9HTM – Ch360

Chapter 360 – Test Of The Earth Vein

What was this supreme treasure of the Lei Sect? Lei Yu had no clue but could only guess that it must be something extremely precious since the Devil King wanted it as well. His heart was filled with anticipation as he followed the Sky Devouring Rat past the stone stele towards the small mountain.

“Young master, this mountain has been sealed by the Lei Sect’s second generation’s Sovereign. You have to use the Sky Devouring Sword to chop the mountain in half before the treasure can be revealed.” The Sky Devouring Rat mumbled towards Lei Yu as he stopped midair.

Upon hearing this, Lei Yu nodded as he grasped the Sky Devouring Sword with both hands. He lightly exhaled before exerting internal energy out of his body and injecting it into the sword. He then flew upwards into the sky before he started roaring out.

The strength to pluck mountains and rivers, and easily sweeping all obstacles away!

With Lei Yu’s powers infused into the Sky Devouring Sword, it started shining brightly. The brightness was so bright that even the Sky Devouring Rat who had such poor vision, had to close his eyes.


The bright beam of light that shot forth was like a huge war blade – the purple energy mixed with white starry dots cut through the air with a whistling noise as it headed straight for the tip of the mountain.

A beam of light sliced into the top of the mountain and pierced all the way to the bottom. Lei Yu watched as the mountain shook nonstop. This small mountain appeared to exude a powerful aura so if he didn’t use all his strength, anything weaker would be unable to split it in half.

The mountain only shook but did not collapse. The area where Lei Yu split the mountain apart seemed to have separated into two parts forming two identical small mountains. And straight in the middle was a huge gap caused by the light beam.

Lei Yu looked at the Sky Devouring Rat and asked: “What do we do now?”

“Please follow me young master.” After saying that, the Sky Devouring Rat flew forward towards the gap. Lei Yu quickly followed since he wanted to know what sort of treasure it was that would make the Devil King take such huge risks to seize.

As they got closer, Lei Yu could clearly feel that somewhere within the gap, there existed an extremely powerful energy! What could it be?

“Young master, this is the closest I can bring you. You should personally enter the area while I wait for you out here.” The Sky Devouring Rat stopped its flight while saying this to Lei Yu.

After hesitating for a moment, Lei Yu nodded: “Okay.”

Lei Yu gradually descended onto the ground since he had decided to walk instead.

There’s a common saying: Both feet on the ground would calm a wavering heart, and both hands gripping a blade will solidify one’s courage.

No matter how versatile flying was, this was not Lei Yu’s choice of fighting style. He preferred to use the ground to help him explode forth his main focus of being fast. Lei Yu was unable to do this in the air because his speed was affected by one important factor – he didn’t have wings.

Even though there shouldn’t be any danger up ahead, at least being on the ground would ease Lei Yu’s heart somewhat.

As he got closer, Lei Yu could feel the powerful energy flowing all around him. After holding his breath and clenching his teeth, he ignored the consequences and continued walking forward!

At times, the Gods will favor those that are courageous causing miracles to occur. But those people must also have a kind heart and a sense of justice. Even though the Devil King was powerful and courageous, he harbored evil intentions so he couldn’t achieve his desires even unto death.

“What kind of place is this?”

Lei Yu started mumbling to himself but what he never imagined was someone actually responding!

“Never expected that you’ve absorbed the Dragon Vein’s essence as well.”

“Who?! Who’s that speaking?” Lei Yu anxiously look around and even spread his spiritual perception everywhere. But apart from the white fog hiding the environment, Lei Yu couldn’t see anything suspicious. He also started feeling strange when his perception was unable to perceive anything living in the area.

“There’s no need to try searching because you won’t be able to find me. Since you are able to absorb the Dragon Vein’s essence, most likely the Earth Vein will not reject you. But you must first pass three tests if you want to absorb the Earth Vein. Once you’ve successfully passed the three tests, the Earth Vein will recognize you as its owner. By then, the Dragon Vein inside you will be the pillar while the Earth Vein will become your foundation. And your achievements in the future will definitely not be small!” Lei Yu couldn’t figure out who was saying those words and only felt like it came from everywhere. Even his spiritual perception was unable to detect any energy fluctuations so there was no way to find the source.

Lei Yu’s scalp became numb as he recalled what he had heard in the past. This universe had the Heaven, Earth, and Dragon Veins. By fate and chance, he was able to absorb the Dragon Vein. Even though Lei Yu had never figured out the actual benefits of the Dragon Vein, he at least knew it had helped him somewhat. Never would he have imagined that the Earth Vein would be located here!

“Who are you? How did you know this place is the Earth Vein?” Lei Yu asked respectfully.

The voice was gentle but was filled with a majestic power that made Lei Yu unconsciously act respectfully towards it. “You should be humbly calling me old ancestor since I am the Lei Sect’s second generation’s Sovereign – Lei Chen.”

“Lei Chen? Lei Chen?” Lei Yu started sifting through his memories of the ancestral records he had read in the past before he suddenly remembered the second generation’s Sovereign. He was dumbfounded for a second before performing the necessary rituals of his status – Lei Yu immediately kneeled down. As the saying goes: One must kneel to the heavens and the earth, and one’s own parents. One must also make three bows to the ancestors and the Gods. Lei Yu would never kneel down before anyone other than those mentioned, so when meeting an old ancestor, these ritualistic actions was a must.

“Old ancestor, where are you exactly? How come I cannot see you?” Lei Yu asked.

“It doesn’t matter if you can see me or not. Time is of the essence, I only have enough to tell you about the three tests so you need to look out after yourself!” After pausing for a bit, the second generation’s Sovereign’s voice was heard again: “You must complete the ‘strength, heart, and will’ tests before the Earth Vein will recognize you.”

“What do you mean by strength, heart, and will?”

“It means you must possess a powerful strength, a strong heart, and an indestructible will. Those three qualities complement each other. For example: If you have powerful strength but unable to handle an emotional blow, then you would fail. Having the first two qualities but lacking determination would also not work out in the end. I can only advise you of these things and you’ll have to figure everything else on your own.” The voice gradually appeared further away. Lei Yu called out a few times but didn’t get a response, so most likely the old ancestor had left this area already.

Through his contact with the Devil King, Lei Yu found out that cultivators were able use their will to leave behind a remnant body or voice. Even though these remnant conscience are able to embody a trace of their owner’s will, they are unable to function like its true body. The remnant conscience of the old ancestor was only his voice, that’s why Lei Yu was unable to see his figure.

Just as Lei Yu was in deep thought about this, the area started changing! The fog gradually dissipated and Lei Yu’s eyes widened at the surrounding environment!

“This isn’t the previous environment, where am I?” Lei Yu was shocked as he looked at a bridge for humans to cross. This place was definitely not the Forest of Fog… so what kind of scenery was he witnessing?

Lei Yu started walking forward while his heart was filled with uncertainty. He stepped onto the wooden arch bridge and looked down at the river, noticing several bright red carps swimming about. Everything looked so real and didn’t appear to be an illusion!

“Mother, stay here and enjoy the sun for a bit while I go to the market. I will sell these furs first before buying some white rice for us.” A simple and honest sounding voice drifted into Lei Yu’s ears.

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