9HTM – Ch361

Chapter 361 – Wild Mountain Boars

Upon looking closer, Lei Yu noticed a twenty something year old man. He had an honest appearance, the stubble outlines of a beard, and wearing clean looking clothes albeit filled with patches. The honest look of this young man gave others a feeling that he was easy to befriend.

As for his mother, she was sitting on a wooden chair that appeared to be handmade. She had her eyes closed and was sitting in a small courtyard with a low fence surrounding it. As Lei Yu looked further, the woman was actually an elderly party instead of middle-aged. The hair by her temples was white, her face was full of wrinkles, and she was most likely an elderly at a high age. Her kind looking face had made Lei Yu’s heart quicken because he unconsciously thought of his own mother. Although his own mother wouldn’t be this old, and even if she did look this old, as long as she was alive, Lei Yu too wished he could wait upon his mother like this.

That young man inadvertently noticed Lei Yu in a daze on top of the wooden bridge. “Hello, what are you looking at over there?”

All of this truly seemed real, making Lei Yu feel helplessly drawn into it. Perhaps everything was real because the Earth Vein might have the power to transport him to another world.

Lei Yu responded: “This brother, can you please tell me what place is this? I seemed to have lost my way.” Lei Yu had noticed the clothing of this person and it didn’t look like what one would wear in the modern era.

“So that’s what happened!” The young man then came over, “This place is surrounded by sheer cliffs and rock walls to nowhere. Only after passing that Silicon Mountain will you return back to the main road. And behind this Silicon Mountain is our biggest town, the Silicon Town. I’m about to head to the market of Silicon Town so how about we travel together? We can watch each other’s back during the journey and once you reach the town, it’s as simple as asking around and you’ll be able to find the way to your destination.”

Lei Yu cupped his hands, “Then I’ll thank you in advance!”

Since he was here, he might as well make the best of it. The Earth Vein had given him a test so he had to complete it. Besides, the old ancestor had told him to participate in this so defying it wasn’t something Lei Yu planned on doing. Moreover, he had no method of leaving this place so he might as well integrate himself into this world. Getting to know this interesting new world was not a bad idea.

This wasn’t Lei Yu’s first time of being brought into another world; he had also visited ancient Greece. He wasn’t too surprised about being magically sent here since this was his second time. He was actually trying to suppress his excitement of such a novel concept.

The young man cupped his hands and asked: “May I ask for your great name?”

“Lei Yu.” He didn’t bother hiding his name since this appeared to be a different world. This place shouldn’t have anyone that would recognize him, especially when Lei Yu still wasn’t sure if this place was real or not.

“My name is Zhou Jun Sheng.”

Lei Yu was a bit surprised because his name was scholarly and refined while his image was the brawny type, completely different from what one would imagine. Although this Zhou Jun Sheng looked honest, he seem to release an invisible heroic aura.

Seeing the strange look on Lei Yu’s face, Zhou Jun Sheng started laughing. “My father was a scholar who taught at a village. My name was given by my father.”

“Where is your father now?” Lei Yu asked.

There was a slight change on his facial expression before Zhou Jun Sheng sighed, “He died of a serious illness a while ago…”

Zhou Jun Sheng’s face started looking uglier at this point so Lei Yu frantically said: “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry, it’s been over ten years now and I was still a child back then. It’s just really unfortunate that I cannot serve him to his elderly years.”

“Jun Sheng!”

Hearing his old mother call out, Zhou Jun Sheng smiled: “Please wait a moment, I’ll bid farewell to my mother first before we set out.”

Lei Yu nodded. Seeing how filial Zhou Jun Sheng was, the impression Lei Yu had of him increased a lot. There’s a common saying: A filial son would also do right by their friends, and he will also be loyal to his lord.

These types of people have been historically respected by all people. Even though this Zhou Jun Sheng’s current living conditions were tough, Lei Yu believed that he will later attain great achievements in life.

After bidding his mother farewell with a few words, Zhou Jun Sheng led Lei Yu out of the small village and towards the Silicon Mountain. The path they were on was rugged and wet due to the previous rainfall. Lei Yu could tell Zhou Jun Sheng often took this route because he was able to traverse these slippery grounds very easily and would advise Lei Yu to be careful from time to time.

Lei Yu would of course not be hindered by these mundane things and would often be in front of Zhou Jun Sheng due to his quicker pace.

“Brother Lei Yu, we have to be careful in this area. There are numerous poisonous snakes and beasts about in this mountain forest. We must pass this mountain before dark or else it’ll be very dangerous if we’re stuck here for the night.” Advised Zhou Jun Sheng.

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Then we’ll increase our pace.”

Zhou Jun Sheng tightened the hemp rope around his body to prevent the animal furs from falling off his back. He then began to speed up his pace behind Lei Yu. Zhou Jun Sheng was internally surprised at Lei Yu’s leg strength because Lei Yu wasn’t even breathing hard after traversing so long on the mountain path. It was as if Lei Yu didn’t know what the words tired meant.

Little did he know that Lei Yu was accompanying him in order to conceal his abilities. If Lei Yu was by himself, he’d already have flown into the sky instead of wasting time walking through the mountains.

“Be careful brother, there are some wild boars that live around here and they often forage in these parts of the mountains. If we’re fortunate enough to hunt down one or two of them, we can exchange them for some money. But these guys are extremely fierce so if we happen to encounter them, brother should hide behind me and let me deal with them.” Advised Zhou Jun Sheng.

Lei Yu’s heart was slightly touched by those words. They merely met by chance yet this Zhou Jun Sheng treated him with such care. Looks like not only was he good natured, pure and honest, he was also a loyal guy like those mountain heroes.

“Then I’ll thank you in advance.” Lei Yu cupped his hands.

Halfway to their destination, sure enough there were the snorting noises of some wild boars. Zhou Jun Sheng became vigilant and strode in front of Lei Yu. “Be careful brother, I’m afraid those wild boars aren’t too far from us.”

There were a total of two wild mountain boars that leisurely appeared. Their big snouts twitched a bit, clearly sensing Lei Yu and Zhou Jun Sheng. The wild boars then quietly got closer to the two humans.

That Zhou Jun Sheng actually ripped off a tree branch the size of one’s arm with his bare hands. Lei Yu couldn’t help feel a bit surprised because this type of strength was definitely something ordinary people did not possess.

“Come at me!”

After shouting out, Zhou Jun Sheng rushed off waving that tree branch with the thickness of an arm. The two wild boars had thick and rough skin so they weren’t afraid of being struck. One of them also started charging forward to meet Zhou Jun Sheng.

The wild boar with a slightly smaller stature had stayed in place while the bigger one started thrusting its tusk.

After being struck by Zhou Jun Sheng a few times, the bigger wild boar felt powerless since it was unable to get near him. It snorted a few times before running off to the side.

Since the wild boar and Zhou Jun Sheng appeared to be at a standstill where neither of them dared to step forward, the wild boar had decided act differently when it noticed Lei Yu standing off to a distance. Since Zhou Jun Sheng was so powerful, it had decided that – wouldn’t it be better to run off towards the weaker looking human? It seems like the wild boar’s brain wasn’t as stupid as one thought, but there’s no way it would expect that Lei Yu was the true terrifying existence here.

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