9HTM – Ch348

Chapter 348 – Refining The Nascent Soul


With another cry, the Swordback Tiger’s second round of attack was coming!

This time, it didn’t release the sword spikes one at a time instead released a dozen or so all at once. The next moment, the fierce tiger’s figure finally stood up and followed right behind those sword spikes that had been shot out. There was a spike sticking out near its head that looked especially sharp, and the tiger was imitating a rhinoceros wanting to ram towards Lei Yu.

Lei Yu dodged some of the spikes with his body while using the Sky Devouring Sword to deflect some the others. Upon seeing the Swordback Tiger appear in front of him, Lei Yu roared out: “You came at a good time!”

As his voice faded, the Sky Devouring Sword was rotated to a backswing and swept forth. If the Swordback Tiger continued forward at its trajectory, there would only be one outcome for it: cut in half at the waist!

Right at the critical moment, Lei Yu suddenly saw the Swordback Tiger grin! It was actually grinning!

That swift assault had suddenly stopped in place! The Swordback Tiger then threw its body to the side and its tail that was similar to a metal whip swept by! Lei Yu was shocked; he didn’t expect the Swordback Tiger to be this cunning!

What gave Lei Yu a headache wasn’t being struck by the tail. It was at the tip of the tiger’s tail that he noticed was encased by white bones, making it look like a round ball the size of two fists. And sticking out of that ball were multiple spikes protruding out from it. If that thing smashed into his body, it wouldn’t take his life but the explosive power of it with the enhancement of the Swordback Tiger’s aura would definitely cause him some serious injuries. At that time, wouldn’t he be dancing on the palm of that Swordback Tiger?

“What a treacherous move, you actually used a meteor hammer!” Roared Lei Yu. And beyond the expectation of the Swordback Tiger, Lei Yu had suddenly disappeared at the last second!

The next moment, Lei Yu reappeared and a purple light flashed by the Swordback Tiger’s neck area. Ever since Lei Yu disappeared and its tail whip missed, it was in an unmoving defensive state. Now there was an extra injury at its throat before blood started gushing out. The huge body wobbled a few times before crashing to the ground and losing its right to breathe.

Lei Yu breathed out lightly before looking at the giant tiger that was lying in a pool of blood motionless. The tiger’s skin had actually caused Lei Yu’s eyes to light up, but he couldn’t just start peeling it off right?

Lei Yu then walked up towards the Swordback Tiger’s abdomen, his target being its Nascent Soul. Only when one reached the Mahayana stage would their Nascent Soul disappear so below that stage, most high-leveled experts would have that infant body. Of course there would be strong and weak Nascent Souls, and the higher levels one has surpassed the Nascent Soul stage, the stronger the infant body will be. But the chances of gaining such strong Nascent Souls was too rare. Lei Yu was fortunate enough to gain the White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s Nascent Soul, which was no different from a supreme treasure. As for the Nascent Soul of this Swordback Tiger, it’s not too shabby in itself so there’s no way Lei Yu was going to let this pass.

After spreading the abdomen apart, a yellow and black striped light shot out towards a certain direction. Lei Yu was still in a daze before hearing the Devil King cry out in his mind: “Quickly chase after it! It’s an item that’s required to open the second barrier!”

Hearing this, Lei Yu started rapidly chasing after it. With his lightning like speeds, catching up to the fleeing Nascent Soul was just too easy. Within a hundred meters, Lei Yu was able to immediately intercept it!

Lei Yu flipped his palm and the Nascent Soul had nowhere else to go and could only obediently allow itself to be caught.

“Use your own internal energy to seal it or else it might explode!” The Devil King’s advice was necessary because Lei Yu had already started to feel the infant body start to violently shake. Lei Yu activated his internal energy and a purple light shot out of his body and created a silkworm like cocoon barrier around the infant body. Only when it gradually stopped shaking did Lei Yu feel relief.

“So why would these things explode?” Lei Yu asked out of curiosity.

There was a slight hesitation upon hearing Lei Yu’s question but the Devil King still answered: “You don’t even know something like this? Every cultivator that has an infant body in them would always give their Nascent Souls a last command before they die. If you hadn’t stopped the Swordback Tiger’s Nascent Soul just in time, most likely the explosion would have devastated this entire region’s forest! As for you, the least you would suffer would be a serious injury!”

“So there’s something like this?” Lei Yu widened his eyes in disbelief. It was this time he recalled what happened at the Ceng Hong Villa with the Dragon-snake. It looks like the Dragon-snake had given its Nascent Soul one last command, so it’s no wonder he encountered the sudden explosion. Even though the force wasn’t that powerful, it was still enough to knock Lei Yu unconscious.

“Quickly take out the infant body of the White Scaled Giant Crocodile. After you refine it, it will help you recover your internal energy and also raise your cultivation a bit.” Advised the Devil King.

Lei Yu nodded. He first stored the yellow and black striped Nascent Soul of the Swordback Tiger before taking out the white infant body from his Universal Pouch. Lei Yu then closed his eyes and sat down cross legged while the white infant body floated in front of his chest. The white light gave off a soft allure but still contained an explosive power behind it.

Lei Yu enlarged his nostrils and sucked in a deep breath of air. He could suddenly smell something pungent and unpleasant that was difficult to endure. He didn’t know where the smell came from but immediately ceased doing that action.

Lei Yu controlled the energy inside his dantian and had a portion of it appear out of his body. Those strands of internal energy were in the outside world but still maintained a connection with Lei Yu. One could see those strands of internal energy begin wrapping around the infant body floating in front of Lei Yu. Right after that, more strands of energy started leaving his body and appearing in the outside world to wrap around its target. Towards the end, Lei Yu’s own purple internal energy had completely encompassed the infant body where no signs of the white Nascent Soul was seen anymore.

Suddenly, the white infant body brightened and light flared out through the tiny gaps of Lei Yu’s internal energy. It then started intertwining with Lei Yu’s energy and started climbing towards his body. Lei Yu started trembling as large pulses of energy entered into his body and started running rampant. But in an instant, a beam of cool white energy wrapped around them. After being moisturized by the cool energy, the rampant energy started becoming in sync with Lei Yu’s own internal energy and no longer ran rampant. It started circulating normally according to the paths of Lei Yu’s cultivation before ending in his dantian and merging together. The white cooling energy was none other than Xue Yu’s doing from the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost.

The moment the white infant body’s energy latched onto Lei Yu’s infant body, he started feeling intense pain on his right arm. The pain continued getting stronger causing Lei Yu to clench his teeth. If another person was in Lei Yu’s place or one that had less willpower, most likely they would have already lost consciousness. But ever since Lei Yu was young, his mind and willpower had surpassed most others. He had also experienced different types of pain throughout his life so this was something he could still handle. It’s just that the more he resisted, the more intense the pain become. One must wonder if he was to just faint, maybe he wouldn’t be tortured by this pain anymore.

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