9HTM – Ch349

Chapter 349 – The Great Dahl Ape

When the white energy made contact with Lei Yu’s unique brand… “Aggghhh!” Lei Yu’s whole body started shaking non-stop.

“Endure it! Once you pass this critical moment, perhaps your strength will increase by leaps and bounds!”

Sweat was pouring out from Lei Yu’s entire body. Once could clearly see that his muscles and bones were shaking giving off a strange buzzing noise.

Another burst of internal energy belonging to the White Scaled Giant Crocodile coursed through Lei Yu’s bones and muscles. His internals were already unable to endure any more pressure yet with this new wave of energy, they started shaking even more. One could now clearly see that within every pore of Lei Yu’s body, there was a bead of blood coming out. Lei Yu continued clenching his teeth to endure it. This energy was already different to his own internal energy, and the difficulty level was increased since the blood of a demonic beast cultivators were naturally tyrannical and hard to tame. Lei Yu had tried many times to control it with his spirit but found that it wasn’t easy at all. It looks like he would have to allow it to slowly adapt inside the infant’s body before it would become a power he could use within his dantian.

After breathing out some turbid air, Lei Yu gradually opened his eyes. There was a brief flash of white light in his eyes before disappearing – his refinement had succeeded!

Lei Yu started withdrawing the internal energy that he had wrapped around the White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s infant body. The Nascent Soul that was originally the size of two palms had disappeared without a trace leaving only starry dots that immediately dispersed into the surrounding environment. These were waste remnants of the Nascent Soul which was of no use to Lei Yu.

“We can continue onwards now!” The Devil King’s voice rang out. Lei Yu stood up and started taking off his clothes. Looking at his whole body covered with beads of blood was quite a terrifying sight to behold. Lei Yu made a simple shaking motion and the blood beads scattered outwards and not a single drop was left on his body.

His powerful body was like an obvious contrast in this gloomy looking Forest of Fog. Lei Yu pulled out some new clothes from his Universal Pouch and put them on before he could calmly pay attention to the changes inside his body.

The White Scaled Giant Crocodile’s energy wasn’t something he could easily tame, but when compared to the Devil King’s green energy, it was like a docile kitten. Although this new power wasn’t something Lei Yu could control right now, at least it was behaving itself while sitting in a certain corner. It would occasionally shiver in that corner because Lei Yu’s internal energy would pass by to provoke it. Eventually that giant crocodile’s energy will cave in and by that time, Lei Yu could easily subdue it for his own use.

The portion of internal energy Lei Yu had used up in the previous fight had now been recovered. He also saw some slight growth in his strength within the late Soul Splitting stage. The increase wasn’t particularly obvious but if this was normal circumstance within the Devil King’s castle, it would have still taken him at least one or two weeks to gain this. One could see the benefits of refining a Gold Core or a Nascent Soul, but this way of cultivating wasn’t something to Lei Yu’s taste. It was way too painful for people to handle!

Refining a Gold Core was better since it was less difficult and less complicated. Refining a Nascent Soul was completely different – the Nascent Soul itself contained a portion of the original owner’s soul so one had to first destroy that before suppressing the tyrannical power it possessed, that’s why it was way more troublesome.

Once again opening his eyes, Lei Yu began to travel deeper into the forest.

There were no living creatures here nor did any dare to step into this region. Even if it was the terrifyingly powerful existence bull-head, he too would not dare to enter this region without a good reason. If he was to find out that within the most inner depths of the forest was a Sky Devouring Rat acting as a guardian, most likely the bull-head would not step foot here by himself. One can’t say whether it’s easy or hard to deal with the rat because just its speed alone would give anyone a headache. Of course if Lei Yu requested the bull-head’s assistance, he probably wouldn’t even hesitate and outright agree to come.

The second protective barrier was also similar to the first one where it was transparent in nature, except that it was a different color – this one was yellow. The pressure this barrier gave off was much more obvious. Lei Yu cracked his neck and other joints giving “pak pak” sounds. With a single thought, a yellow and black striped infant body encased in purple internal energy appeared in Lei Yu’s hand. According to the Devil King’s instructions, Lei Yu injected his internal energy into the infant body before suddenly dashing forward with all his might. The next moment, Lei Yu had disappeared from the spot.



Those continuous explosions caused the entire outer periphery of the Forest of Fog to shake. The huge barrier had disappeared, and the Swordback Tiger’s Nascent Soul had disappeared along with it amongst the explosions.

Lei Yu was currently standing back where the first barrier of the Forest of Fog was located at, which showed how fast his speed was!

The huge explosion had caused those rotten trees to disintegrate into wood ash before scattering all over the place. The previously dense area near the barrier was now open land, giving Lei Yu some difficulty to adapting to the sight.

Lei Yu moved forward without reducing his speed. Even if it was deaf, this huge explosion would clearly alert the second barrier’s guardian – the Great Dahl Ape.

Sure enough, beyond the second barrier location revealed a small firm mountain! As one looked closer, this wasn’t a mountain but a huge black ape!

“That’s the Great Dahl Ape?” Lei Yu asked in shock to no one in particular. What appeared before him was an ape that was over a hundred meters! ¹ Its height was seriously no different from a small mountain!

Raising his head, Lei Yu started carefully observing it. It was no different than your typical ape except for its much, much, larger stature. Its arms and chest seemed to be also larger than normal… Its blood red eyes appear to be looking down at Lei Yu with disdain while sharp fangs could be seen protruding from its mouth. One could also see the great ape spray white mist out of its nostrils as it breathed out heavily.

The Devil King’s voice was heard: “You have to attack its eyes before it goes berserk or else you’ll be in big trouble!”

The Devil King’s advice was necessary because Lei Yu didn’t want to entangle himself with this huge creature for too long. Even if he was able to dodge its attacks at high speeds, it still required a large amount of time to escape the vicinity of it, not to mention if it went berserk.

Lei Yu took a deep breath before taking out a purple bead from his Universal Pouch. He injected a trace of internal energy into it before tossing it out. The moment it neared the great ape, Lei Yu activated the internal energy inside the bead to detonate it. Suddenly, an overwhelming amount of lightning that covered the skies started crashing down. The violent booming noises it caused had caught the attention of the great ape. And this happened to be Lei Yu’s last Heavenly Thunder Bead!

“Now’s the time!” Lei Yu roared out before rushing up. He was using the great ape’s lower limbs as leverage before heading towards its head a hundred meters up.

The Devil King had mentioned before that the Great Dahl Ape’s defense was unbelievably strong. Even if it encountered a super expert at the Mahayana stage, it was capable of holding its own for a few rounds. Its defensive attributes could almost compare with the Black Tortoise Divine Beast, and the only difference was one’s a divine beast while the other was a demonic beast.

Lei Yu’s climbing wasn’t slow at all. The Great Dahl Ape’s fur was very long which allowed him to have an easier time scaling it. With the overwhelming amount of lightning striking at the great ape like it was tickling it, it had actually drawn the great ape’s full attention. And it was precisely this reason that it didn’t detect the approaching danger to its huge head!


¹ – 100 meters tall is like the length of a football field going upwards.

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