9HTM – Ch366

Chapter 366 – I’ll Take Care Of It

Lei Yu then pulled out the other half of the snake’s gallbladder, “Take this and grind it into powder, then split the consumption between morning, noon, and evening. Your honey… um, your wife still has residual poison inside her. This snake’s gallbladder has the ability to detoxify and help with blood circulation. Those pus filled sores have formed because the poison inside is using the fat in her body to fuel itself, and it’s the perfect material to counteract it.”

“How much is this thousand year old snake’s gallbladder? My family has used up most of its crystal stones to help with her treatment so I’m afraid…”

Lei Yu smiled and waved his hands, “I took out the snake’s gallbladder just to mess around and not really sell it. This is truly a thousand year old snake’s gallbladder and its effects aren’t bad. Don’t worry about it, this item is something I gift to friends and not something I would actually sell. If you keep mentioning money, then I’ll just take it back.”

“Br… brother!” Tears filled Liu Da Fu’s eyes as he couldn’t even speak properly anymore.

“Quickly go take care of things and we’ll wait for you back at the restaurant.” Lei Yu pulled Zhou Jun Sheng along at a slight rush, afraid that he would see Liu Da Fu burst into tears.

Inside the restaurant.

“Brother, your medical abilities are truly great!” Smiled Zhou Jun Sheng.

“Nah, it was my master that taught me well.” Lei Yu paused a bit before continuing: “It seems like I’ve made the wrong assumptions. This place… is not simple, truly not simple! It looks like I will have to take care of some things.”

“Brother, what do you mean by that?” Zhou Jun Sheng asked in a curious manner.

“Nothing… come, drink up!”

In about two cigarettes of time, Lei Yu smiled and said: “He’s back.”

A series of quick thumping footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. Hearing the pace of the footsteps, one could tell something bad may have happened. If it was something good, Liu Da Fu wouldn’t rush up in such a frantic pace right?

Since this was Lei Yu’s first time diagnosing someone, there was a hint of apprehension in his heart. He still managed to swallow the wine inside his mouth as he waited for Liu Da Fu to appear.

Sweat had covered Liu Da Fu’s forehead and maybe it was from running that his clothes on him looked disheveled. The expression on his face was unreadable but it wasn’t difficult to see that his face was flushed red. His mouth was twitching nonstop and his tears kept pouring down. Ignored the present crowd, he kneeled down with a “plop” and started giving three loud kowtows. The sound of his head banging on the floor was not soft either.

Lei Yu and Zhou Jun Sheng glanced at each other before they rushed off to support him. “What’s wrong? Did something bad happen?” Lei Yu anxiously asked.

“Be… benefactor! Benefactor! You are my, Liu Da Fu’s benefactor! My wife has been unconscious for two years and now she… she woke up! She woke up! Agghhh…” The last sound of his was a heart wrenching cry as the long suppressed emotions came bursting out. Tears also started coming out of Zhou Jun Sheng’s mother upon seeing this scene.

Lei Yu silently gasped in relief as he rolled his eyes, “Shit, you almost gave me heart attack! Quickly get up!”

All the other diners in the restaurant started discussing this scene, allowing Lei Yu’s sensitive ears to hear everything.

“Heavens! Is he some divine doctor?”

“Probably. I heard that Liu Da Fu’s wife was in a coma for two years. If it wasn’t a divine doctor, how could he get her to wake up?”

Everyone was gossiping about this which made Lei Yu happy inside. It was his first time using the herbal effects inside the <<Hundred Herb Records>> to save someone. He never expected to achieve such success and felt like being a doctor was really enjoyable! Lei Yu couldn’t help breaking into a faint smile.

After pulling Liu Da Fu back to their table, the three of them sat down.

“It’s good that she woke up, but remember to take good care of her and I’m sure she’ll recover very soon.” Lei Yu then thought to himself: This was the gallbladder from a Fusion Soul staged Dragon-Snake, so how can its effect be bad? If this precious item was brought to the modern world, most likely it would be auctioned off for a sky high price.

After wiping his tears and still sobbing a bit, Liu Da Fu then said: “You are the benefactor of my wife and me. If benefactor has any requests, even if I have to climb a mountain of knives or go down a sea of flames, I will not hesitate at all!”

“That’s not necessary. If you treat me as a friend, stop saying those words that only outsiders would say.” Zhou Jun Sheng was in full admiration of Lei Yu upon seeing how righteous and generous he was. He started to have a deeper understanding of this newly met brother’s personality.

Zhou Jun Sheng’s mother lightly smiled and said: “Giving grace but not requiring returns – now this is a rarely seen good person!” It appears as if she had forgotten how she had magically appeared in this town.

“I would like to ask you something Brother Liu.” Lei Yu had stopped smiling and became a bit serious.

“Please… please ask away!” Liu Da Fu replied.

“Do you have any relations with the family next door to your manor?”

“Relations?” Liu Da Fu thought for a bit before continuing: “I wouldn’t say we have any relations. Previously brother Lei had also met the family; it’s exactly that young noble Chen that you taught a lesson to. Their family is next door to mine.”

“Oh?” Lei Yu was in thought for a while before asking: “What business does their family do? It looks like they have a lot of money and power.”

“That is true. This one runs a small business that is in the same line as theirs. Because they have a lot of forces behind them, and they even have some people in the government, that’s why I can only make a living conducting my business in the neighboring counties. It’s natural that I can’t compete with them.”

“I got it!” Lei Yu slapped the table and continued: “If my guess isn’t wrong, those from the Chen family are the culprits in poisoning your wives!”



Lei Yu’s voice wasn’t that loud but the surrounding people were paying attention to his words because they thought he was a divine doctor. Upon clearly hearing what Lei Yu had said, the eyes of the people in the restaurant immediately bulged out of their sockets.

“Sigh, tycoon Liu loved his wives so much but never did we imagine that… sigh. Such a pity!”

“That’s right! Since he’s in the same business as the Chen family, looks like tycoon Liu will have to look for another business sector.”

“There’s nothing he can do… how can he pit himself against the huge wealth of the Chen family?”

Hearing these different opinions, Lei Yu’s eyebrows tightened even more. When he noticed Liu Da Fu’s face, it looked like he had stopped sobbing and was now in quite a fright.

“What’s going on? Why are you all so afraid of them?” Asked Zhou Jun Sheng has he slammed his hand on the table.

A kind hearted person came over and said: “You guys don’t know but that Chen family colludes with the local tyrants; they dare to do evil deeds in secret and out in the open! If they want you to die, even if the Yama Hall doesn’t accept them, they’ll still become wandering souls!”

“What a great Chen family!” Zhou Jun Sheng coldly harrumphed showing obvious anger.

Liu Da Fu then said while trembling: “Previously brother Lei Yu punished their family’s eldest young master in the marketplace. I considered you as a foreigner so even if his family seeks revenge, there’s no way they can find you. That’s why I didn’t bother bringing up this matter in-depth. Now that it seems… sigh! What should I do? Do I really have to give up everything I’ve worked so hard for and move away from here?”

Lei Yu stood up and walked towards the window to look out at the small river. He then calmly said: “You don’t have to change your line of business and you don’t have to move either. This matter… I’ll take care of it!”

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