9HTM – Ch352

Chapter 352 – One Splits Into Two

“I didn’t really lie to you. This large Roc relies on its wings as its main defense while its stomach area and the area under its wings are the weakest. But below the stomach area, it also happens to have those sharp claws which are its most powerful weapons. What you have to do is find an opportunity to attack its lower stomach area in the shortest amount of time possible!”

“That’s easy for you to say, how about you go do it?” Lei Yu then roared out and the Sky Devouring Sword appeared in his hand with a bright flash. He was currently standing there in mid air looking like a Demon King!

Guerilla warfare was something Lei Yu had become good at but when up high in the air, fighting with a bird that dominated air battles wasn’t a wise choice. Lei Yu ignored the Devil King’s advice of fighting a quick battle and started descending to the ground.

A brief flash was seen in the Demon Roc Emperor’s eyes before it folded its wings and dived down as well. Accompanying the shriek of a bird, the Demon Roc Emperor was now displaying its first attack.

Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless as he focused on the Sky Devouring Sword he was holding. His eyes never left the pair of claws below the Demon Roc Emperor’s abdomen. As the distance become closer and closer, Lei Yu roared out: “Perfect timing!” He then swept out and sliced horizontally with the Sky Devouring Sword.


“Bang bang bang…!”

Hundreds of collision sounds were heard in the third region of the Forest of Fog. Panic could be clearly seen on Lei Yu’s face while a look of shock could also be seen on the Demon Roc Emperor.

Lei Yu never imagined this big bird’s claws were this sharp and sturdy. It was actually able to compete with his Sky Devouring Sword for this long and not suffer any damage.

As for the Demon Roc Emperor, its shock was no less than Lei Yu’s. Each time Lei Yu attacked with his Sky Devouring Sword, they all contained a powerful lightning power imbued into it. Even though it was proud of its claws’ sturdiness and sharpness, as the clashes continued, it could feel bursts of paralysis penetrate into its legs. If these head on clashes continued, the one in the disadvantaged position could eventually be it!

Not only will these bursts of paralysis eventually slow down the Demon Roc Emperor’s reaction time, eventually its attacks will also be affected by it.

Its huge wings quivered once again causing it to sudden lurched into the air. The Demon Roc Emperor had suddenly chosen to distance itself!

Lei Yu seemed to have found its weakness so how could he give up such a good opportunity and allow it to escape? The second the Demon Roc Emperor rose into the air, Lei Yu also condensed internal energy into his feet and flew up to catch up to it. This style of fighting continued on as if it was hard to tell who would become victorious. They were both at the strength of a late Soul Splitting stage yet somehow Lei Yu appeared to be slowly gaining the upper hand because of his Sky Devouring Sword.



Just when their attacks continued as if it was hard to tell the outcome, a harsh ear piercing squawk came from a distance. Lei Yu’s face changed as he cried out in shock, “Not good!”

The figure hadn’t even appeared yet but the wind was already howling towards him. Lei Yu hurriedly dropped down to the ground and right at that moment, a golden bird the exact carbon copy of the Demon Roc Emperor swooped past Lei Yu’s original position with its pair of sharp claws grasping down. If Lei Yu had avoided that at the last second, most likely him who had metallic properties in his skeletal structure would still be ripped into two!

After hiddenly gasping to himself, Lei Yu adjusted his body to his best battle posture. He didn’t remove the internal energy still condensed in his feet so that he could run away at a moment’s notice.

“This is real bad! This is the other half of the Demon Roc Emperor who has reached the early Boundary Transition stage, someone even more difficult to deal with!” As the Devil King’s voice sounded off, Lei Yu started to feel sick of hearing him. But now wasn’t the time to stop him from talking because he had to find a solution immediately to deal with these two enemies.

“You two plan on ganging up on me?” Lei Yu knew he had no chance with dealing with two strong opponents at the same time so he tried to trick them with words.

“I’ve always done things this way. If you want to break past the last barrier, you’ll have to do it over our two dead bodies!” Said the Boundary Transition stage Demon Roc Emperor.

Upon hearing those words, Lei Yu’s heart sank to the bottom of the ravine. Seeing that he now had to kill the two of them, he was a bit regretful for not listening to the Devil King’s advice. Fighting in the air was disadvantageous to Lei Yu but at least he would eventually find a flaw and reach the Demon Roc Emperor’s lower abdomen area. He would most likely suffer some injury at the meantime but would still manage to deliver serious blow to the big bird’s weak area. Since Lei Yu brought the battle to the ground instead, it looks like he had just created a situation where his own risk level had increased by a lot. What should he do now?

His arms took a wider stance before Lei Yu started speaking in his mind: “Xue Yu, it looks like you’ll have to materialize to help me or else there’s no way I can deal with these two experts!”

“Master, leave that Boundary Transition bird to me!” As Xue Yu’s voice faded, a purple aura started rising out of Lei Yu’s body. A purple dragon then burst out of his body and landed on the ground with a brilliant white flash. Suddenly, a stunning beautiful girl appeared next to Lei Yu.

The two big birds were startled from what they witnessed. The big bird at the Boundary Transition stage then asked: “That’s your soul?” It was obvious that it didn’t believe its eyes because how could one’s body and one’s soul have such a huge difference in appearance? This was something it had never seen or heard of before.

Lei Yu didn’t bother replying. He and Xue Yu nodded to each other before they both shot up into the sky. The soul had left the body – Lei Yu’s original body was only at the early Soul Splitting stage but his defensive power was still extremely powerful. Xue Yu on the other hand, had the soul body which contained Lei Yu’s most powerful offensive powers, but her defense had weakened by a lot. A single heavy injury may cause the soul body to immediately lose all combat capability.

This was going to be a tough battle. It was the first time the two of them were working together and they had to quickly end the fight. The best scenario was to quickly kill off one of the big birds first!

Lei Yu’s target was the big bird at the late Soul Splitting stage while Xue Yu chose the Demon Roc Emperor who exceeded Lei Yu’s level, being at the Boundary Transition stage.

Countless number of blurred images of those four appeared and disappeared in mid air. The speeds of each of them derived through their training were extremely shocking!

That big bird at the Boundary Transition stage sensed how powerful Xue Yu’s attacks were so it didn’t dare take them head on. It actually decided on dodging when it could, fleeing when it couldn’t! For the time being, Xue Yu couldn’t gain any advantages over it.

On Lei Yu’s side, he wasn’t having a good time at all. Although he was managing to barely avoid the attacks from the big bird, he wasn’t able to release any powerful attacks to threaten it. For a brief moment, the four of them stopped and eyed each other at a frozen stalemate while none of them were willing to make the first move.

Lei Yu lightly exhaled before conversing with Xue Yu in his mind: “Xue Yu, it looks like we can’t win if we fight separately. How about we…”

Xue Yue responded to Lei Yu through their mind transmission and both reached a consensus. Their sights both landed on the Demon Roc Emperor who was only at the late Soul Splitting stage.

Lei Yu roared out: “Now’s the time!”



Lei Yu and Xue Yu both rushed out at the same time towards the weaker Soul Splitting big bird. Xue Yu was responsible for attacking while Lei Yu with his Sky Devouring Sword was nearby to prevent the stronger Boundary Transition Demon Roc Emperor from interfering.

Xue Yu’s attacks were all vicious and filled with explosive power. After several loud sounds, many patches of feathers had been forcefully blown off from the weaker Demon Roc Emperor. Xue Yu was on a roll as she kept on attacking non-stop, hoping that one of her moves would land a fatal blow!

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