9HTM – Ch353

Chapter 353 – Fighting Alongside Each Other


A loud sound that shook the heavens and the earth was heard. Xue Yu felt this was strange since this wasn’t something she had caused with her attacks. Her face suddenly changed, “Not good… master!”

Lei Yu’s shaky voice from covering her back cried out: “Don’t turn around, it’s now or never, kill it!”

Xue Yu clenched her teeth as a bright purple and white light rippled out of her body in waves. The two colors started merging into one while she raised both of her arms above her head. The air shimmered and started rotating there forming something before she made a throwing motion and roared out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, second combination!”


What materialized in the air was a bow and arrow before the arrow shot straight towards the big bird. Upon seeing this heaven sundering bow and arrow, the big bird was scared out of its wits especially when noticing the power behind the arrow! It was just about to protect its abdominal area with its wings but it was too late. The Thirty-six Lunar Star technique attack released by Lei Yu’s soul body, which was in control by Xue Yu, reached speeds beyond everyone’s imagination.

The brightly shimmering arrow managed to drill through a gap in the Demon Roc Emperor’s wings!


Xue Yu heard the Boundary Transition Demon Roc Emperor behind her screaming out. Xue Yu’s opponent had already been blasted off into the distance by the arrow as a loud sorrowful shriek followed it. Eventually, it landed on the ground.

Lei Yu was holding onto his injured shoulder while coldly staring at the Boundary Transition Demon Roc Emperor. What he saw was actually fear in its eyes and not anger!

Lei Yu felt this was a bit strange and just when he was prepared to fight together with Xue Yu, another sorrowful shriek was heard. This piercing cry almost made Lei Yu lose all function of his ears!

This super strong entity had suddenly disappeared in front of him! Lei Yu was shocked and immediately started searching everywhere. He even released his spiritual perception to the maximum but still couldn’t find any traces of it!

“What’s going on? How did this happen?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

The Devil King’s voice sounded off in his mind and his tone was filled with surprise. “Oh, I understand now! This third region only has one Demon Roc Emperor!”

“What do you mean?” Lei Yu asked in surprise.

“The Soul Splitting stage one was its true body while the Boundary Transition one was its soul body. Once the true body dies, the soul will also cease to exist! The reasoning is as simple as that!”

Lei Yu was overjoyed from hearing this; he was truly too lucky! Lei Yu already knew he was in for a tough battle when dealing with these two birds. Even if he doesn’t die in the process, he would still be seriously injured. It was fortunate that he and Xue Yu could communicate with their minds or else if those big birds heard what he was planning, most likely that tactic wouldn’t be pulled off that easily. Although his shoulder was ripped up by that big bird causing many bones to break, it wasn’t a big deal because he had Xue Yu and the Devil King’s green energy to help him recover.

The Demon Roc Emperor had died but Lei Yu was really curious about its cultivation method. How did its true body and soul body cultivate separately? Was this some unique ability that only it had?

Lei Yu’s thought process was felt by the Devil King so it explained: “This Demon Roc Emperor isn’t really a demonic beast but considered a divine beast. Although it cannot be compared to the six great divine beasts, its rank is still considered one of the more powerful divine beasts. All divine beasts or demonic beasts have inherited ancient memories. Once they reach a certain cultivation realm, an ancient seal within their minds will be unlocked. So most likely, the cultivation method of the Demon Roc Emperor was one of those inherited memories unique to their race.”

Lei Yu nodded, “So that’s how it is.”

“Hurry up and recover so that you can extract the Demon Roc Emperor’s Nascent Soul!”

Lei Yu sat down with his eyes closed while Xue Yu slowly disappeared. The Spiritual Bracelet of Frost then appeared on his wrist once again.

There’s a reason why the Devil King didn’t want Lei Yu to immediately remove the Nascent Soul. When they first encountered the Swordback Tiger’s Nascent Soul, it had tried to fly away which meant this was the last command it was given. The giant ape’s Nascent Soul didn’t try to fly away which meant no last command was given to it. Now when it came to this Demon Roc Emperor, one had to prepare for all scenarios.

From a high point of view, the Forest of Fog that was originally filled with dead trees crisscrossing each other had now become flat land in certain areas. There were even many cracks and ravines in the ground that show the huge battle Lei Yu had with the guardians.

In the area of the third region, a purple beam of light shot into the sky that was released by Lei Yu. The current him was constantly repairing his body and rapidly absorbing the thin spiritual energy in the air in order to restore his body back to normal.

Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes and two physical beams of light shot out of them!

Those two beams of light stabbed into the ground leaving a deep mark. It was clear that the light contained lightning energy because of the crackling sounds!

“No way? Am I really making another breakthrough?” Lei Yu sucked in a breath of cool air as he examined the internal changes. All the signs did indicate that he was now at the peak of the late Soul Splitting stage. Just a slight reach and he could break through into the Boundary Transition stage, but in reality, wanting to pass this barrier wasn’t a simple thing.

Lei Yu wasn’t anxious at all about this while the Devil King was the one that seemed to be the urgent one. “Try breaking through once! I will help you clear out any obstacles in the meridians!”

“Break through right here? After breaking through, I need a large amount of spiritual energy to recover. The spiritual energy is so weak here so it’s not the right place!” Lei Yu retorted.

The opinion of the Devil King and Lei Yu were completely different. The Devil King wanted Lei Yu to become stronger because only then would the success rate improve for reaching his true body. That’s why he was so anxious for Lei Yu to grow stronger. On the other hand, Lei Yu knew that after breaking through, he would have to refill all the internal energy his dantian and Sea of Energy would be lacking. Doing it at this place where spiritual energy was so weak would be truly difficult to bring him back to his optimal state.

“Don’t you still have some crystal stones inside your Universal Pouch?” The Devil King anxiously asked.

Lei Yu shook his head, “How can I compare that little thing to the Devil King’s castle? No way, no way! It’s too risky!” Lei Yu understood the needs of his own body and he wasn’t going to listen to the Devil King’s plan.

“Sigh! You are so stupid! If that day you hadn’t used the Green Vein Dewdrop pill on Ai Er and saved it instead, today you wouldn’t have a problem of fully refilling your internal energy after breaking through!”

“Screw you! Ai Er’s life is more important than mine! What are your words implying?!” Lei Yu continue to angrily roar back: “Everything you’ve made me do is all for yourself isn’t it? With you being such a selfish individual, what rights do you have to lecture me? I’m telling you, if you keep forcing me to do stuff I don’t want to do, I’ll rather give up this task right now!”

“Whatever!” The Devil King sighed, “Beautiful girls are the roots of all troubles – she is your stumbling block on the road to being truly powerful!”

Lei Yu didn’t bother with him and slowly opened his eyes to stand up. He wanted everything to be perfect before he made a breakthrough. He too wanted to be a super powerful expert but being too eager might be counterproductive. If something did go wrong, by that time things would become irreversible.

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