9HTM – Ch365

Chapter 365 – Healing Someone For The First Time

Lei Yu made a thought and the old woman disappeared. The next moment, Lei Yu soared into the sky a little bit faster than before. Even though it took someone an entire day to walk past the mountain, Lei Yu only had to use a few seconds to fly over it.

A burst of wind blew past raising the dust on the main street. Everyone had to cover their eyes and in the process, Lei Yu’s figure appeared but no one noticed.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Lei Yu made a thought. The old woman was only confused for a few seconds when she appeared and suddenly realized everything around her had changed.

As if under shock, she immediately asked: “This… what’s going on? What on earth is going on?”

“Aunty!” Lei Yu smiled, “You must have forgotten that on our journey here, you said you were tired so I piggybacked you. You fell asleep throughout the rest of the journey until we arrived here.”

The old woman almost couldn’t believe it, “Am I dreaming? Is this a dream?”

“Mother!” A voice was heard in the upper floors. Lei Yu knew that the shock from the old woman must have been heard by Zhou Jun Sheng who then stuck his head out to look.

Zhou Jun Sheng frantically ran downstairs and before he could say anything, Lei Yu put up his hands and said: “Don’t ask any questions, go upstairs and just drink your wine.” After saying that, Lei Yu began going back to the second floor.

Zhou Jun Sheng was filled with shock, “He… could he… be an Immortal? Could he be… an Immortal that descended to the mortal realm?” After swallowing hard, he then asked with wide eyes: “Mother! How did you get here?”

“He… I… he… I don’t know, it was like a dream. I was just speaking with him and in a blink of an eye, I had arrived here. I too have no clue what’s going on.” Said the old woman unable to explain herself.

Zhou Jun Sheng swallowed hard and sighed to himself, “He’s definitely an Immortal…” He then supported his mother up the stairs.

“This one’s surname is Liu, given name of Da Fu. In this small Silicon Town, I conduct some small businesses. It is my honor to be acquainted with you two.” The middle-aged man cupped his hands in a happy manner.

“Lei Yu.”

“Zhou Jun Sheng.”

“Come, let’s down this wine!” The three drank happily while the old woman was still a bit uneasy on what had just happened. No matter how hard she tried piecing things together, she couldn’t figure out what had happened. In the meantime, Zhou Jun Sheng would keep grabbing some food and placing it in front of her.

“After three drinks, this one does not want to hide anything. Brother Lei Yu, I actually have a favor to ask of you.” Said Liu Da Fu as he cupped his hands.

Lei Yu’s eyebrows went up slightly. He knew that there was no free lunch in this world and it appears that this meal wasn’t as simple as making friends. But he still had to give Liu Da Fu some face and said: “Please go ahead and say it.”

“So…” Since Lei Yu was so forthright, Liu Da Fu actually started to hesitate. Lei Yu became cautious upon seeing these nonverbal cues but Zhou Jun Sheng didn’t catch onto them. Lei Yu then openly said: “Mr. Liu, just let us know what you need help with!”

“Sigh!” After clenching his teeth, Liu Da Fu began explaining: “In my family, I had a first wife who passed away early due to an illness. Later on, I married my concubine but she also caught the same illness. I looked everywhere for treatment but it was hopeless; all the doctors I found weren’t able to do anything. Since I previously saw brother Lei Yu at the market give a prescription to an old man who had suffered symptoms from a decade long illness, I assumed you were extremely proficient in the medical field. That’s why…” After swallowing a few times, Liu Da Fu didn’t finish his sentence but it was clear to everyone that he wanted Lei Yu give it a try.

Hearing this, Lei Yu’s heart settled down a bit. It looks like this guy was someone that valued his family a lot and regarding those people, they generally weren’t of bad nature. He was the one over thinking things. “Do you know what illness she is suffering from? What are her symptoms?”

“A strange illness, an extremely strange illness. It was exactly the same as my deceased wife back then. Her whole body is covered with sores, which is quite terrifying to look at. No one dares to get close to her, not even the doctors that I invited. They would only stand off to a distance and make observations, and they all said that my wife and concubine were haunted by ghosts! Of course I didn’t believe their words so I’ve never given up. Today I met with brother Lei Yu because I hope that you will go take a look at my wife. Today, I will… I will kneel here before you!” After saying that, Liu Da Fu burst into tears and kneeled onto the ground with a “plop” sound.

“Quickly get up! We’ll drink this amount for now and immediately go to your house. Once her illness is taken care of, it’s never too late to drink again!” Lei Yu supported Liu Da Fu and they started heading down the stairs.

“Mother, wait here for us while I go with my brother to take a look.” Said Zhou Jun Sheng.

The old woman nodded, “I can tell these two are good people; you have made some good friends. That Lei Yu has a heart like Buddha’s; he didn’t even bother eating after hearing there was an ill patient to attend to. And that Liu Da Fu, he was able to kneel before someone for his wife which shows he too is a good person. Jun Sheng, quickly go.” Zhou Jun Sheng nodded before hurrying to catch up.

Inside a manor of the Silicon Town, Lei Yu and two others were standing inside a room. Nearby them was a woman lying on top of a bed. Lei Yu believed this woman wasn’t very old and shouldn’t be more than twenty something. Even though her face looked older than Lei Yu, his age was obviously higher than her’s. Ever since he broke through to the Gold Core stage, his appearance seemed to have frozen at that point in time.

The woman’s brows were scrunched up while her entire face was covered in open sores that were terrifying to behold. It was no wonder that none of the doctors were willing to get close to her. This was the first time Lei Yu was observing such symptoms first hand, but the <<Hundred Herb Records>> contained all the herbs known in the world and their combined usage. And it was personally penned by Ceng Hong so the memorized knowledge Lei Yu possessed was not simple at all.

Lei Yu gently pressed an enclosed sore but with just that light touch, pus started oozing out. Lei Yu frowned, “These symptoms are clearly a poison caused by someone!”

The eyes of those two behind him immediately widened with Lei Yu’s words. “Brother, you’re saying someone poisoned her?”

Lei Yu turned around and raised a cloth to wipe the pus from his fingers. “Within the pus of the sores, there’s a hint of poison that’s extremely fishy to me. And I dare to conclude that this poison is from a venomous beast.”

“What should we do then?” Liu Da Fu asked in a panic.

“I will tell you several medicinal herbs and you go get it from the herbal stores.”

In accordance with Lei Yu’s instructions, Liu Da Fu quickly went to buy the herbs and returned with them. Lei Yu pounded these herbs before taking out that snake’s gallbladder and cutting more than half of it. He then grounded it into powder and put the herbs in along with some warm water. The whole concoction turned into a paste inside a small porcelain bowl which was then handed over to Liu Da Fu.

“Her entire body needs to be covered by this medicinal ointment and we’ll wait outside while you do it. Remember, every sore on her body must be covered by this ointment.” Lei Yu instructed.

“Okay, I understand what to do.” Said Liu Da Fu as he received the small porcelain bowl. He then walked up to towards his wife while Lei Yu and Zhou Jun Sheng left the room.

Half an hour later, Liu Da Fu came out with a forehead covered in sweat. He showed no signs of gagging which increased the goodwill Lei Yu saw in him. He didn’t mind how disgusting his wife looked right now and to Lei Yu, this person didn’t have any evil in him.

“I did everyone you told me to so what do we do next?” Asked Liu Da Fu.

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