9HTM – Ch368

Chapter 368 – Within The Court

Lei Yu angrily swept his gaze past the other soldiers. Since the consequences of those soldiers that got near Lei Yu was plain to see, who else would dare to touch him now? The all started backing away and even that arrogant Officer didn’t dare to look Lei Yu in the eyes. But since all his subordinates were watching him for further orders, there’s no way he could lose face in front of them right?

“You’re coming along with us! If you dare to escape, be careful of your head!” After a cold harrumph, the Officer walked downstairs. The group of soldiers on the second floor didn’t dare leave until Lei Yu got up and followed the Officer down.

The Court of Law was inquisitorial system where there were two branches in one place – the Justice Department and the Auxiliary Department. The Justice Department was responsible for investigating criminal or civil crimes and handling ordinary trials. The Auxiliary Department also had two responsibilities – they staffed the barracks with soldiers to handle invaders or assisted the Justice Department in investigating cases.

Upon entering the government building, Lei Yu noticed its designs were simple and the place wasn’t that big. After crossing the threshold, his ears seemed to have detected some soft voices conversing with and another.

“Lord, quickly look! It’s that commoner! It’s that commoner that used some unknown method that caused this little one to be filled with wounds!” Seeing Lei Yu enter the main hall, a young man filled with wounds whispered to another person.

Lei Yu recognized that this person was none other than the young noble Chen he had taught a lesson to. It looks like those patrons at the restaurant weren’t wrong; the Chen family and the government officials of this town were in cahoots with each other. It seems like he’ll have to take some actions today.

That young noble Chen inside the government building still looked somewhat afraid of Lei Yu, so he hurriedly hid in the back of the main hall to eavesdrop on the proceedings.

“Kneel down!” The Magistrate roared at Lei Yu while smashing his wooden mallet.

Lei Yu’s brows went up, “I only kneel to the heaven and the earth, my parents, and to Gods. Why should I kneel down to you?”

“You… you… you’re trying to rebel?! Come forth and force him down for me!” The Magistrate looked off to the side to the row of constables working for the court. But no one stepped up because they too were at the restaurant and remembered Lei Yu’s ability. They were told by their fellow brethren that they barely made a move and were struck by something that felt like lightning. With this in mind, which one of these constables was willing to eat this punishment?

“Didn’t you guys hear me? Immediately force him down for me! To defy the Court’s authority, paddle him twenty times for me!” The Magistrate was a bit anxious after not seeing his subordinates do a thing.

Lei Yu looked at those constables in a difficult position, “Stop making things difficult for them, they don’t even dare to come close and touch me. Isn’t that right?” While saying that, Lei Yu started walking towards a particular constable causing the guy to frantically back away in fear. That constable cried out: “That’s right! He’s an Immortal that descended from the heavens! An Immortal!”

“Hahaha…” Lei Yu started laughing out loud. Today was the day that he was going to punish the Chen family for colluding with the local government and this so called Magistrate presiding over the court.


Lei Yu stopped laughing and glared towards the direction of the Magistrate’s bench. “Why don’t you scram out from the rear halls? Don’t make me have to level this entire building! Humph!” Lei Yu coldly harrumphed while stomping on the floor. The ground started shaking which caused everyone present to gasp in shock while retreating backwards. They didn’t even dare to let out a fart at this time!

That so called Magistrate knew that today he provoked a prickly situation. Cold sweat started dripping down his back. None of his subordinates dared to come forward to apprehend this guy and what abilities did he personally have? Was he supposed to use his old bones to fight to the death? This guy only needed to use a single pinky finger and completely crush him, right?

“You’re disrupting the court so according to law, you should be paddled fifty times! You… you… you stop causing trouble and I’ll let things slide. If… if… if you still won’t listen, get ready for the paddle board!” The Magistrate knew he had no ability to enforce the punishment but still said those words to regain some face.

Lei Yu wasn’t an unreasonable person but what abilities did this timid dog Magistrate have, to sit in such a position? How would this type of dog official help the common people? Most likely this guy did a lot of dirty deeds such as colluding with the rich and depriving the poor of their properties. Today Lei Yu will not spare this young noble Chen or spare this Magistrate of the courts. Since he wasn’t someone of this world, he wasn’t afraid of causing all hell to break loose. Could he not have the ability to protect himself?

What Lei Yu didn’t know was that he was completely wrong. It wasn’t that this world didn’t have any strong existences; it’s just that those strong existences weren’t human.

“Why aren’t you having that person in the rear hall scram out here? Don’t force me to take action or else once I injure his flesh and bones, you wouldn’t be able to explain yourself to the Chen family!” Lei Yu said in a carefree manner.

The Magistrate stared with wide eyes, “You… you know there’s someone in the rear halls? You… you know of the Chen family?”

Lei Yu patted some dust off his clothing from previously constructing the wooden bridge before replying: “Of course I know about them, how could I not? The Chen family controls a powerful force and is even allied with you, a Court Official. I also heard that they’re even acquainted with the imperial family. I would really like to see the extent of the Chen family’s abilities.”

No one in the main hall dared to speak at this moment. Lei Yu had said those words without restraint so who here dared to be rash? He didn’t place the Chen family in his eyes at all so there’s no way anyone would dare anger him right now.

Zhou Jun Sheng and Liu Da Fu were waiting there outside of the government building’s main hall. Behind them was the crowd of restaurant patrons who wanted to watch the show. They all wanted to see how capable Lei Yu was when dealing with the local government.

“Brother Jun Sheng, what should we do right now?” Liu Da Fu anxiously asked with a depressed look. His own benefactor had been brought to the courts to be interrogated and the atmosphere didn’t look good right now.

Zhou Jun Sheng had a helpless look on his face before saying: “Since brother Lei Yu seems to have special abilities, I doubt he would suffer any mistreatment. We will first wait and see. If anything bad happens, you go pick up my mother at the restaurant first while I will stay here to fight it out with them!”

The conversation between those two was heard by Lei Yu’s sensitive ears. He turned around to look outside at them, and then smiled while shaking his head to infer for them to not worry.

Sensing that another group of people were nearing from the outside, Lei Yu assumed more and more people were here to watch the show. He didn’t want to delay this anymore and shouted: “If you still won’t come out, then I won’t be polite anymore!”

“I really want to see if he has three arms or six heads! You dare to cause trouble in my territory? Beat him up! You will be rewarded if you manage to break his arms or legs!”

A forty something year old middle-aged man cried out from the newly arrived crowd. A group of people who appeared to be servants wearing identical clothing rushed up intending to beat the crap out of Lei Yu.

“Go pick up my mother!” As Zhou Jun Sheng’s voice faded, he grabbed onto one of the servants that rushed past him and started punching him in the face. That guy’s two front teeth were knocked out by the punches of Zhou Jun Sheng instantly! “Who dares to hurt my brother?!”

After roaring out angrily, Zhou Jun Sheng rushed up and stood in front. This scene made Lei Yu think back to when the wild boar was about to attack him.

After gently patting his shoulder, Lei Yu smiled and said: “No big deal, they cannot harm me. How about you go back with brother Liu first to see you mother while I stay here a bit longer. I will quickly leave here soon and meet up with you.”

“How can I do that? There’s so many people here… what if…?”

“There’s no ‘what if.’ Did you forget that you were the first person to call me an Immortal?”

Zhou Jun Sheng thought back to the previous miraculous scene Lei Yu had displayed and his heart was slightly less worried. But he was still hesitating on what to do.

“Just go, quickly leave. Nothing will happen here.”

“Fine then!” Zhou Jun Sheng nodded. Just as he was running past the crowd, a palm strike came out of nowhere and struck his head. A “pak” sound was heard and Zhou Jun Sheng started screaming in pain while his body flew back to the entrance of the government building.

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