9HTM – Ch358

Chapter 358 – Exploited By You

“Who exactly are you?” Lei Yu’s heart was beating erratically as he stared at the little thing sitting on his palm.

The Sky Devouring Rat licked its forelimbs before replying: “I am the first generation’s Sovereign’s Demon Beast General – Heaven’s Path Rat!”

“Heaven’s Path Rat? You… aren’t you called Sky Devouring Rat?”

“To tell you honestly, this Forest of Fog was created in order for us to wait for the third generation’s Sovereign, which is you. If my guess isn’t wrong, you should be Lei Rong Kun?”

Lei Yu’s eyebrows twitched, “No, that’s not me. I’m not ancestor Lei Rong Kun but I was fortunate enough to have met him once by fate.”

“What did you say?!” The Sky Devouring Rat jumped into the air while its two hind legs straightened out. It was staring at Lei Yu who was suddenly filled with shock.

“What I’ve said is a fact; I truly am not ancestor Lei Rong Kun. I am merely a descendant of the Lei Sect. According to the explanation the ancestor gave me, I should be the Lei Sect’s fourth… fourth descendant to inherit the lightning brand. It was precisely this reason that the old ancestor passed the Sky Devouring Sword and the latter half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual to me.” Lei Yu explained.

The Sky Devouring Rat was in thought for a while before asking: “What is your name?”

“Lei Yu.”

“I am also the second generation’s Sovereign’s Forward General – Heaven’s Path Rat. I am here waiting for the third generation’s Sovereign Lei Rong Kun to retrieve the treasure that belongs to the Lei family. In order to recognize each other easier, my name was changed to Sky Devouring Rat so that it will be similar to the Sky Devouring Sword. My big brother’s name is now the Heaven’s Path Rat. My big brother and I were originally filthy animals cast aside by the population. Our master happened to enlighten us one day which allowed us to achieve the current strength you see today.” The Sky Devouring Rat murmured.

Lei Yu understood that this little thing’s master was the second generation’s Sovereign, except he couldn’t figure out why the Immortal World would have the Lei Sect’s existence and not have it at the same time.

Lei Yu was really curious so he asked and got an answer.

The Lei family was originally the Lei Sect, a big family that awed the four seas from their business based powers. And their battle strength couldn’t be look down on either. Due to their advanced development and trainings that evolved, a portion of the Lei Sect disciples managed to enter the Immortal World and establish a base for future generations. The Thunder Rune Sect was indeed the evolvement of the Lei Sect while the Mortal World’s Lei family achieved their status from their inheritance.

Hearing this, Lei Yu finally got his answer that the Thunder Rune Sect was indeed of the same bloodline as his Lei family. “What is that treasure you were talking about? Am I qualified to go check it out?” Lei Yu asked.

“You are a descendant of the Lei Sect and possess the most supreme lightning brand, so why wouldn’t you be qualified? Young master, come with me!”

As its voice faded, the Sky Devouring Rat squeaked a few times before slowly flying off. It kept its speed slow just so that Lei Yu could keep up with it.

Within this fourth region, it was too filled with rotten trees and eerily silent. This area had suffered the least damage because no large area of attacks was used like the previous ones. The Sky Devouring Rat had a tiny body so Lei Yu didn’t feel a large area attack would help him at all, and would actually waste a lot of his internal energy. As for the Sky Devouring Rat, it had not been pushed to resort to its true abilities. Otherwise, this entire region would have definitely been completely obliterated.

Accompanying the Sky Devouring Rat, they started flying towards the large mountain. On the way there, Lei Yu was looking at the scenery and noticed it was no different from the other regions – they were all filled with dead trees. But as they got closer to their destination, Lei Yu started feeling a familiar aura.

“What is that?!” Asked Lei Yu as he pointed at a huge stone stele off into a distance.

Although its facial expression was difficult to distinguish, one could feel a kind of sadness as the Sky Devouring Rat replied: “That is my big brother who transformed into a stone stele in order to suppress that so called Devil King that young master mentioned.”

“Why would something like this happen?” Lei Yu asked with wide eyes.

“If it weren’t for young master’s identity, I would definitely have not let you go. A few hundred years ago, the Devil King came to this Forest of Fog in order to steal the Lei Sect’s supreme treasure. He managed to bypass the three barriers and came straight to the fourth region. My big brother… he was only at the late Boundary Transition stage so there’s no way he could beat the Devil King who was already at the Mahayana stage. He gave up his soul and turned into a stone stele in order to suppress the Devil King beneath it. Big brother told me that the stone stele will be named the Heaven’s Path Stone Stele while my name would be changed to Sky Devouring Rat so that the third generation’s Sovereign will recognize me easier.”

Hearing the Sky Devouring Rat’s words, Lei Yu frowned and clenched his fists. He then started cursing at the Devil King in his mind: “You became like this because you were coveting my Lei family’s treasure! You’re a goddamn despicable villain!”

“Heehee, unfortunately for you, you’ve found out too late!” The Devil King’s voice was more shrill and ghastly than before. Beyond Lei Yu’s control, the skull flew out of the Universal Pouch and rushed straight below the Heaven’s Path stone stele.

“Quick, stop him!” Lei Yu screamed in shock as he pointed at the demonic looking skull.

Hearing this, the Sky Devouring Rat flew at its maximum speed. A black shadow flashed by and blocked in front of the skull. “You’re the Devil King?!” The Sky Devouring Rat yelled out.

“So you’re still around.” Said the Devil King’s remnant soul before slowly turning around towards Lei Yu. “You’ve actually managed to acknowledge each other in such a short time. Looks like I made a mistake on this step, but it doesn’t really matter. Since my true body is right in front, I want to see what you guys can do to stop me!”

“You son of a b*tch! So I’ve already been your chess piece ever since the Mortal World!” Roared Lei Yu as his eyes turned blood red and his body shook.

“That’s right; you have been completely used by me. That Sky Devouring Rat was too annoying, actually giving up its soul to trap me beneath the stone stele. In my helpless situation, I could only stimulate your soul with a portion of my own soul in order for you to draw out the lightning brand. With that, I was able to also plant a seed of my power within you. From that day on, even if you want to get rid of me would be an impossible thing. Your entire life… has been fated to become my servant! Haha…”

“F*ck you motherf*cker!” Lei Yu was completely enraged. All this time he was being used by the Devil King. All those flowery words and all those pointers in cultivation, everything was for him to enter the Forest of Fog. Only when he entered this place would Lei Yu successfully help him rescue his true body. What hiding aura to escape the Sky Devouring Rat? What less people the better? All of it was bullshit, complete bullshit!

“Curse, go ahead and curse all you want!” The Devil King coldly laughed before turning around again. “Little mice, you think your big brother was that divine? If it weren’t for that day when I was attacking the protective barrier and suffered some injuries, did you think your big brother could’ve subdued me that easily?”

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