9HTM – Ch350

Chapter 350 – Attacking The Weakness

The time it took Lei Yu to climb up was less than three seconds, which was only one cycle of breathing by the great ape.

Once he reached the neck, Lei Yu roared out as he leapt upwards. The Sky Devouring Sword gave out a brilliant shine, “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, first combination!”


“Bzzzt! Crack!”


There was the sound of lightning striking, there was the sound of Lei Yu’s first combination attack from the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, and there was also the terrifying Great Dahl Ape’s cry of pain. For a short time, the second region of the Forest of Fog was in chaos!

Lei Yu didn’t dare to delay and immediately retreated. His goal was to blind the great ape so that even if it was pissed off, it wouldn’t be able to chase after Lei Yu’s presence. By that time, killing the great ape would be a lot simpler.

Lei Yu landed on the ground and turned around to look. The great ape was clutching at its eyes while stomping its legs. It looked like it was experiencing great pain! Its eyes were its only weakness since it had thick and rough skin and wasn’t afraid of any attacks involving those areas.

Its rage gradually dispersed as it began to calm down and remove its hands. Lei Yu was suddenly shocked. There were only two white smudges on the Great Dahl Ape’s eyes! Lei Yu’s powerful first combination attack was only able to leave a smudge on the great ape’s cornea? The so called weakest part of its body was this powerful? Lei Yu was completely dumbfounded.

The Devil King’s voice suddenly heard in his mind: “You should have used your most powerful attack instead of trying to hide it! Now we’re in trouble because it’s prepared, and wanting to blind its eyes again will be extremely difficult!”

“Less with the sarcastic bullshit! If I used my most powerful attack, how would I have any energy left to kill it? And you, isn’t your remnant soul much more powerful than mine? Why don’t you come out and take care of it yourself?” Lei Yu’s voice was extremely pissed off but the conversation was only within his mind.

The Devil King snapped back: “Why would I do that? If I overuse my energy, the speed in which my soul remnant would disappear would only accelerate. By that time, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even get to see my true body before my soul is dispersed!”

“Shit! How the hell should I fight it?!” Lei Yu was now depressed. This great ape was way too huge and without any weaknesses on its entire body. The only weakness it did have was being protected as both its hands were near its eyes to prevent another attack.

“You damn bastard! You dare to take advantage of me by attacking my eyes when I wasn’t paying attention? Hand over your life!” The great ape said in the human language. Its voice was extremely angry shocking Lei Yu in many ways. Lei Yu immediately retreated back over a hundred meters away from the great ape’s attack range in order to wait for an opportunity.

One could see the Great Dhal Ape pummel its own chest while howling a piercing roar. Even though Lei Yu’s strength was a bit stronger than the ape, he still couldn’t take care of it in a short time. Not to mention that the great ape was now in berserk mode and its strength was at least twice as strong as before. Dealing with it now was much harder than before.

“I have to create an opportunity to attack its eyes!” Lei Yu started moving around while the great ape suddenly lowered its body and slammed both fists on the ground.


The ground shook like crazy and the vibration actually knocked Lei Yu up over ten meters into the air!

Lei Yu was unable to react with the sudden change before seeing the great ape’s arm sweep over. The next moment, a huge palm slapped Lei Yu with a loud “bang!” Lei Yu was sent flying over several hundreds of meters before he could stabilize his body in midair. A trace of blood was then seen flowing out of his mouth.

“This guy’s attack was really damn powerful! I knew I shouldn’t have taken it head on!” Lei Yu had also wanted to experience how strong the great ape’s attack was, that’s why he resisted it head on. Even though his injuries weren’t heavy, the feeling of the attack wasn’t fun at all.

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes, “If it weren’t because I allowed you to hit me, you would be exhausted to death and still wouldn’t be able to touch a hair on me!”

“What an arrogant boast!” The great ape roared. It was obvious that it put in quite a bit of strength in its last attack but didn’t expect that it couldn’t kill Lei Yu. At this time, one could see layers of yellow internal energy rising from the great ape’s body. This overwhelming aura had suddenly caused Lei Yu to feel like he was moving about in mud! From the look of things, Lei Yu’s speed will naturally decrease!

“Not good!”

Lei Yu loudly yelled before suddenly flying upwards. The great ape’s palm swept past his original position and kicked up a wild wind that whipped Lei Yu’s clothes into a frenzy.

“F*cker, let’s fight it out!” Lei Yu clenched his teeth as the Sky Devouring Sword hovered in front of him. He then clasped his hands together and layers of purple internal energy swept out. Lei Yu was chanting something and a dark purple halo energy surrounded his hands. The dark halo energy was like a glove surrounding Lei Yu’s hands before he roared out: “Go!”



The moment the halo energy spread out, it dispersed into little bits of starry dots before flying towards the great ape’s head. The scattered starry dots didn’t seem to contain any attack power but the great ape was still vigilant by covering his eyes with his hands. It was acting this way to prevent any unnecessary pain from those seemingly weak looking starry dots.

Although those starry dots didn’t enter the great ape’s eyes, it still landed on the rest of its face and on its hands.

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “What? You scared?”

Upon opening its eyes, the great ape yelled: “What a joke! The defense of I, the Great Dahl Ape is the strongest amongst all demonic beasts! You think I’m really afraid of your attacks?”

Seeing it start to remove its hands, Lei Yu’s smile became even brighter.

“Oh really?” Lei Yu was saying this but his thoughts seem to be controlling something. One could only see those starry dots start moving up the great ape’s face towards its eyes. By the time the ape realized what was happening, it was too late!

Lei Yu roared out: “Break!”

A violent explosion that would numb one’s skull came after that.

“Crack! Boom!”

The next moment, the Great Dahl Ape screamed into the air. Its ear piercing voice of pain swept through the entire Forest of Fog. Even Lei Yu felt his ears almost couldn’t bear with the sound which clearly showed this guy’s pain wasn’t light at all.

This was one of the abilities Lei Yu gained at the Soul Splitting stage. He could control his energy that was outside of him allowing him to freely move it around. The most important thing was that these external energy would not explode for a long time unless it was triggered by Lei Yu’s mental thoughts!

This was similar to having countless time bombs and Lei Yu was in complete control of when it would explode.

The strength behind the Soul Splitting stage was powerful but it wasn’t enough to cause the Great Dahl Ape to truly lose his sight. After all, this was considered a wide area range attack and the power wasn’t focused into a single point.

Lei Yu condensed his internal energy as his body once again rushed forth. The great ape was still dealing with its pain and didn’t notice Lei Yu’s movement. When the pain gradually disappeared, the great ape finally opened its eyes. At this moment, it was completely stunned! Two purple meteors with white starry dots were actually waiting for his eyes to open!

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