9HTM – Ch372

Chapter 372 – Ancient Gray Beast

Lei Yu’s expression changed as he pretended to be angry: “Chief, just accept it or else I’m going to throw it into the lava!” After saying that, Lei Yu raised his hand as if about to toss the crystal stone. The Village Chief hesitated before nodding: “If that’s the case, okay then! This old man will accept it! Thank you!” He continuously bowed a few times causing Lei Yu to feel a bit uncomfortable since he wasn’t used to receiving such courteous actions from an elderly person before. Lei Yu had always been like this; when there was someone in need, he will definitely try to help out.

Lei Yu had heard the old man mention they were so frantic that most of them only managed to pack some clothes. Their valuables and other belongings would definitely be burnt or melted at this point. Lei Yu still had quite a bit of crystal stones in his possession so by taking a small portion out, this can be considered doing a good deed.

“Hiss~!” A sound was heard at the mouth of the volcano.

Lei Yu quickly released his spiritual perception since the sound was abnormal. He then quickly looked up and noticed a monster completely in red and spewing out flames. A pair of lantern sized eyes was currently staring at Lei Yu and the crowd of people he was with.

The monster’s height was over five meters and his head was similar to a dragon’s, except its eyes was a bit more vicious looking than a typical dragon’s. Its eyes gave off fiery sparks and its body looked like it was wearing a scale armor for protection. Its four limbs were thick and long and its five-clawed feet looked exceptional sharp. The tail at the rear of its body was like a strange looking stub similar to a rabbit’s. Lei Yu couldn’t help but start frowning as surprise appeared in his heart. “How could this place have a monster at the early Soul Splitting stage? If I hadn’t rushed over here, who knows what would’ve happened!”

“It’s a monster! A monster!” One of the villagers cried out upon seeing the appearance of it. But since they were surrounded by lava, there was no place for them to run away to and chaos descended upon the group.

“Everyone stop panicking!” The Village Chief tried to maintain order. Lei Yu took a few steps towards the edge of the slope where the lava and come up to. Lei Yu didn’t seem bothered with it and suddenly raised his head to yell out: “What’s your purpose in appearing here?!”

The monster looked at Lei Yu. Hearing that Lei Yu was speaking to it, it sensed that this human was not ordinary. The monster suddenly spoke in the human language: “Slept for a thousand years, now hungry!”

Its words were simple but the meaning behind it was not at all when the villagers heard it. The monster had obviously appeared in search of food, and its target could possibly be the people inside the village! Every one of them was so scared that they started trembling!

Lei Yu lightly frowned. He wasn’t afraid of a monster at the early Soul Splitting stage but he still had to find a way to stop it. Even if his abilities surpassed the monster greatly, he still couldn’t guarantee that he could stop this guy if it decided to destroy this place with a large scale attack.

“Don’t make me angry and return to your sleep!” Lei Yu coldly replied.

“Angry? What qualifications do you have to dare to speak wildly in front of me, the Ancient Gray Beast?!” The monster loudly asked while being basked in flames.

Lei Yu sneered, “A mere early Soul Splitting little bastard, obediently return. I’ll say it again – don’t make me angry!” Lei Yu’s eyes glared at the Ancient Gray Beast and his deep profound eyes managed to shock it slightly.

“I refuse to believe it! What capabilities do you have?! Stop trying to trick me!” As those words faded, a burst of flame came roaring out of its mouth. Lei Yu already knew it wanted to test him but he didn’t make any moves. Just as the flames was about to reach Lei Yu and the villagers, it abruptly stopped. Lei Yu had already released an energy shield around everyone so ordinary attacks were completely useless.

The villagers could only look back and forth between the monster and Lei Yu without daring to say a word.

“How was it? You want to try again?” Lei Yu coldly harrumphed and a sword shimmering with white light suddenly appeared in his hands. The sword was unusually eye-catching. Lei Yu glared at the Ancient Gray Beast while he playfully stirred the lava with his sword.

“He dares to use his weapon to stir the lava? It’s definitely not simple! Should… should I pull back my attitude?” That so called Ancient Gray Beast was silently contemplating. It had just woken up so its power hadn’t been fully recovered yet. Wouldn’t it eat a loss if it suddenly encountered an expert? “Endure for now and figure it out in the future!”

The Ancient Gray Beast came to a decision and its voice became milder. Its eyes of anger also decreased a lot as it said: “Apologies for the offense, farewell!” The Ancient Gray Beast turned around and jumped back into the volcano.

The Ancient Gray Beast had left so Lei Yu turned around: “You all have suffered some fright while I too, am still in fear. How about this: I will bring you all to a new place that’s at least a bit safer than here. Does anyone have any opinions?” Lei Yu asked.

Previously when the flames of the Ancient Gray Beast arrived, Lei Yu didn’t make any moves yet it just miraculously stopped in front of them. The villagers didn’t know what was going on but they could easily guess that Lei Yu was not an ordinary person. And upon witnessing a monster that they had never seen in their life before, everyone was completely silent unable to say a word.

Lei Yu’s eyes landed on the Village Chief who didn’t say anything but nodded. Lei Yu smiled, “Everyone, please close your eyes!”

After hearing that, the villagers just looked at each other before deciding to close their eyes. Right after that, they only felt a slight shaking. By the time they opened their eyes, the environment had changed and they were now in front of a lively marketplace!

The crowd of villagers stared at each other in confusion. “What’s going on Chief? Are we dreaming?”

They looked left and right but didn’t see a trace of Lei Yu anymore. Little did they know that Lei Yu had already flown up high into the sky and was now flying back to that volcano.

“Could it be the descent of an Immortal? Quick, kneel down and thank the Immortal!”

The strange thing was that no one in the area was curious about the actions of the villagers; everyone just continued on with their business like ordinary. The Village Chief stood up and asked a passerby: “Excuse me, can you tell me what place this is?”

“Silicon Town…”


“Hey Ancient Gray Beast, come out for a chat!” Lei Yu was standing in the air yelling towards the volcano. After not getting any response for a while, Lei Yu sent out his spiritual perception and gasped: “Crap, it’s not here anymore!”

He then spread out his spiritual perception to a wider scope but still didn’t find any traces of the monster. Lei Yu swallowed hard and felt an ominous feeling in his heart.

“What should I do now? Where do I start looking? This is really too troublesome!” Lei Yu stepped off in a rush and started searching the area carefully. He was hoping that by flying around, he would detect some energy fluctuations from the ancient monster.

After a full day of searching, Lei Yu had found nothing. Currently in front of him was a city. According to its size, Lei Yu concluded that the population size was equal to a provincial capital of his world.

After slowly descending onto the ground, Lei Yu started walking. This was a place where no one would recognize him so Lei Yu didn’t have to worry. He also had a lot of crystal stones on him so he wasn’t worried about anything. What Lei Yu wanted to do was to figure out what place this was and what kind of world it was. Back then, he didn’t really have time to inquire about those questions in Silicon Town.

A restaurant that served alcohol was the ideal place to go to because there would be people from all walks of life there. Even if you sat there without talking to anyone, there would still be people chatting around you and revealing the current news.

After finding a relative high grade looking restaurant, Lei Yu sat down at a table on the second floor. Just when he settled himself down, he already heard someone saying: “Did you guys hear? Our city just posted a reward poster!”

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