9HTM – Ch354

Chapter 354 – One Body Two Nascent

Lei Yu quickly walked up to the golden Demon Roc Emperor and used his Sky Devouring Sword to pry out a golden object. A light brightly flashed before Lei Yu’s eye sight landed on a powerful infant body. This was probably the most powerful Nascent Soul he has ever laid eyes on. If he was able to use this energy and convert it into his own internal energy, most likely he would improve by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, he needed this infant body to open up the last protective barrier shield.

Just as Lei Yu was feeling a bit regretful, he suddenly widened his eyes in surprise! There was another shimmering light inside the Demon Roc Emperor’s abdomen!

“What on earth is going on?”

Lei Yu peered inside and was completely shocked! Within the Demon Roc Emperor’s dantian area, there was another golden shimmering infant body!

The Devil King’s voice was also showed signs of shock, “One body two nascent!”

“One body two nascent?”

“I never imagined this could’ve happened! This Demon Roc Emperor chose to separately cultivate its body and managed to cultivate two nascent infant bodies. This is simply too inconceivable!” The Devil King’s voice sounded even more shocked while Lei Yu’s eyes widened even further. He then proceeded to extract the second Nascent Soul from the Demon Roc Emperor’s body. Even though the power of this second one wasn’t as strong as the first, it was still an incredible object to behold.

Lei Yu swallowed down his saliva, “Awesome, this is too awesome!”

“You can breakthrough now right? This extra infant body can make up for the energy that you need after making your breakthrough!” Urged the Demon King as he still hadn’t given up.

Lei Yu helplessly nodded, “Fine!”

Lei Yu wasn’t against breaking through; he was just concerned with the issues afterwards. And now that there was a Nascent Soul he could use to replenish his energy, there was nothing to fear any longer. Moreover, his strength would inevitably increase exponentially after breaking through which in turn would increase his safety level. Why would Lei Yu continue to refuse the Devil King?

Lei Yu grinned before sitting down cross-legged. The latter half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual started circulating through his body causing streams of lightning to roar in his Sea of Energy before descending upon the infant’s body. Lei Yu’s Nascent Soul was different from others where it was made up of six different colors. If you were to add the green brand on its arm, that would actually make it seven different colors.

The colorful infant’s body wasn’t due to the Devil King’s credit but something Lei Yu gained on his own. Little did Lei Yu know that each different colored limb had Armageddon like powers but he wasn’t able to activate it yet because of his current level.

“The sky descends, and the path opens up; split!” Lei Yu recited the first sentence of the last paragraph of the Heavenly Thunder Manual. This was last gate leading towards the path of being truly strong. If he were to succeed, Lei Yu would step on the road towards the ultimate crisis – the Nine Heavenly Profound Lightning tribulation! Lei Yu had never experienced the lightning tribulation before so he was wondering if it would actually come when he exceeds the Boundary Transition stage. Now he’ll have to wait to see how strong his latent comprehension ability is when he’s at the late Boundary Transition stage.

Lei Yu continued to recite the mantra as his nascent soul started undergoing some big changes. At the center of the infant’s body, one could see it start splitting apart to reveal the infant body’s heart!

Lei Yu swallowed hard as he had reached the most critical moment. If there were any mistakes in the process, the infant body’s heart would burst and Lei Yu would face the threat of death!

After gasping for air, Lei Yu started carefully controlling this tiny little heart. He used his internal energy to surround the little heart before extracting it out of the infant’s body and allowing it to float within his Sea of Energy.

The Devil King’s voice was then heard: “I’ll open up the path for you!” As his voice faded, a powerful energy shot out of the green brand on the infant’s body. At this point, Lei Yu could feel that the gap between his own power compared to the power of the green energy was getting closer! If he could successfully breakthrough, he had a 100% chance to control the green energy! But this wasn’t the time to think about these things because he had to fully concentrate during this critical moment.

Lei Yu carefully used his internal energy to propel the little heart to circulate throughout his meridians. Within each meridian, there were little tiny lightnings dancing around which caused no harm to Lei Yu himself. But the little heart couldn’t handle a single touch by them so Lei Yu had to continue using his internal energy to protect it.

He had to propel the little heart through multiple meridians before reaching his own heart. Once those two hearts merged into one would be the time where he could activate the gate towards the Boundary Transition stage!

Lei Yu’s back was already drenched with sweat as he couldn’t make a single error. He was trying to maintain a smooth breathing rhythm and was even trying not to allow his body to make any big movements.

The green energy was opening the way and taking the brunt of the lightning attacks so that little heart enshrouded by internal energy wouldn’t suffer as much. Right behind the little heart was Xue Yu’s white energy. In case the little heart suffered an attack, Xue Yu could immediately rush up to help it recover it so that it wouldn’t shatter.

The little heart continued to slowly travel forward being protected by these three different energies.

How long was the path of Lei Yu’s meridians? They were already taking the shortest route but unfortunately, there weren’t any direct paths from the Sea of Energy to his heart.

Lei Yu’s breathing was becoming more rapid but he made sure his body didn’t have any big movements. Seconds and minutes went by and the little heart was getting closer to Lei Yu’s heart. One would think that they were about to succeed but when they were at the last meridian, a powerful lightning descended like a torrent. The green energy brightened to block this naturally formed lightning inside his body. Meanwhile, the little heart enshrouded with Lei Yu’s internal energy started shaking in fear, and suddenly showed signs that it wanted to retreat.

Lei Yu sucked in a deep breath, “Endure it! Persist through!”

Sweat had already drenched the ground where Lei Yu was sitting on and the airflow surrounding him had already created an invisible barrier. He wasn’t going to give up and wouldn’t let his nascent soul suffer any damage because it was the accumulation of his cultivation from all these years!

After clenching his teeth and trying to calm his breathing, Lei Yu separated his purple internal energy to fight alongside the green energy. As for Xue Yu, she had her energy replace Lei Yu’s to enshroud the little heart tightly. It was only after all of this did the little heart gradually calm down.

After the crazy lightning attack subsided, the three energies once again moved forward. As they passed the last meridian, the green energy and Xue Yu’s energy both retreated. As if the little heart had found its mother, it suddenly rushed forward like mad to arrive at Lei Yu’s actual heart. The two merged as one and a purple light shot out from his heart meridian. The light went straight to Lei Yu’s dantian where the infant body was floating and formed an independent meridian connection with it. The two were now linked together!

“I’ve succeeded! I’ve succeeded!” Lei Yu shouted with joy.

“Quick, take out that extra Demon Roc Emperor’s Nascent Soul! You’ve used up too much internal energy and must immediately replenish it!” Advised the Devil King. Lei Yu quickly nodded and used his internal energy to surround the golden colored Nascent Soul to refine it. The refinement process was exactly the same as what Lei Yu did to the giant crocodile’s Nascent Soul. He then gradually calmed down…

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