him. “Ding ding, clang clang.” Some were knocked flying towards the surrounding trees while some were deflected into the ground. Not a single one managed to touch a hair on Lei Yu’s body.

The Swordback Tiger’s look of shock was becoming more apparent. After roaring out, its back once again gave off a bright light. Those areas where the swords like spikes had been shot out from suddenly gave rise to a yellow energy. Lei Yu slightly widened his eyes as he observed those swords starting to grow from the Swordback Tiger’s back again. It looks like its main attacks all relied on those sword spikes, but how can such an attack harm Lei Yu at all? No, for the Swordback Tiger to reach the peak of the Fusion Soul stage, there’s no way its attacks would be that simple!

After growing out another set of sword spikes, the Swordback Tiger was slowly undergoing a transformation. It didn’t know Lei Yu’s current strength but seeing how easily he was able to block its attack, it determined Lei Yu was at least at the Soul Splitting stage. This was why it didn’t dare to be careless.

Although Lei Yu was able to easily resist the giant tiger’s attack, he was still constantly scanning his opponent’s every move in hopes of finding a flaw. But for the time being, there was no flaw he was able to detect. The giant tiger was extremely devious because the position he was in was protected by trees all around. Even though those trees weren’t considered a big obstacle, it was still a minor annoyance where it would affect the accuracy of his attacks and delay his reaction speed. The giant tiger was also keeping low to the ground so its weakness was protected, making Lei Yu unable to find a place to make his move.

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