9HTM – Ch356

Chapter 356 – Heaven Path’s Stone Stele

Suddenly sucking in a cool breath of air, Lei Yu then looked down and noticed his left arm was missing a piece of meat!

“Watch out, it’s coming again!” Alerted the Devil King.

Lei Yu swallowed hard before he made a thought, stopping the spinning Sky Devouring Sword. He then released his spiritual perception in order to sense where this ridiculously fast Sky Devouring Rat was.

“Found it!” The Sky Devouring Rat was coming at him in a straight line. Lei Yu immediately dodged and the black blur flew by like a bullet.

“Its speed is too shocking! How the hell am I supposed to fight it? I can’t even catch up to it!” Lei Yu had lost his cool.

“Quick! Lock into its position so it can’t attack you. Then look for a chance to quickly hide and withdraw your aura!” The Devil King’s words seemed panicked.

With Lei Yu’s current strength, normally he would be able to handle someone at the late Boundary Transition stage. But this Sky Devouring Rat was an existence that even if the bull-head was here, it would cause him a huge headache. That’s why there’s nothing they can do but follow their original plan of hiding.

Lei Yu nodded and didn’t dare to be careless. This Sky Devouring Rat’s biting power was really too shocking. Lei Yu was only lost in thought for a moment previously and he was already missing a piece of his arm. If he wasn’t completely focused, most likely this throat would have been torn off already.

After once again dodging sideways to escape an attack, Lei Yu then suddenly descended onto the ground. At the same time, he was also withdrawing his aura. The single rush by the Sky Devouring Rat had caused it to appear a few kilometers away before stopping. It didn’t have a powerful spiritual perception like Lei Yu’s, so just as it turned around to rush forth for another attack, its target had disappeared without a trace!

The Sky Devouring Rat flew around the air in different directions leaving blurs that crisscrossed each other. This showed how terrifying its speed had reached!

Lei Yu was greatly shocked. “This guy’s speed is way too terrifying! There’s no way I can accurately predict its attack path!”

“Don’t get so anxious and just keep walking straight. Do you see that mountain over there? At the base of that mountain is a stone stele, and below that stone stele is where my true body lies. Once you get there, just release my remnant soul and everything will be concluded!” Said the Devil King.

Lei Yu followed the directions of the Devil King and looked over, finally noticing the mountain. Perhaps he was still too far away because he didn’t see any stone steles at the base of it.

As he started running, Lei Yu would occasionally look up into the air. The Sky Devouring Rat was flying all over the place before stopping at one position. Only when it stopped did Lei Yu finally get to see its appearance.

Where was the Sky Devouring Rat’s awesome aura? This thing’s appearance was not qualified to have such a fear inducing name. It looked no different than an ordinary mouse except that its two front teeth (incisors) on its upper jaw were pointed instead of being flat. So apart from its teeth, there was no difference to your common mice.

The terrain of this place wasn’t elevated and was surrounded by a lot of trees. Even though there weren’t any leaves for cover, the dense branches crossing each other also created the same effect. Actually being here made Lei Yu understand why the Devil King had picked him to find his true body. The ultimate goal was that he was capable of hiding his aura to avoid the Sky Devouring Rat’s bite. It looks like the Lei Sect’s cultivation methods had its own ingenious uses and wasn’t any less impressive than the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique.

To hide and avoid was one thing, but rodents were born with a sense of smell that were more sensitive than other animals. Since they usually lived in dark and dirty places, and their visions were poor, they would have starved to death early on if they didn’t have a keen sense of smell.

Lei Yu was able to hide his aura which stopped his energy fluctuation from spreading, but there’s no way he could hide the scent of his body. This was the key point to his demise!

One could see the Sky Devouring Rat twitch its nose and started shaking its whiskers. It was able to very quickly detect the approximate location of Lei Yu and rush down. Its movement speed was so quick that it was no different from teleporting!

Lei Yu was shocked and frantically raised his speeds. And it was because of this that he revealed himself.

Lei Yu’s speed was quick but the Sky Devouring Rat was three times faster. In an instant, it had already caught up and arrived in front of Lei Yu. Its pair of small eyes kept blinking furiously as it obviously couldn’t see Lei Yu’s appearance that clearly. The rat then suddenly started speaking in the human language.

“Breaking into the fourth region proves that you have a bit of strength, but you still need to get past me in order to attain the treasure!”

“Treasure? What treasure?” Lei Yu asked in surprise.

“Aren’t you here for the treasure?” Asked the Sky Devouring Rat in a shrill voice. Its tone was almost whisper like but Lei Yu was still able to hear it clearly.

At this point, Lei Yu stood there stunned like he was struck by lightning. “What are you talking about? I’m here to rescue the Devil King’s true body so what’s that got to do with a treasure?”

“Devil King?” The Sky Devouring Rat was thinking for a while before asking: “You’re here for the Devil King that’s been restrained beneath the Heaven Path’s Stone Stele?”

Hearing those words, Lei Yu was a bit relieved. At least this part of Devil King’s words weren’t a lie and his true body was truly being sealed here.

“Looks like I can’t go anywhere unless I pass your obstruction!”

“You’re definitely not something good if you’re related to that Devil King. Looks like I praised you in error!” The Sky Devouring Rat sharply yelled.

Lei Yu swallowed hard and didn’t dare to be careless since this little creature had the ability to devour all things. Even though the Sky Devouring Rat couldn’t see him clearly, Lei Yu had to bear in mind that its sense of smell was very powerful.

Upon slightly moving the Sky Devouring Sword, it created a buzzing noise which made the Sky Devouring Rat think Lei Yu was about to attack. Its terrifying speeds were once again displayed.


There were no sounds of the wind or a trace of its movement. Since the distance was too close, Lei Yu didn’t have time to dodge and was bitten by the rat back and forth.

Once, twice, three times, four times…

Lei Yu was completely filled with wounds! Although the injuries he suffered weren’t fatal, his whole body was already soaked in blood. Even if he doesn’t die immediately, Lei Yu will soon meet his demise!

“What do I do? There’s no way to dodge it! Its speed is even faster than my lightning speeds!” Lei Yu frantically yelled.

The Devil King couldn’t come up with anything for the time being. This rat was a thorn that was extremely difficult to pull out! Lei Yu’s body shook as he forced the blood off his body. He didn’t dare to use his hands to wipe the blood in case the rat used that moment to make a fatal attack.

Lei Yu was in despair as he watched the rat zoom past him over and over again. The Sky Devouring Sword had struck out multiple times but never hit the target.

While covered in blood from top to bottom, Lei Yu shook his wrist and two beams of white light shot out of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost. It then began to heal Lei Yu’s injuries as best as it could.

“Motherf*cker! Calculations! Calculations! This daddy will show you our modern world’s mathematical calculations!” Cursed Lei Yu as he was completely enraged by the Sky Devouring Rat.

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