9HTM – Ch351

Chapter 351 – A Cloud Of Dust Rises

Its eyelids didn’t have time to close before those two starry meteors collided. There was no crisp sound this time but a muffled thump. It looked like the attack broke through its cornea and went right into the pupils!

The screams were even more ferocious this time as the great ape waved its fists madly around while its feet were stomping all over the place. The surrounding area had been completely obliterated become flat ground!

Lei Yu quickly withdrew because if those random attacks landed on him, he would definitely suffer to no ends!

The Devil King cried out: “When they’re ill, go for the kill! Quickly use your most powerful attack or else there’s no way you can break through its abdomen!”

The Devil King’s advice brought Lei Yu’s retreat to a halt. He then concentrated the on the great ape’s abdomen before roaring out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, fourth combination!”

An axe! Lei Yu’s attack had actually caused his internal energy to materialize a giant axe!

The light given off by the giant axe was unusually dazzling to the eye. At the top of the axe’s edge to the bottom were five bright star lights lined up on the blade. The giant axe then cut down in less than a second.

A heart piercing cry came out of the great ape’s mouth. Its eyes suddenly opened and traces of blood could be seen. The great ape was now completely blind but appeared to be unusually calm. After that cry, there were no more acts of violent behavior from it.

“You actually managed to break my defense!” The great ape’s voice was extremely cold.

“That was my strongest attack.” Lei Yu replied while gasping for breath.

The great ape’s voice began to grow weaker as it said: “You are strong, except you won’t be able to escape your fate of death!” As its voice faded, the great ape toppled over.

After a loud boom, a cloud of dust rose from the ground. This scene was no different than a mountain toppling over. Lei Yu looked towards the Great Dahl Ape’s abdomen and noticed a horrendous looking wound. This wound was caused by Lei Yu’s most powerful combination skill – the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s fourth combination. The sharpness of that giant axe cannot be overlooked; it contained the crescent moon of the first combination, the ultimate speed of the second combination’s arrows, and the third combination’s ferocious blunt power of the heavy hammer, all added onto the giant axe’s attack. Attached on the blade edge were five meteors that played a vital role in its explosive power.

Lei Yu leapt up and landed on the great ape’s stomach. He wasn’t in a rush to extract the Nascent Soul but sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. After using two combination skills, the energy consumption was really too much for him. Lei Yu had to go through a period of time for recovery.

With Xue Yu’s assistance, Lei Yu was still able to completely recover in a day’s time even though this place barely had any spiritual energy and was filled with yin energy. Even the internal injury he received from the great ape’s slap had rapidly recovered due to the healing abilities of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost and the green energy. This was also thanks to Lei Yu’s skeletal structure that contained metallic properties. With Lei Yu’s current strength, it was difficult to find an opponent that can seriously injure him anymore.

What led to the Great Dahl Ape’s downfall was that it looked down on Lei Yu’s strength and overestimated its own defensive ability. The omnipotent like crushing power along with the sharp cutting ability, added by Lei Yu’s unique power of lightning created the framework where all things could be cut apart. Let alone some fur that was just defensively stronger than normal.

Lei Yu slowly stood up and retrieved the huge Nascent Soul from the Great Dahl Ape’s abdomen. It was such a pity that he couldn’t absorb this powerful source since he needed it to crack the third region’s energy barrier.

After condensing his internal energy, Lei Yu wrapped it around the great ape’s Nascent Soul. He then injected a trace of internal energy into it before throwing it with all his strength. The moment it collided with the golden energy shield, the heavens and the ground shook like it was Armageddon!

Lei Yu didn’t dare to stay here. Even though he trusted his own powerful defensive abilities, he still didn’t want to experience the explosive blast wave of what was to come. The current him activated his speed to the maximum and flew off into a certain direction. The Sky Devouring Sword beneath his feet gave off a blinding light making Lei Yu look like a meteor barreling through the lands.

A humongous BOOM echoed for over ten minutes before coming to a stop. The explosion caused dust to completely cover the area and limiting Lei Yu’s range of vision. He didn’t dare to take unnecessary risks so he patiently waited for all the dust to settle.

An ear piercing shriek of a bird was heard. Even beyond the Forest of Fog and into the sea region would one still be able to hear this shriek.

Lei Yu frowned and looked over and observed a huge bird enshrouded in a golden light. The wingspan of the huge bird was at least over twenty meters. Its whole body was gold colored and the bird had all the features of an eagle. Its sharp eyes with golden pupils glared at Lei Yu. Its sharp beaks were slightly raised and gave off a bright reflective light. The strangest thing about it was the two claws beneath its body: Apart from looking extremely sharp, it was also very large making it seem mismatched with its body.

“Be careful, this is the Demon Roc Emperor who is at the late Soul Splitting stage! The strongest ability it has is a gravity attack that can control and lower your speed. Its attacks are also quite powerful so it’s the same tactic as before – a quick battle and a quick kill. Working in your favor is that its defense isn’t very strong. You have to kill it in the shortest time possible or else when it splits up and there’s two Demon Roc Emperor’s at the same time, the chance of you winning is zero!” The Devil King advised Lei Yu in his mind.

Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless as he circulated internal energy in his feet and floated into the air at the same level as the big golden eagle. The two pairs of eyes looked at each other – one pair of powerful eyes was glaring at another pair of eyes filled with a deep profound mystery. They both couldn’t help shudder since Lei Yu gave others the feeling of elusiveness while the big eagle had eyes that could literally kill someone with a stare!

Upon clenching his teeth, purple energy started rising out of Lei Yu’s body and the power of lightning started arcing and enshrouding him within. The green brand on his arm started flickering and a stream of purple internal energy started rapidly flowing down his arm. Lei Yu clasped his left index and middle fingers together before tapping his right arm and controlling that stream of internal energy. He guided that stream of energy down to his fingers and a fragment of light appeared on his fingertip. The lightning arcing around his body became much more active as if jumping around in joy. The fragment of light that came out of Lei Yu’s fingertip suddenly brightened and blinded the surrounding area.

The dazzling bright light caused the Demon Roc Emperor to blink. Lei Yu then roared out: “Now’s the time!”

With a single wave, the fragment of purple light the size of a finger flew straight at the Demon Roc Emperor. The speed of it was no less than the attacks from the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique.

The moment the lightning energy attack drew near the Demon Roc Emperor’s body, one could see its huge wings effortlessly quiver before it instantly created an airtight defense in front of it.

“Bzzt bzzt!”

The purple lightning energy somehow merged together with the Demon Roc Emperor’s golden colored energy before giving off a heart chilling sound. Lei Yu observed the reaction and then, “You lied to me again! My attack was so easily resisted by that thing!” Lei Yu yelled at the Devil King in his mind.

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