9HTM – Ch359

Chapter 359 – A Trace Of Unwillingness

“Young master, kill his remnant soul! Kill him!” The Sky Devouring Rat had gone crazy thinking about the culprit who put its big brother in such a state. It started attacking like crazy but it was useless, all its attacks went through the skull as if it was nothing but air. The skull was simply an existence that nothing could touch!

Lei Yu’s eyes were blood red with rage. He never imagined that everything was kept in the dark by this bastard. For nearly twenty years, he was filled with gratitude and formed a dependence on the green energy. Upon reaching the Immortal World, he found out the origins of it and started loathing it. And now it had turned to hatred. Lei Yu even felt like destroying himself just so that energy in his body would disappear for good!

After gasping for air, Lei Yu tightened his hand around the Sky Devouring Sword. “Devil King, you came here all because of my Lei Sect’s treasure. You even used my identity in order to smoothly enter this last region. I can only hate myself for not realizing your plot earlier!”

“There’s no need to be so angry.” The Devil King smiled and continued saying: “The words I’ve said to you will still count. I will impart to you the cultivation methods after the Mahayana stage and will also gift you with a supreme treasure. But the supreme treasure of mine will have to be exchanged for the favor of your Lei Sect’s treasure, haha…”

“There’s one thing I don’t understand: How did you manage to pass through the Chaotic Star Sea to reach the Mortal World in your state?”

“You dummy!” The Devil King smiled, “You should know the Chaotic Star Sea has four great guardians right? I… am one of them!”



Even the Sky Devouring Rat was shocked. Never would they have imagined that the Devil King was one of the four great guardians of the Chaotic Star Sea!

“Now you should I understand why I’m able to freely enter the Mortal World, right?”

When he previously saw how the Sky Devouring Rat’s attack was useless against the Devil King, Lei Yu knew that it would be the same outcome for him. That’s why he gave up on killing the Devil King and forced himself to calm down.

“Are you really some sort of invincible existence?” Asked Lei Yu with his eyes narrowed.

Hearing Lei Yu’s words, the Devil King’s nonexistent brows twitched, “Before I wasn’t… but now, my abilities are near invincible in the Immortal World! After killing this little mouse, you will then become my servant. Once I gain the Lei Sect’s treasure, I can easily leave the Immortal World and reach the destination that everyone has worked so hard for – the Celestial World! Haha…”

“Ahhhh, slash!”

The Sky Devouring Rat and the Devil King both widened their eyes and revealed looks of shock. They were shocked because the current Lei Yu had a light smile on his face.

“You… want to control… me? Stop… dreaming!” Lei Yu roared out while his whole body shook. He was holding the Sky Devouring Sword which had been stabbed inside his stomach. One could see Lei Yu contort with pain as he pushed the Sky Devouring Sword deeper inside him. The ground where he was had been drenched in blood already.

“Young master! What are you doing?!” The Sky Devouring Rat cried out in a piercing scream. It wanted to stop Lei Yu at its fastest speed but was stopped by Lei Yu’s words. “I refuse to be a servant, especially a servant to this villain! Today, I will extract my Nascent Soul from my abdomen and shatter it. Then we’ll see how he’s going to live up to his own fantasy!”

Lei Yu’s breathing accelerated while his face was filled with sweat. His face also paled making the current him look slightly terrifying to behold.

“What use is there? Humph!” The Devil King continued: “You thought that you could get rid of me by shattering your Nascent Soul? You’re the one that’s dreaming!”

The Devil King no longer bothered with Lei Yu’s fate and started flying towards his target, the Heaven’s Path stone stele!

The Sky Devouring Rat flew towards Lei Yu and landed on his shoulder. It then condensed its voice into a thin line of energy which was then transmitted into Lei Yu’s ears.

“Don’t worry young master; he’s not going to succeed.”

“Eh? Lei Yu’s breathing trembled as he looked at the Sky Devouring Rat upon his shoulder. He watched it nod with confidence in its green bean sized eyes.

Lei Yu stopped his actions of extracting his Nascent Soul but didn’t immediately pull the sword out of his abdomen. He then continued watching the Devil King as its skull got closer to the Heaven’s Path stone stele.

The Heaven’s Path stone stele was about five meters tall and three meters wide. Even though it wasn’t that big, it still looked quite unique since the surface was filled with runes that Lei Yu couldn’t make heads or tails out of. The only thing he knew was that the runes weren’t engraved onto it but seemed to be naturally appeared when the stone stele was formed.

“Haha, I’m about to succeed!” This was the last time the Devil King’s voice was heard as he entered the Heaven’s Path stone stele.

For a while, there weren’t any noticeable changes but Lei Yu and the Sky Devouring Rat continued staring.

It was at this moment that the runes of the stone stele suddenly brightened! The runes were being illuminated by a green light which allowed one to clearly see the strokes of each rune!

Lei Yu’s eyes widened as he felt the energy seemed very familiar! Wasn’t this the same as the Devil King’s green energy? Could it be that the Devil King is about to succeed in escaping the stone stele?

“Young master, I think… he’s definitely going to die this time!” The Sky Devouring Rat whispered in Lei Yu’s ears.

“Oh?” Lei Yu appeared to have forgotten the pain in his abdomen and asked with raised eyebrows: “What do you mean?”

The Sky Devouring Rat then explained: “It has already been a few hundred years since my big brother’s soul transformed into the Heaven’s Path stone stele. The Devil King’s true body has been pretty much melted into nothingness with only a trace left, and it was this slight trace that made the remnant soul unable to discover the reality of the situation. Since he chose to enter the Heaven’s Path stone stele, he has fallen into my big brother’s trap. The remnant soul has finally arrived to its cursed body, he’s dead for sure!”

Lei Yu gasped as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The moment he focused on the stone stele again, he started seeing runes shooting out from the ground as well. The Sky Devouring Rat advised Lei Yu to back away so they both retreated over a hundred meters.


A mushroom cloud burst into the skies. Lei Yu once again witnessed a terrifying scene and completely believed what the Sky Devouring Rat had said. It looks like the Devil King was truly finished this time.

At the top of the mushroom cloud, a green halo shot into the sky creating another loud boom. The green light then disintegrated into the surrounding area and disappeared without a trace. Lei Yu could feel a trace of unwillingness from it! This sense of unwillingness didn’t come from Lei Yu but came from the Devil King.

“He is dead, but the thing inside me…” As the green halo light disappeared, Lei Yu immediately sent his spiritual awareness towards his Nascent Soul. The green brand was still there, causing his emotions to sink to the depths of despair.

“Don’t worry young master; there might be method to dissipate the remnant energy inside your body.” Said the Sky Devouring Rat.

“What method?” Lei Yu’s eyes immediately widened. He pulled out the Sky Devouring Sword from his abdomen and Xue Yu frantically used her power to heal Lei Yu’s wound. As for the green energy… it didn’t move at all as if it was some type of dead matter residing inside Lei Yu.

“Even though there is, it’s going to be slightly difficult. How about young master first come with me to go retrieve the Lei Sect’s supreme treasure?”

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