9HTM – Ch369

Chapter 369 – An Immortal Descends

Lei Yu immediately frowned, “Motherf*cker!”

He caught Zhou Jun Sheng and carefully examined him. Only when he realized Zhou Jun Sheng wasn’t dead did Lei Yu sigh in relief. Lei Yu then ran into the crowd and grabbed the person that had struck Zhou Jun Sheng.

This person looked fat and was as big and tall as a horse. He was almost 2 meters tall which meant he was over a head taller than Lei Yu. While standing in front of the guy, Lei Yu truly looked like a small midget.

The guy’s muscles were thick and strong, and Lei Yu’s hand couldn’t even encircle the guy’s arm with his hands. One could see that guy frown, “You little pipsqueak dares to act arrogant here? Courting death!”

Lei Yu grabbed him while the guy wanted to exert force to grab Lei Yu back. Was this a joke? Being at the early Boundary Transition stage was similar to being a God. This burly guy was probably naturally born strong or trained his body to this point by mortal standards. Lei Yu actually felt this was quite funny for the guy to act arrogant in front of him.

Lei Yu was unmoving while the crowd started backing away to create space for these two people fighting in front of the government building.

The burly guy grabbed nothing but air as Lei Yu slightly shifted. A trace of ruthless light then appeared in Lei Yu’s eyes. The burly guy realized his action didn’t succeed and proceeded to roar in rage. He then punched out at Lei Yu.

This guy was definitely nothing good if he was helping the Chen family and the government officials. Lei Yu wasn’t going to give this guy a good ending. The burly guy’s big fist landed squarely on Lei Yu’s head and a loud “crack” sound was heard.


“Oh heavens! He killed someone!” The crowd started crying out in shock.

Everyone knew what the sound was – the sound of breaking bones! The burly guy was filled with happiness as he looked at Lei Yu thinking he had succeeded with the punch.

There was no change in Lei Yu’s expression as he slowly raised his left hand and flicked the burly guy’s fist away.

“Aggh!” A painful scream was heard. It didn’t come from Lei Yu but from the burly guy. The burly guy’s fist was still there but… all his bones had already shattered into powder leaving a saggy pouch of meat. It was only now that his nerves sent the message to his brains before he started screaming in agony.

Lei Yu sneered, “Nothing but dog shit!” With a low roar, Lei Yu swept his legs out towards the burly guy’s leg since he wasn’t planning on killing him. The burly guy stared with big round eyes as the kick shattered his kneecap.

With this sudden change, the crowd could only stare and not dare to make a sound. Those servants of the Chen family who were about to beat Lei Yu up were all dumbfounded, and no longer dared to go near him.

That previous middle-aged man with the arrogant words was now trembling in place. The burly guy being beaten by Lei Yu was now rolling around the ground screaming in pain as if the world had come to an end.

“Too noisy!” Lei Yu’s sudden shout rippled out with energy and almost burst the ear drums of everyone present. The burly guy was so scared by the shout that he wetted his pants right then and there. Even though still in pain, he no longer dared to make a single sound.

Lei Yu then walked towards the main entrance where the middle-aged man was. “How are you related to that young noble Chen?”

“St… steward. This little… little one is the Chen family’s steward.” That person stammered.

Lei Yu nodded, “Who was it that just said breaking an arm or leg will be rewarded?” Lei Yu raised his arm as he was saying this.

That middle-aged man was originally walking out sideways with the burly guy as if he was invincible. Never could he have imagined that with just two strikes, his strongest hired fighter would become crippled that easily. It was probably from fear but the steward unexpectedly started crying in front of everyone.

Lei Yu blinked a few times, “Stop crying if you don’t have money, you almost frightened this daddy! Scram back and get some money for my brother’s doctor fees. If you can’t manage to bring anything back, this daddy will dismantle your Chen manor!”

Not having strength to stand up, the steward started crawling away before finally climbing on his feet. The servants that came with him also started running away not daring to turn around. The burly guy was still on the ground in silence hoping no one would pay attention to him.

Lei Yu waved his hands, “Everyone else disperse; there’s nothing to look at here anymore.” Even the words of government officials may not be able to clear this large crowd, but Lei Yu’s performance was just too shocking. His words were like a royal decree right now, causing everyone to vacate this place in under a minute. It wasn’t an everyday thing where someone would punish those evil officials and the tyrant Chen family, so everyone had their fill and obeyed Lei Yu’s words.

A cool breeze blew by the area causing a few yellow leaves to drift by Lei Yu. He then looked over at the Magistrate who was scared out of his wits and said: “Why haven’t you invited that young noble Chen out yet?”

After inhaling a few trembling breaths, the Magistrate crawled out from under the table quickly. “Doing it right now, right now!”

But the problem now was that so called young noble Chen had already fainted from fear.

Lei Yu started observing Zhou Jun Sheng’s injuries and realized it wasn’t serious; he had only been knocked unconscious by the burly guy’s punch. A purple light buzzing with electricity started sizzling on Lei Yu’s palms as he slapped it onto Zhou Jun Sheng’s body. One could clearly see that Lei Yu’s lightning ability had caused Zhou Jun Sheng to start shaking lightly before waking up from the stimulation.

“Brother, are you okay now?” Lei Yu asked with concern. Lei Yu was very touched by Zhou Jun Sheng’s action where he ignored his own safety to help out.

“I’m fine. I just wasn’t prepared to defend against it, that’s all.” After standing back up, Zhou Jun Sheng looked over at the burly guy who happened to have fainted. The burly guy was in extreme pain and Lei Yu didn’t allow him to make a noise, so it would actually be strange if he didn’t faint.

“It’s good that you’re okay. Your mother is currently being brought back to brother Liu’s home so don’t worry” said Lei Yu.

With his strong spiritual perception, Lei Yu was able to easily capture the movements of everyone within a radius of dozens of kilometers away. Not only was he able to feel the subtle energy fluctuations of Liu Da Fu, Lei Yu was able to feel that next door over within a large courtyard was over a hundred people gathered there. There was no need to ask what intentions those people had.

Lei Yu didn’t leave and just waited quietly. Zhou Jun Sheng also standing there unsure what was going on but stood by Lei Yu nevertheless.

After ten minutes or so, Zhou Jun Sheng still didn’t know what Lei Yu was waiting for and was just about to ask when Lei Yu smiled, “They’re here.”

Upon looking closer, there were over a hundred people all holding weapons rushing over with a ferocious look on their faces.

Lei Yu wasn’t someone vicious to the point of taking their lives today, so it should be enough to just scare this group of people.

The leader of this newly arrived group was an old man dressed in luxurious clothing and accessories. Flames of anger were burning in his eyes as he cried out to Lei Yu: “You dare to mess with my Chen family? Don’t you know that we even have people in the imperial capital? You’re courting death! Someone grab him and peel off his skin and tear out his tendons!”

Lei Yu looked on with disapproval while Zhou Jun Sheng started clenching his fists, preparing to fight with his life on the line. This originally had nothing to do with Zhou Jun Sheng and he only attacked due to being loyal towards his sworn brother. In the meantime, Lei Yu was thinking that since he wanted everyone to think he was an Immortal, he might as well demonstrate his Godly powers!

Lei Yu roared out and sound wave he produced stunned the entire group of people. They could only stare but were unable to move their legs! Lei Yu then started rising into the sky and floated there dozens of meters high. One could see a white light flash and a sword appearing in his hand.

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