9HTM – Ch355

Chapter 355 – Sky Devouring Rat Appears

Absorbing the Nascent Soul was quite quick and didn’t take too much time. Compared to breaking through to the Boundary Transition stage, Lei Yu only used a third of the time so about a day was used. Strangely, the pain was negligible as well.

After breathing out deeply, Lei Yu felt his spirit tremble as a tiny purple light appeared in both his pupils. It wasn’t something that can be seen easily but it was definitely present.

After cracking his neck, Lei Yu stood up with a smiling expression on his face. His lips were slightly curved to reveal his usual signature smile.

“Congratulations!” The Devil King’s voice sounded off in his mind.

“There’s something I don’t understand and was hoping you’d explain to me.” Lei Yu started conversing with the Devil King in his mind.

“Go ahead.”

“What degree of strength is the green energy you left in my body at? How come I have a feeling that I have the ability to force it out of my body now?” Lei Yu’s tone was very calm but the Devil King was in shock.

“You… what did you say?! What did you say?!”

Lei Yu smiled, “I remember back then you said that with my strength, I can fight with opponents two levels higher than myself, right? From how things look, the energy you left in my body should be at the last Boundary Transition stage. This means the power you can exert in your current condition is also at that level right?”

“You… what do you plan on doing?” The Devil King’s voice was trembling. He wanted Lei Yu to get stronger quicker so that the chances of breaking through the 4th region would be higher. He had actually forgotten that Lei Yu had the ability to jump levels in a fight! Only now did he remember this but Lei Yu had already found out about it.

“I don’t plan on doing anything… it’s just that I really dislike having this energy within my body!” Lei Yu then roared and purple energy started rising off his body. Purple light started flashing in his eyes and within his dantian, a powerful green energy was then forced out following the stream of his own internal energy.

The Devil King roared: “You think you can really get rid of me that easily?” Immediately after, a dispersing power started fluctuating.

Lei Yu heavily breathed out. The green energy had accompanied him for a long time. At times, he would rely on its power instead of relying on his own. Now that he had forced it out of his body, Lei Yu started to feel a bit of reluctance.

With a thought, a skull came out of his Universal Pouch. “You actually managed to force my energy out of your body?!”

Lei Yu looked down to the brand of his right arm which had now turned back to purple. He then raised his head to look at the floating skull, “I merely don’t like that energy inside my body. Don’t worry; I will still complete what I promised you. Even if I were to die, I will still keep word to the best of my ability. I will still be breaking through the 4th barrier!”

“Are your words for real?” The Devil King asked with wide eyes.

Lei Yu coldly smiled, “You’ve technically followed me for twenty something years; could it be that you still can’t tell what kind of person I am? I am someone that will do what they promise! But…”

The skull slightly frowned, “But what?”

“You have to honestly tell me what you’re planning after you’ve found your true body.” Said Lei Yu.

“Don’t you want to know how to cultivate after reaching the Mahayana stage?” The Devil King’s words had stirred Lei Yu’s appetite. Lei Yu then hesitatingly asked: “There’s actually cultivation methods for after the Mahayana stage?”

“That’s of course, but you need to rescue my true body first and then I’ll tell you everything afterwards.”

“That’s fine.” Lei Yu nodded.

A smile appeared on the Devil King’s face as he said: “Your choice has inadvertently saved your own life or else I would’ve killed you without hesitation!”

“What did you say?” Lei Yu was suddenly startled!

The Devil King returned back into the Universal Pouch but what shocked Lei Yu was the Devil King’s words inside his mind: “Carefully observe your infant’s body!”

After hearing that, lei Yu quickly sent his spirit inside and noticed the green colored brand still on his infant’s body! His heart sank to the bottom of the abyss, “Why? Why? I had clearly forced the green energy out already yet my Nascent Soul still has some left?”

The Devil King coldly laughed once, “The moment your formed your Nascent Soul, I had already injected a portion of my energy inside it. If I personally didn’t act, there’s no way you can get rid of it. And I have the ability to shatter your infant’s body anytime I want!”

“You’re despicable!” Lei Yu clenched his fists.

“Don’t worry. Since you’ve held onto your side of the bargain, I will naturally not go back on my words. As long as you save my true body, I will definitely remove all remnants of my energy!”

Lei Yu had originally been super excited thinking that he had gotten rid of the Devil King’s green energy yet he never imagined the green energy was like a medicinal patch that was near impossible to peel off. But Lei Yu was also thankful for his decisions because if had refused to continue to the fourth region, most likely the Devil King would immediately destroy his Nascent Soul. By that time, regretting would be too late.

Lei Yu wasn’t an ungrateful person. Even though the Devil King was using the green energy to force him to do things, it still accompanied for a long time and had saved him on many occasions. If it weren’t for the green energy’s existence, Lei Yu would never have reached the strength he has today. In a different perspective, Lei Yu should be thankful to the Devil King. It was because of this that Lei Yu had decided to continue helping the Devil King. But who would’ve thought that in the end, he was still threatened to do something he already planned on doing.

After the brief delay, Lei Yu still had to go open the last protective barrier. And it so happens that a much more difficult to deal with presence was waiting in anticipation – the Sky Devouring Rat!

After calming his anger, Lei Yu took out the other Nascent Soul of the Demon Roc Emperor and started flying forward. At this place, a black barrier gradually appeared before Lei Yu which caused him unable to see what was inside.

Lei Yu injected internal energy into the Nascent Soul and threw it out. He wasn’t avoiding the blast like previously but stood in place. He then started spinning the Sky Devouring Sword by the handle forming an airtight protective shield in front of his body.

A huge explosion was heard while a blast wave arrived. It was then easily resisted by the Sky Devouring Sword since it was now imbued with Lei Yu’s power. He found that he could freely control his internal energy to the point where the explosion had no impact on him whatsoever. It looks like reaching the Boundary Transition stage had greatly improved his strength.

The place of explosion created a huge mushroom shape of debris that rose up thousands of meters high. The flames mingled within the mushroom had caused this scene to be spectacular to behold. Lei Yu was even a bit regretful for not fully charging his smartphone to record this amazing sight.

Just as Lei Yu recovered his thoughts, a black blur at least three times faster than him charged over. It bypassed the spinning Sky Devouring Sword and brushed past his left arm.

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