9HTM – Ch362

Chapter 362 – Selling A Snake’s Gallbladder

Seeing the wild boar charge over, a faint smile formed on Lei Yu’s lips. He flipped his palm and was about slap down on the pig-head when at this time, Zhou Jun Sheng’s shout could be heard. “Don’t even think of hurting my friend! Hand your life over!”

After the enraged roar, the branch in Zhou Jun Sheng’s hand was now in the air before directly slamming on top of the wild boar’s head. After a loud “bang,” the wild boar started staggering in dizziness. Seeing this opportunity, Zhou Jun Sheng took out a blade on his waist and sliced at the neck of the wild boar. The wild boar immediately started flailing about before slumping over in its own pool of blood.

The smaller wild boar hurriedly turned around to escape after seeing this scene. Zhou Jun Sheng didn’t bother chasing after it and just shouted: “I’ll let you off today!”

“Are you alright brother? You didn’t get frightened, right?” Zhou Jun Sheng asked in a panic.

If others were to ask him this, Lei Yu would probably feel like laughing in their face. But when this Zhou Jun Sheng asked, Lei Yu actually felt touched. They’ve just met by chance, chatted some random words on their journey, and this Zhou Jun Sheng had treated Lei Yu like a good friend already. He even rushed forth in order to save Lei Yu, so how could he not be moved by this show of friendship?

“I’m fine, everything’s fine.”

“That’s good then!” Zhou Jun Sheng pulled out the blade lodged in the wild boar’s neck before carefully skinning it. The whole process took over half an hour because his actions looked like he was afraid of damaging the fur and wouldn’t be able to sell it at a good price.

Watching the skies darken, the two of them had only travelled a little over halfway before encountering the wild boars. This meant that there’s no way they’d be able to leave the mountains before it got dark.

“It’s all my fault that my hands weren’t agile enough and wasted our time. But don’t worry brother, I will definitely protect you while we stay overnight in this forest.” Said Zhou Jun Sheng while smacking his own chest.

“It’s not a big deal. I heard that the meat of wild mountain boars is delicious, and they aren’t as fatty as the domesticated pigs. Just in time when I’m hungry, how about we… roast it and have a taste?” Said Lei Yu as he pointed at the dead wild boar on the ground.

Zhou Jun Sheng smiled, “That’s easy to take care of. Wild boar meat is difficult to roast so it’s perfect to kill our time throughout the night.” After dropping the fur he was carrying on his back, he then used some dry branches to spread apart the wild boar’s skin so that it could dry for a bit. Only after this did he take out a fire stick to prepare a small campfire to roast the wild boar.

These two ate happily into the middle of the night. The wild boar meat was indeed very delicious; it wasn’t greasy at all and the succulent meat had a slight chewiness to it. Since the two couldn’t finish the entire wild boar, they wrapped up the leftovers in some wax paper so that they could eat it along their journey.

“Brother, you should go to sleep now. Once the sky brightens, we’ll begin our journey again.” Said Zhou Jun Sheng.

“What about you?”

“I’ll be staying on guard of the surroundings. Since we’ve just roasted some meat here, I’m afraid the wild beasts may have smelt the food and might come over.”

Lei Yu wanted to say something but upon seeing the sincerity in Zhou Jun Sheng’s eyes, he lightly coughed while nodding. Lei Yu then picked up a piece of flat stone to use as his pillow.

As we all know, Lei Yu didn’t actually need to eat any food. He knew how much energy one consumed after fighting so he wanted Zhou Jun Sheng to eat something to recover.

Throughout the night, Lei Yu happened to hear several clear “pak pak” sounds. He understood that it was Zhou Jun Sheng slapping himself in order to stay awake.

“This was a brother worth making a friend out of! But… once he leaves this test, most likely he will never be able to see him again.” Lei Yu felt a slight unwillingness in his heart.

“Brother, it’s time to wake up so we can continue on our journey. If we can sell the fur for a good price today, we’ll be able to make it back the next day. My mother is still waiting for me to refill the rice barrel.” Zhou Jun Sheng called out from the side.

Lei Yu sat up and pretended to rub his eyes like he had just woken up. He then grabbed a water bag belonging to Zhou Jun Sheng and washed up a bit. The two then continued their journey towards Silicon Town.

The scene at the base of the mountain gradually greeted Lei Yu’s eyes. He finally realized that this town was truly not large at all; it was half the size of the typical towns he was used to. But perhaps it was their location at the base of a mountain that it was especially lively in there. There were many people trying to sell their mountain specialties and other strange things that piqued Lei Yu’s curiosity.

“We’re here; it’s just right up front.” Zhou Jun Sheng pointed at the especially lively main street. This place had a lot of people crying out their wares, and there were even some government officials and nobles walking around hoping to find some unique things for their collections.

“So this is Silicon Town?” Lei Yu asked.

“That’s right brother, you can casually find someone to inquire on how to get to your final destination. I have to take these furs to the market area to sell.” Zhou Jun Sheng smiled as he shifted the furs he was carrying on his back.

Lei Yu almost couldn’t bear seeing Zhou Jun Sheng’s tired looking face. He didn’t get any sleep last night and today, he had to try his best to sell all his fur before hurrying home. This guy’s life was truly difficult.

“You take care of your things here while I’ll go elsewhere to ask around. I’ll come look for you later on.” Lei Yu waved his hand and started towards the inner depths of the market.

Lei Yu noticed many stalls selling common fruits such as pears and dates etc. There were also some stalls that sold things like unique decorative items, handmade clay figurines, and pendants one would wear on their waists.

Lei Yu didn’t have any money this world used so he could only look but unable to buy. Since he was penniless, there was a saying about: When in Rome, do as the Romans. Lei Yu proceeded to pull out a huge snake’s gallbladder from his Universal Pouch. It was the size of a typical human’s head so he just held it out in his hands while standing at empty spot next to another stall.

“Come on over! Take a look! Take a look at this thousand year old snake gallbladder!” Lei Yu imitated the words of those old wuxia movies he had watched in the past.

Lei Yu’s words attracted a group of onlookers as they moved closer to take a look.

A snake’s gallbladder was a common item that woodcutters and fishermen could easily get their hands on. But a thousand year old snake’s gallbladder was unheard of which made a large amount of people come over just to check out this unique item.

A fat middle-aged man with a full beard stepped forward, “Little brother, is that really a thousand year old snake’s gallbladder?”

“Of course! My snake’s gallbladder is like a great medicine; it can be steeped into medicinal liquor that’s able to refresh one’s mind, get rid of illnesses, and even avert disasters!” Lei Yu couldn’t even remember where he learned this set of words.

“Are you for real? Don’t think you can pull a fast one over our eyes here!” The middle-aged man looked around at the surrounding people and started a commotion in the crowd.

“Could it be that you dug up some insect shit from somewhere and wrapped it up to cheat our money?”

“That’s right! I bet you that’s what’s going on!”

Lei Yu knew what was going on; they were trying to make up stuff to lower the value of the snake’s gallbladder. That way, anyone that manages to get it will be picking up a treasure for cheap.

People with knowledge in this area would be able to notice its uniqueness with a glance. The snake’s gallbladder was green and still had a slight fishy smell. Although it had dried up already, retaining its color and smell would mean it was definitely a superior grade item.

“If you don’t believe it, you can give it a try.” Lei Yu unhurriedly said.

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