9HTM – Ch357

Chapter 357 – Attacking In Advance

His eyes couldn’t catch up with the Sky Devouring Rat’s speed but Lei Yu’s spiritual perception was locked onto it. Even so, he still couldn’t escape the terrifying speeds of its attack once it started moving.

This little thing was truly a huge headache. Lei Yu took a few deep breaths to calm down and to gather his thoughts. He had already made some calculations in his mind as he experienced the Sky Devouring Rat zooming back and forth in the air. The Sky Devouring Rat travelled at speeds three times faster than his own movement speed, but it was only twice as fast when it came to Lei Yu’s attack speed. With this said, Lei Yu only had to strike out his sword earlier at the trajectory path of the Sky Devouring Rat. The rat’s collision with his sword would be equivalent to him making an attack, right?

In other words, this advance attack was used when the speed of its target was too fast for the weapon in hand. Wasn’t this method similar to someone on the ground shooting down an aircraft in the sky of the modern world? Before the enemy aircraft arrives at a certain point, you quickly calculate the path of the aircraft and the time it will arrive at a certain point. You then shoot out a missile at the location and by the time the missile reaches it, it will be the same time the aircraft arrives there creating the desired collision effects!

That’s why Lei Yu was thinking since he couldn’t compare with this damn rat in speed. The only thing he could do was make those calculations and hope for the best. Lei Yu began to calm down and no longer felt the previous rage. He started using his spiritual perception to help calculate a series of data points for the trajectory path.

The current distance the Sky Devouring Rat was located at was over ten kilometers. According to the distance, Lei Yu concluded that the time it will take the rat to reach its corresponding position would be less than half a second. During this time, Lei Yu only had to move his sword a short distance and control his power for the impact, and it will inevitably hit the target!

“Now’s the time!” Without hesitation, Lei Yu swung out his Sky Devouring Sword. In an instant, a crescent shaped attack containing five starry dots appeared. This was the Thirty-six Lunar Star’s first combination ability. Lei Yu watched with a grin as the brightly lit sword swung towards an empty area. He could sense that the Sky Devouring Rat was rapidly flying towards the impact point where his attack was heading towards.


A bright light blinded the area. Lei Yu’s Thirty-six Lunar Star’s attack burst apart as the dispersed starry dots made one unable to open their eyes. It was at this time that Lei Yu revealed an expression of shock, “Not good, my attack didn’t hit it!”

The moment before Lei Yu’s Thirty-six Lunar Star attack landed, the Sky Devouring Rat veered off its trajectory path in order to barely dodge past. The rat was shuddering in fear because it almost became a rat firework.

Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless and forcefully calmed his breathing. Both hands grasped the Sky Devouring Sword and his power billowed out. If that Sky Devouring Rat wants to make another attack, it would first have to get past his defensive lightning barrier. Unfortunately Lei Yu was wrong because it seems like… the rat wasn’t afraid of lightning! It rushed in from a distance as if it didn’t care about Lei Yu’s powerful lightning ability. It then forcefully bit down on Lei Yu’s right arm!

Lei Yu clenched his teeth. The pain wasn’t at the point of being unbearable, but with so many wounds, even Xue Yu and the Devil King’s energy combined wouldn’t be able to keep up the amount of injuries he was taking on. This time Lei Yu had definitely encountered a crisis!

Right after attacking, the Sky Devouring Rat was about to turn around and finally end Lei Yu’s life! Lei Yu’s previous attack had almost taken its life so its little heart was now engulfed in rage.

The speed of it turning around was even faster than its flying speed. The eyes of the Sky Devouring Rat then suddenly glowed brightly. It originally could only see things up close but its strength surged allowing it to now see things within a hundred meters away. This allowed the rat to aim accurately for a vulnerable spot on Lei Yu – his throat! No matter what heaven shaking abilities Lei Yu had, and as long as he hadn’t reached the Mahayana stage yet, biting down on his throat would pretty much guarantee his death!

Lei Yu had no idea what the Sky Devouring Rat was planning but he still maintained his guard to his utmost ability. He couldn’t understand why his unique lightning ability had no effect on the damn rat. Since it wasn’t afraid of lightning and he had no way to attack it, there was only one outcome to this battle – Lei Yu was waiting for his own death!

Lei Yu actually didn’t have any regrets coming here because it allowed him to experience the strength of different powerful beasts in this world. The one thing he couldn’t let go of was that upon his death, his lovers will definitely try to look for him. But at this time, the only thing that can change his predetermined outcome was if a miracle appeared.

Sometimes one’s fate cannot be changed, but Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and coldly harrumphed. How could someone like him that would never admit defeat give up so easily? He slowly folded up his sleeves exposing his toned muscles. In the upper portion of his right arm, the lightning brand started giving off a faint purple light.

Lei Yu had decided to throw everything he had on the line regardless of what price he had to pay. Even if he was to die, he would still at least get some return out of it!

It was precisely because of the Sky Devouring Rat’s increase in eye strength and Lei Yu folding up his sleeves that produced the next unexpected event between those two!

The bite speed of the Sky Devouring Rat was ridiculously fast but Lei Yu had prepared to be wounded in order to injure the rat as well.

Just as the Sky Devouring Rat was under a hundred meters from Lei Yu, it actually veered off course! Its body didn’t stop as it hurtled by, but its eyes that were the size of green beans was staring directly at the brand on Lei Yu’s right arm!

“You are someone from the Lei Sect? That’s the Sky Devouring Sword in your hands?”

The Sky Devouring Sword in Lei Yu’s hand had already been swung around once and was about to slash down. But upon hearing those words, he stopped his actions midway and asked in surprise: “How did you know?”

The Sky Devouring Rat started squeaking a few times before asking: “You’re a descendant of the Lei Sect?”

“That’s right, I indeed am!” Lei Yu will never change this identity of his. Even in the Mortal World where he experienced many unhappy things at the Lei family, or when he told outsiders that he was part of Martial Sect, he had always regarded himself as someone of the Lei family. He still had that sense of belonging even though he was kicked out of the family. It’s just that he would say it out loud to others that he had nothing to do with the Lei family, which was something that had brought him pain to this day.

“Why is the Sky Devouring Sword in your possession?” Asked the Sky Devouring Rat.

“The Sky Devouring Sword is… wait a minute…!” Lei Yu sucked in a breath of cool air, “I have the Sky Devouring Sword while your name is Sky Devouring Rat… could it be that you’re somehow related to my sword?”

The Sky Devouring Rat had actually slowly landed onto Lei Yu’s palm, seemingly unafraid that Lei Yu would suddenly attack it. Its little squeaky voice then said: “Young master, although I’m not sure if that’s the correct title of yours, the Lei Sect has only ever produced three people that have the lightning brand. The first generation’s Sovereign, the second generation’s Sovereign, and of course the third generation’s Sovereign. Perhaps the third generation’s Sovereign might be young master you?”

Lei Yu’s brains had completely short circuited and couldn’t think straight. He originally was about to fight to the death with his opponent yet suddenly it was now calling him young master? Could there really be some intimate relation between the Sky Devouring Rat, the Sky Devouring Sword, and the Lei Sect?

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