9HTM – Ch367

Chapter 367 – Demolish The Old And Build The New

“Take care of?” Little brother, don’t act conceited or else you might lose your little life and won’t be able to find justice anywhere.” Advised a kind hearted person.

Lei Yu turned around, “I refuse to believe they are capable of being that tyrannical. I want to ask everyone here: How much do you Silicon Town people hate the Chen family?” Lei Yu knew that as long as a force like this was around, the villagers and townspeople will all suffer mistreatment. And they will all be enraged but wouldn’t dare to voice it out. Lei Yu never imagined that he would actually encounter such a scene that only happens in TV series he had watched in the past.

The people present in the restaurant all looked at each other before sighing. There was no need to answer the question since Lei Yu already knew what they were implying.

“Brother! I thank you for your kind intentions but the Chen family aren’t someone to be messed with. Since you had previously hurt their family’s eldest young master, brother should finish this meal and quickly leave this place. Just consider I, Liu Da Fu to have a bitter fate; I don’t dare offend them but I can still hide right?” Liu Da Fu was extremely grateful towards Lei Yu for saving his wife, and the friendship he had shown made Liu Da Fu unwilling to see any accidents befall Lei Yu. Especially when this muddy water all started because of his own matters.

Although he wasn’t too clear why Lei Yu had said the Chen family were the ones that harmed both his wives, the words Lei Yu spoke were quite powerful making people unable to doubt him.

It was only when Lei Yu released his spiritual perception that he detected some small unknown creatures beyond Liu Da Fu’s manor walls. He didn’t know what they were but it wasn’t difficult for him to tell those creatures were poisonous. Upon hearing that Liu Da Fu and the Chen family were in the same line of business, it wasn’t hard to deduce the reason. The Chen family wanted to get rid of a competitor so they made Liu Da Fu think that evil ghosts were haunting his place, and he would move away on his own. Since things were clear to him now, Lei Yu wasn’t going to just idly stand by.

“Not only do I have the ability to save people, I also have many other abilities. Don’t worry, I guarantee you will come out fine after this! And that Chen family’s old Patriarch, I’m going to make him gift his manor over with both hands so that you, Jun Sheng, and his mother can live there!” The way Lei Yu said those words made it seem everything was within his grasp, but the people present who knew the power behind the Chen family could only sigh while shaking their heads.

“Sigh! It’s such a shame for such a good man to come to an end that quickly.”

“The Chen family cannot be trifled with…!”

“Brother, I have noted down your kind feelings but it’s best that you don’t get involved with this. Brother should just quickly leave, even the government officials can’t deal with them! They are pretty much the overlord of this place with their evil forces spread out widely. No one dares to provoke them so you should just leave!” Liu Da Fu once again discouraged Lei Yu since he didn’t want anything bad to befall him.

Lei Yu lightly smiled, “Can you see that small bridge over the river?” Lei Yu asked while pointing out.

“I… I can see it.”

Lei Yu smiled again and jumped out from the second story window. They weren’t that high up and there were many people with that ability, so that’s why the crowd weren’t too surprised by his actions. They all figured Lei Yu was some martial artist to have made such boisterous claims, but so what? That Chen family had a lot of thugs under their control so they can even go against the government officials.

Lei Yu ran over to the small stone bridge and looked back towards the second story of the restaurant. All the windows were filled with heads peering out to see what abilities Lei Yu had to make such boastful claims.

Lei Yu stomped down heavily and a huge “boom” echoed all over. People in the marketplace all looked over with eyes filled with shock.

The entire stone bridge was destroyed and the pieces of stone all fell into the river!

Lei Yu immediately leapt off and arrived on the shore. A sword suddenly appeared in his hands and was waved at a huge willow tree. The huge willow tree was neatly cut into two at the base before Lei Yu used a single hand to lift up the entire tree. He then casually tossed it into the air and sliced away at the branches before cutting the leftover log vertically in half.

Lei Yu then tossed the neat half cut log to where the collapsed stone bridge originally was, forming a brand new wooden bridge. In order for it to be stabilized, he stomped down on both ends in order for it to be firmly entrenched into the ground.

Silence! Complete silence! There were hundreds of people on the main street who were staring with a shocked expression. The mouths of each and everyone were already at their maximum O shape. These people were all stunned and unmoving for almost two whole minutes!

The crowd in the second story of the restaurant had originally stuck their heads out to watch a show, had forgotten to pull themselves back inside. One would basically see multiple heads filling out the entire window with gaping shocked expressions.

Liu Da Fu was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say. The first person to recover their senses was Zhou Jun Sheng who excitedly exclaimed: “Immortal! He’s really an Immortal!”




This type of reaction went down the line for the townspeople. In one go, Lei Yu had destroyed an old dilapidated stone bridge and built a brand new wooden one in its stead. The entire process had made the people stare in a dumbfounded manner. This was also witnessed by a youth in a black colored straw hat who started running towards the direction of the local authorities.

For a short time, the people on the main street were crying out excitedly. This was the first time Lei Yu had flaunted his abilities here because his goal was to give Liu Da Fu and others some confidence. With the abilities he possessed, what kind of dog farts were the Chen family considered?

Was this all Lei Yu had? What a joke! A simple wave of his hand and this Silicon Town would probably cease to exist. It’s just that Lei Yu didn’t want to reveal his true abilities to that extent and just demonstrating something minor was already enough to achieve the desired results.

Under the eyes of everyone, Lei Yu stepped back into the restaurant and up to the second floor. The present customers were still staring out the windows with a silly look on their faces and had forgotten to turn around.

Lei Yu cleared his throat, “I wonder if I have the ability to punish the Chen family now?”

Hearing Lei Yu’s words, everyone finally started to turn around.

“Yes! Yes you do! Not even mentioning their manor, even if the county government came, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to you!” Liu Da Fu was so excited his eyes were bulging out of their sockets since he had never encountered an Immortal before. Previously when he observed Lei Yu punish that young noble Chen, he thought Lei Yu had used some sort of trick to do it. Now he finally realized that Lei Yu possessed abilities beyond mere mortals.

“Brother, you… you’re too powerful!” Zhou Jun Sheng excitedly clapped Lei Yu on the shoulder. His mother sat next to him filled with shock while the other patrons of the restaurant started crowding up towards their table. They all looked at Lei Yu with eyes filled with respect as if he was someone from the heavens.

Just when Lei Yu was about to ask something, he frowned as he detected a series of footsteps outside. As he looked outside the window, he noticed a group of soldiers in uniform had neatly arranged themselves outside the restaurant. A soldier in full armor then looked up before entering the restaurant.

“Who was it that destroyed the town’s bridge?” The man had a full beard, thick eyebrows, and a valiant appearance. His voice was ear deafening just like those powerful Generals you see in the army.

Lei Yu drank a gulp of wine before putting the cup down. “You can’t just say it like that… the old bridge was destroyed but a new one was built over it right?”

“It was you?” The Officer asked Lei Yu with a frown.

“That’s right, it was me.” There was no change in Lei Yu’s expression as he faintly replied.

“Capture him for me!” Ordered the Officer, causing some soldiers to run up to apprehend him. But was this even possible?

Lei Yu didn’t move and undetected by everyone, a few weak purple flashes shot out from his body. One could see those soldiers about to apprehend him start trembling in place. Lei Yu then coldly said: “I have never seen a government official act in such a way before. Go take a look; doesn’t the new bridge look quite good? Also, no one is allowed to touch me because… it will make me unhappy!”

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