9HTM – Ch364

Chapter 364 – Crystal Stones As Currency

“Fraudster! You big fraudster! Let me see you make me fly!”

Lei Yu’s eyebrows slightly rose up, “You want to fly right? Sure, how about a spin to the Silicon Mountains?” As his voice faded, one could see Lei Yu’s fingers move slightly and a strong formless energy rushed out of his fingertips. As if his fingers were connected to the young noble Chen, the young noble Chen’s mouth was agape when he started floating into the air. Lei Yu flipped his fingers and the young noble Chen started flying away towards the Silicon Mountain.

Lei Yu naturally wasn’t going to take his life but a small punishment was in order. That young noble Chen started flying towards the Silicon Mountain where Lei Yu had just walked through. Behind the young noble Chen were still several people part of his retinue, and they were all scared stiff. Lei Yu smiled, “Why aren’t you chasing after your young noble? Do you think my magical medicine has enough juice to send him back into town?”

“You… you just wait!” Those lackeys immediately rushed off towards the mountain. If anything bad happened to their family’s young master, they’d probably be beaten to death by the town’s tycoon upon returning to the manor.

“Wow! This is too amazing, too amazing!”

“This thousand year old snake’s gallbladder is truly a divine object, a divine object!”

The crowd was all full of praises. The previous middle-aged man that wanted to lower the price was filled with apology, “I didn’t know the special abilities of this medicinal item so please don’t take offense to my previous actions.”

Lei Yu waved his hands and smiled, “You only wanted to lower the price which is normal for trading, but that guy came here to deliberately cause trouble. That’s why I had to give him a small punishment. This snake’s gallbladder is merely a snake’s gallbladder, so how could it give people the ability to fly?”

“Eh? Haha, haha…”


Seeing the rascal being punished, the crowd felt happy about it and their eyes showed a hint of friendliness when they looked at Lei Yu.

“Brother! Brother truly made a good move.” Zhou Jun Sheng made his way through the crowd and arrived in front of Lei Yu.

“What happened? How come the fur hasn’t been sold yet?” Lei Yu asked with a smile.

One could see Zhou Jun Sheng helplessly shake his head, “It looks like my mother will go hungry another day. It’s really irritating but if I cannot sell the fur, so I’m unable to buy more rice for the house.”

Lei Yu’s eyebrows faintly rose up from hearing that. He had a lot of crystal stones on him but it’s probably not the currency of this world. The only thing he could do was to help sell those furs for a good price. Since most of the crowd hadn’t dispersed yet, Lei Yu once again cried out:

“The weather is turning cool soon. I have with me several pieces of fine looking fur that can be turned into warm leather clothing. If anyone is interested, please come up to buy it.”

As Lei Yu’s voice faded, it appeared not too many people were interested in it. Then it was that same middle-aged man who walked up to look at the fur.

“How much are the fur?” Asked the middle-aged man.

Zhou Jun Sheng gave Lei Yu a look of gratitude before smiling at the middle-aged man, “Only two crushed crystal stones.”

“Crystal stones?” Lei Yu exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s right… is it too expensive?” Zhou Jun Sheng asked in a strange manner.

The middle-aged man was also surprised. He looked at Lei Yu and didn’t understand his reaction.

Lei Yu never imagined that this world would also use crystal stones as currency. If he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t have had this righteous and friendly brother sell that fur for such a cheap price.

Lei Yu hadn’t paid attention to the currency people were exchanging for goods in the market, that’s why he was so surprised. It looks like he could be considered a tycoon here as well with the crystal stones he had in possession. Thinking to this point, Lei Yu unconsciously laughed out a bit.

“What’s wrong brother?” Zhou Jun Sheng asked.

Lei Yu shook his head, “No, nothing. Brother, you don’t need to sell that fur anymore. I have with me…”

“No way!” Zhou Jun Sheng interrupted Lei Yu’s words. “Brother doesn’t need to help me out like this. The money I earn from selling the furs is more practical. If I just took brother’s money, then there’s simply no way I can return this favor!”

Lei Yu was once again moved by Zhou Jun Sheng’s righteous aura. He then nodded in a pleased manner before thinking to himself: “I definitely have to help him somehow before I leave. At least make it so that his mother and he can live a life without worrying about clothes or food.”

“This brother is really an upright individual. I will buy your furs and I will give you an additional crushed crystal stone, but I do have a request that comes with it.” The middle-aged man immediately took out three pieces of crystal stones Lei Yu was used to seeing, but they were only one-third the size of a normal stone.

“What request do you have?” Zhou Jun Sheng asked.

“I was hoping you two will accompany me to a restaurant a have a drink with me. It is my honor to get to know the two of you and I merely want to show a token of my goodwill.” The middle-aged man smiled as his eyes revealed a touch of sincerity. He wanted to figure what’s the mystery behind Lei Yu’s profound eyes was and also show his respects to Zhou Jun Sheng’s righteous blood.

“This…” Zhou Jun Sheng glanced at Lei Yu.

“Since this friend is so sincere, brother and I shouldn’t refuse.” Lei Yu smiled faintly. He also knew why Zhou Jun Sheng was hesitating but didn’t say out loud.

Accompanying the middle-aged man, they arrived at a restaurant. Although this restaurant wasn’t the most luxurious one in the town, it still showcased its own elegant flair. The second floor tables they went up to were against the window overlooking a small river. The weather had started to turn cool and the willow trees next to the river had started to turn yellow, but the scenery was still pleasant enough to give it a different sort of atmosphere.

The food here seemed quite normal and Lei Yu came to a conclusion after a while: This world was very similar to the ancient times of his own world except for the currency and the people here didn’t have any special abilities.

There were large plates of meat and large bowls of wine being brought up. Zhou Jun Sheng had a slightly unhappy look on his face but Lei Yu patted his shoulders and said: “Brother, just be patient a little bit longer.”

After that, Lei Yu started chatting with the middle-aged man for a while before excusing himself to the restroom. At a place where no one was around, he then flew off into the air towards the Silicon Mountain. While in the air, he happened to notice some people on the ground supporting a familiar youth that was filled with bruises. Lei Yu smiled to himself and continued flying.

“Auntie, auntie!” Lei Yu arrived at the small farmhouse surrounded by a fence.

“Who is it? Who are you?” Zhou Jun Sheng’s mother stood up and asked.

“I am Jun Sheng’s good brother; he wanted me to come pick you up to go back to the Silicon Town.” Said Lei Yu.

The old woman shook her head, “My son should be in the town’s market doing some small trades right now, so why would he have you pick me up?”

“Auntie, you don’t know but Jun Sheng and I became good friends quickly and become sworn brothers. He is currently at my house right now and wants you to go over as well.” Lei Yu didn’t have a good explanation so he could only come up with a lame excuse.

“I’m not going! My son isn’t someone that will owe others favors so it’s impossible he would leave me at home like this. If he really wanted me to go, he would have personally came back to escort me there, so how would he have you pick me up?” The old woman was very stubborn. Lei Yu then said to himself: “This son and mother duo’s temper is so similar, what should I do? I can’t just force her there right?”

Lei Yu had good intentions, but didn’t want it to cause his new sworn brother to be unhappy. Just when seemed to be out of options, an idea formed in his head.


(T/N: Am I the only one who’s thinking why the town citizens aren’t going nuts after seeing someone able to fly, and just took it like a light punishment?)

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