9HTM – Ch371

Chapter 371 – Volcanic Eruption

The previous three cuts were only less than a third of the blue crystal stone. Lei Yu pointed to the remaining two-thirds and said: “Hold onto this. Once I teach you the cultivation exercises and skill techniques, this stone will be hugely beneficial to your cultivation progress.”

When Zhou Jun Sheng was about to cry in joy, Lei Yu quickly stopped him. “I’m not going to bid Liu Da Fu farewell. This is the hand-written copy of my cultivation method. I believe that as long as you cultivate it to the end, you will become an invincible existence.” Lei Yu handed over the first half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual over. “I’m leaving now.”

As his voice faded, Lei Yu rose up into the air and flew off into the distance. Zhou Jun Sheng suddenly knelt down. From beginning to end, Lei Yu hadn’t given him a chance to say a thing before leaving. At this time, one could see Zhou Jun Sheng burst into tears. There’s a saying that for a true blooded man, there will only be two reasons where he was allowed to cry: For one’s parents and for brotherhood!

Lei Yu continued flying up higher so that he could reach the clouds and hide from sight.

“What test does the Earth Vein want me to take by bringing me to this world? Why are the people here so weak?” As Lei Yu was muttering to himself, a muffled boom echoed in the sky. It wasn’t very loud but Lei Yu still heard it very clearly.

Without thinking about it, Lei Yu turned and flew off towards the direction of the sound.

Based on the look of this thing, it had to be a volcano!

“What sort of place is this? Why is there a volcano here?” Lei Yu frowned as he looked below. Coming out of the hole of the volcano was a continuous fountain of molten lava. This was the source of the sound he had heard previously.

“Not good!” Lei Yu had noticed that not too far from the base of the volcano was a small village. The village had a little over ten families and every one of them were quickly running for their lives.

Lei Yu dove down from the sky and landed in a nearby forest before rushing towards the village.

“Quick! Quick! The lava from the volcano is about to come down! Quickly escape!” An old man with a long white beard was waving for all the villagers to escape as fast as they could.

Lei Yu went up to him, “Old grandpa, how come there’s a volcano here?”

“Young man, quickly run away! This volcanic eruption will definitely take some lives with it! You will perish without even leaving bones behind!” The old man didn’t bother replying to Lei Yu’s question. Seeing that all the villagers had left, he too grabbed a bag and followed behind.

There was no longer anyone visible in the village so it was assumed that everyone had evacuated. Before the old man started running off as well, he glanced at Lei Yu one more time and cried out: “Young man, don’t stay here anymore and quickly run! It’s too dangerous here!”

Lei Yu showed a grateful smile and was just about to leave when his spiritual senses trembled. “Not good!”

Ignoring the dangers, Lei Yu ran deep into the village. It was also at this time that a violent “boom” sound was heard and the ground started shaking. The old man was shocked as he watched Lei Yu ran into the village. He wanted to stop him but the volcano had erupted! Lava had started rolling down the volcano side heading straight for the village!

“Sigh! Young man, it’s not that I don’t want to save you. It’s just… sigh! Everyone run! Run to the elevated hill over there!”

Beyond the edge of the village, one could see the villagers had run to higher grounds. Even if the lava flowed across this area, at most it will heat up the surrounding air and not harm the people too much. At this time, a woman of the village suddenly screamed out: “My child! Where’s my child?!” It was a heart wrenching scream before the woman fainted.

Another villager stood over her and frantically asked: “What?! What happened to the child?!”

“Chief! I thought that she was holding onto the child while I packed our belongings. I never imagined that I’d meet up with her here and neither of us brought the child! Our child is probably still asleep in the room so what should we do?! What should we do?!” The villager started crying.

The old man suddenly remembered something and turned to stare with wide eyes at the entrance of the house belonging to the two villagers. A human shadow rushed out the house at such high speeds that even the flowing lava wasn’t able to catch up with. Lei Yu knew that many pairs of eyes were upon him so he had already slowed down his speed by quite a bit.

The villagers could see him approach at high speeds with a bundle of cloth in his arms. There was even the cry of a baby coming out of the bundle of cloth.

“Li Hua! Li Hua! Wake up, our child has been rescued!”

It’s unknown whether she heard her husband’s cry or hearing her own baby’s cry, but the village woman called Li Hua immediately woke up. Lei Yu had finally arrived in front of everyone before handing the baby over. “It’s fortunate that I found the baby in time, otherwise…” Looking back, the lava had already flooded the entire village as black smoke rose into the air from the houses combusting.

A man and a woman kneeled in front of Lei Yu. The woman holding the baby cried out: “Thank you benefactor! Thank you for saving our family’s child! Thank you! Thank you!” Lei Yu hurriedly went forward to support them, “Don’t worry about it. Just when I was about to leave, I happened to hear the baby’s cry and knew the situation wasn’t good. It’s fortunate I made it in time so everything’s okay now; please quickly get up.”

The old man stepped forward, “I am the Chief of this village, thank you to this hero for helping us! I was wondering why hero had suddenly rushed into the village, so it was because you heard the baby’s cry. You are truly a good person, a good person!”

Lei Yu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. It wasn’t because of the heat but because of the extreme enthusiasm of these villagers that made him feel a bit embarrassed.

“Village Chief, why would this village be built below a volcano? Aren’t you guys afraid of the eruptions?” Lei Yu asked out of curiosity. At the same time, he released a faint stream of green energy into the surrounding hundred meters. He was afraid the lava would reach their elevated position and was also afraid the high temperature would affect the baby. None of the villagers here were able to see this because the air had already been distorted from the high heat, so no one would bother to pay attention to the changes.

“This was supposed to be an extinct volcano. Many generations of people have lived here all our lives so we never imagined something like this would happen today.” The Village Chief replied.

Lei Yu nodded, “So that’s why… but do you know what happened that caused the eruption?”

“Who knows…?” The Village Chief shook his head and continued: “This was something that happened very suddenly so none of us were prepared for it. We could only frantically pack some clothes while the rest of our things were destroyed.”

“Chief! Chief!” Cried one of the villagers, “A few nights ago, I came out for a leak and heard in the back mountains a strange sound. It happened very quickly and disappeared shortly afterwards so I didn’t bother taking it to heart. Do you think this matter is related?”

Hearing the words of the villager, the Village Chief nodded: “It should be the warning signs prior to the volcanic eruption. But there’s nothing we can do about it now since none of us knew what the sound was and could predict it was due to a future eruption.”

Lei Yu watched the lava destroy everything in the surrounding area. He then took out a crystal stone from his Universal Pouch – a purple crystal stone.

“Here Chief; take this and rebuild your homes.”

“A purple crystal stone?! I’ve heard of it but have never seen one before!” One of the villagers cried out in shock. The Village Chief widened his eyes and said: “No, no! You saved a child from our village already so how can we accept your crystal stone as well? No way!”

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