9HTM – Ch363

Chapter 363 – A Rascal Noble

“Try? How are we supposed to try it out?” Asked the fat middle-aged man.

Everyone knows that as long as it is an ingredient that’s part of a medicinal tonic, the item would be considered a treasure. But even if it truly was a treasure, no one has ever heard of it taking effect immediately. Even if this snake’s gallbladder was real, how would they “give it a try” to see if it was real or not? Most of the crowd was only here to watch a show. If it was real, they’ll call out bravo; if it was fake, they’ll just consider watching a comedy show. They were basically here just to enjoy themselves this afternoon in town.

Lei Yu then turned to the crowd and asked: “Is there anyone present experiencing deficiency in the body or suffering from an illness? Or maybe someone whose eyes can’t see or focus properly?”

There were actually one or two people that stepped forward. They figured: Since it didn’t require money and it might even cure their illness, why not?

One of them was an elderly man with a thin body and yellow unhealthy skin. Lei Yu noticed this old man’s clothes were filled with patches everywhere. It appears that even though he was sick, most likely he didn’t even have money to get treated.

The other person was completely different. He was a young man with a smooth face and healthy skin. He was wearing a set of white clothes with a silver cloth belt at the waist. In his hands was a folded up fan with a pendant hanging off the end.

At this time, he was squinting his already small eyes pretending to have problems with his vision. It was pretty clear to Lei Yu that this guy was some rich noble here to have some fun.

“Old senior, which part of the body do you feel is uncomfortable?” Lei Yu walked forward to support the elderly man.

“This old fool is a woodcutter of the mountains. I gather firewood and hunt small animals as a form of living. Ten years ago, I accidentally slipped and fell down the mountain. It was fortunate that I’m still alive, but because my family doesn’t have money, I wasn’t able to seek out treatment. Whenever there’s wind or rain, all the bones in my body feel like there are millions of ants biting all over.” Explained the old man.

Lei Yu nodded with a smile. He then quickly searched through his memory of the <> to see which herbs he could use to eliminate the chills and repair the bones that have suffered traumatic injuries.

“I’ve got it!” Lei Yu then continued saying: “Old senior, because your injury was over ten years ago, my snake’s gallbladder cannot be used to treat you. But I have a prescription to treat you and the herbs necessary are all very cheap. As long as you go to the drug store to pick up those herbs to boil, you will start seeing relief in just five days.”

“There’s such a thing?” By the tone in his voice, it was obvious the old man didn’t seem to believe Lei Yu. He had been enduring the pain all these years not because he couldn’t afford the medicinal herbs. The herbs were actually quite cheap but the fee to see a doctor for treatment was expensive so he was helpless to do anything about it. He kept dragging this out over the years yet such a kind hearted person randomly pops up today, which made him skeptical of Lei Yu.

“Of course. Even if I’m cheating you, there’s no great loss to you since the cost is so cheap. You might as well give it a try.” Lei Yu casually replied.

After thinking it through, the old man felt it made sense and nodded in agreement. Lei Yu then started telling the list of herbs to the old man; there weren’t a lot so it was easy to remember. The old man then left afterwards.

Someone in the crowd then shouted: “Hey, this is your so called try it out for us? You expect to cheat us here by putting on a quack doctor show?”

“This is merely a snake’s gallbladder, or did you think I have a panacea here that can cure all illnesses in this world?!” Lei Yu sneered and continued: “If it was really a panacea, I’d leave it for myself to live forever instead of selling it here! A bunch a commoners that don’t know good from bad, scram if you’re not buying!”

“Wait a minute!”


The sound of a fan closing was heard. The previous young man who hadn’t said a thing smiled, “Friend, you still haven’t allowed me to try out this thousand year old snake’s gallbladder yet so we can’t just let it go like that.”

Lei Yu gave him a cold glance, “Your appearance looks healthy and your blood is filled with vitality, aren’t you just here to cause trouble?”

“Let me tell you…!” The young man coldly harrumphed, “My father is a tycoon in this Silicon Town. What I have is plenty of money so I’m gonna go straight ahead and try it out. If this truly is a treasure, then I’ll definitely buy it from you. If you happen to be swindling the public here, don’t blame me for destroying your stall and breaking your legs!”

Lei Yu has seen many troublemakers in his life, yet he was a bit surprised to find this type of people existed in this strange new world as well. It looks like tyrants can appear anywhere and teaching them a lesson isn’t something he was shy about.

Lei Yu folded back his sleeves, “Since this noble sir wants to try out the medicinal effect, one would need an illness this snake’s gallbladder can treat. Otherwise, how can we test it out if you have a headache or a brain inflammation?”

“That’s right! Young noble Chen, testing out a medicine requires the correct sick person right?”

The crowd started discussing amongst themselves. These people here were afraid of this little bully of the Chen family. This brat’s family was beyond wealthy and was usually rude and unreasonable. He would pretty much rob anything good he sees, and has never paid out any money when the bill came. With money and power, no one in the town dared to provoke him.

“Stop being so f*cking long winded!” The young man planted one foot on top of a nearby trailer, “Cure my eye illness if you have the ability!”

“Oh? What a coincidence! My thousand year old snake’s gallbladder is exactly useful when it comes to one’s eyes. May I ask young noble Chen, what is wrong with your eyes?” Lei Yu asked with a faint smile.

“I can’t see clearly! Damn! I can’t see that well, everything’s a blur in front of me!” The so called young noble Chen squinted his eyes and waved his arms about with a despicable look on his face.

This corner of the market was getting so lively that it started drawing more and more people, causing the other end of the market to quiet down. Many traders were curious about the commotion and started heading in that direction as well. Even Zhou Jun Sheng became curious so he packed up his unsold fur and tried squeezing in with the crowd.

He was surprised to see Lei Yu and just when he was about to call out, he noticed Lei Yu look at him and shake his head. Only then did Zhou Jun Sheng stop his actions.

At this time, a flash was seen in Lei Yu’s hand and a sword appeared out of thin air. This attracted everyone’s shocked gaze with eyes round and wide.

Lei Yu lightly smiled and used his sword to cut a piece the size of a fingernail from the snake’s gallbladder. “Swallow it. Any symptoms your eyes are suffering from, will be immediately cured.”

This young noble Chen didn’t hesitate to grab the piece of snake’s gallbladder from Lei Yu’s hand. “Everyone, if my eyes cannot be cured today, I hope everyone will be my witness when I drag this fraudster to court. If it does cure me, then I will definitely buy this snake’s gallbladder.”

“What a rascal, do you dare to eat it?” Lei Yu had a strange look on his face that one cannot see through. Especially his eyes; no one dared to stare at it longer than three seconds. Even this self proclaimed super awesome young noble Chen didn’t dare.

“Stop being so arrogant and just watch me eat this thing. If there aren’t any changes, I will make you regret it!” He lifted his head up and placed the snake’s gallbladder inside his mouth before swallowing it without chewing.

Everyone knows that there’s only a single word to describe a snake’s gallbladder – bitter. No one would dare to chew on it or else that bitterness would permeate the entire mouth. The taste of it was so bad that it was just like eating a mouthful of Chinese Goldthread.

After a while, the young noble Chen angrily glared: “There’s no effect, this daddy still can’t see clearly!”

Lei Yu shook his head, “Don’t use the words ‘this daddy’ in front of me because I’m giving you a taste of flight. Right, there’s a side effect of using this snake’s gallbladder: It will give the consumer the ability to fly into the air for a short period of time.”

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