9HTM – Ch370

Chapter 370 – Punish The Evil

Lei Yu looked towards the Silicon Mountain off into the distance. He had sent out his spiritual perception and made sure there weren’t anyone there. He gripped his sword with two hands and hacked down causing a beam of white light to shoot out of the Sky Devouring Sword. Lei Yu didn’t use any of his own energy and relied on the sword itself.

Everyone just stared at this crescent white light flying towards the Silicon Mountain. They were trying to follow the trajectory of the white light but it was simply too fast and their eyes couldn’t even catch up with it.

After the beam of light shot towards the mountain, there was no sound or movement for over ten seconds. Everyone was wondering what Lei Yu was trying to do when they finally heard a huge “BOOM,” and the Silicon Mountain was cut into two!

Silence. Absolute silence! Apart from hearing the avalanche of rocks crashing down, there was no other sound from the town. Some of the ordinary civilians nearby had witnessed all of this and even forgot to breathe. It was only after a full minute did people started gasping for air and unconsciously swallowing down their saliva a few times.

Lei Yu was currently floating in midair holding onto the Sky Devouring Sword and exuding a domineering aura. He then asked the old man: “Are you still going to capture me now?”

“Ugh… ugh…!” The old man convulsed a few times and fainted while frothing at the mouth.

The weird look of the unconscious old man was similar to the young noble Chen who fainted at the rear halls. Just when Lei Yu was contemplating something, he heard the cry of that young noble Chen. It appears that he has woken up but… the cry sounded like it was a cry from a crazy person.

Lei Yu frowned as he shot a beam of purple light into the old man’s body. The old man started waking up but his expression was dull and lifeless. What made the surrounding crowd dumbfounded was that the Chen family’s master and eldest son had both become insane!

The two of them sat up and were talking to themselves. They then started happily clapping their hands and playing children’s games with each other.

Lei Yu was floored by the outcome, “Shocked to the point of becoming insane? At least this makes things a bit easier. Mr. Magistrate, come out and take a look!”

The Magistrate half crawled and half scrambled out of the building. He too became dumbfounded upon seeing what greeted his eyes. Lei Yu then smiled, “Your path to wealth has been cut off, so what do you think you should do now?”

“This little… little one will change! I will never collude with the wealthy to oppress the civilians anymore! Please spare my life Immortal! Please spare my life!”

Lei Yu started smelling some bodily fluids from the Magistrate and started wafting his hand past his nose. “It would be great if you can really do that. If not, I don’t think it will be too hard to make your death look accidental.”

“I will do it, definitely do it! This little one will do anything!” The Magistrate was nodding his head up and down like a rattle drum.

“Go and seize the Chen manor and evenly distribute all their wealth to the townspeople. If I find out that you’ve taken any for yourself, be careful of your outcome!” Lei Yu clenched his fists which gave off “pak pak” sounds.

“Understood! Understood! This little one will take care of it right now, right now!” With a shout, the Magistrate brought a group of subordinates with him towards the Chen manor. As for the hundred servants and hire fighters with weapons from the Chen family, they just stood there in place. Out of the hundred plus people, not one of them dared to say a word.

“All of you scatter! If you hired thugs continue to rely on bullying people to make a living, be careful that one day you will end up like that burly guy as well” said Lei Yu as he waved his hand. Fast – that was the only word to describe the crowd of people leaving. It was in a blink of an eye that their weapons were dropped onto the ground before they disappeared in different directions.

This part of the matter had come to an end, but Lei Yu knew that if the Chen family really had some bigwig backer in the imperial capital, this town will definitely encounter trouble once he leaves. Lei Yu made up his mind and started floating up into the air again. He then used a voice where the entire town could hear him.

“Listen up all townspeople: In order for everyone to not suffer in the future, today I have eradicated the tyrannical Chen manor!”

The people nearby knew what had happened but those far away had no clue. Upon seeing how Lei Yu was speaking while floating in the air, everyone immediately became excited.

“Greetings Immortal! Greetings Immortal!” The townspeople started running out from shops and houses. They were all seen kneeling in main streets and alleyways.

Lei Yu didn’t like to be involved in such scenes but in order for those imperial capital supporters of the Chen family to not cause trouble here, Lei Yu had to make an exception.

“Everyone listen up: From today onwards, the Chen family and manor will disappear from this world. I hope that everyone will keep this a secret because I don’t wish for this to be transmitted out. Does everyone understand me?” Those last four words were heavily emphasized, so who would dare to not obey? The entire town nodded in unison.

“Mr. Magistrate: If I find out that you have devolved this incident to anyone, be careful of your ending!” Lei Yu’s gaze landed on the Magistrate that was rushing towards the Chen manor with his group of constables.

“Ah?!” The Magistrate quickly kneeled down. “Please be rest assured Lord Immortal, this incident will disappear in the Silicon Town. As for that Chen father and son, they’ve committed too many atrocities and suffered the heaven’s wrath. That’s why they’ve turned out like this.”

Lei Yu nodded, “Continue with your work then.” After that, Lei Yu once again made his voice heard throughout the town: “The Chen manor’s wealth will be equally distributed to all households. Everyone must remember to thank your town’s Magistrate for that!”

After saying that, Lei Yu gradually descended to the ground. Upon looking at Zhou Jun Sheng, he looked like he was staring off into space. It was only after calling out to him a few times before he recovered his senses.

“Brother… wait, no… Lord Immortal!” Zhou Jun Sheng respectfully cupped his fists.

“What’s wrong with you? I’m Lei Yu and not some Immortal, okay?”

“Then how could you…”

“Fly? Have such powerful attacking abilities?” asked Lei Yu with a laugh.

Zhou Jun Sheng scratched his head and nodded. “If you weren’t an Immortal descending, how could you be so powerful?”

“My master taught me well, very well. Haha!” Lei Yu then smiled and asked: “Do you want to learn it? I can teach you.”

“M… me? I can learn it?” Zhou Jun Sheng stared with wide eyes while pointing at his own nose.

Lei Yu nodded, “Of course you can. You have an honest and loyal personality. Once you’ve gained the ability, you will be able to protect your mother. Wouldn’t that be great? Oh right, I have something here for you but you’ll have to pay me back with interest in the future.”

Lei Yu made a thought and a blue light appeared in front of the two. Zhou Jun Sheng blinked a few times, “What is it?”

“Uh… doesn’t this place use crystal stones as a form of currency? This is a blue crystal stone.” Lei Yu replied.

Zhou Jun Sheng gasped, “This is a blue crystal stone? No… no way! Impossible!”

Lei Yu faintly smiled as the Sky Devouring Sword appeared in his hand as well. “I’ve started to gain an understanding of the prices of things here. How about…” After saying that, the Sky Devouring Sword slashed out. The crystal stone that only the Violet Gold Hall members were capable of refining was sliced apart by Lei Yu.

A portion cut off was handed over to Zhou Jun Sheng. “Use this to buy a house but not inside the Silicon town, choose some place bigger.”

Two more cuts were made, “This one is for the starting capital of your business and this one is for Liu Da Fu. You two should head out together and not stay here any longer. I’m worried about the turmoil here in the future. If those unknown imperial capital backers came here when I’m not around, I’m afraid you guys will be in deep trouble.”

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