9HTM – Ch373

Chapter 373 – Imperial Capital City

“I heard! The poster is looking for anyone with abilities to heal Princess Luminous that’s suffering from a rare sickness. I also heard the poster was posted up in every city but no one has dared to attempt it yet.”

“Let’s not even mention whether we have such a godly doctor amongst us. Even if we do, our current monarch is extremely weak while the Empress is interfering in government affairs. We don’t even know who are good and who’s evil right now so who would dare bring trouble unto themselves? Before you even receive the rewards, someone might say your tainted Princess Luminous’s body in the process and put you to death, then that’s really not worth it!”

“That’s right, and it’s best if we discuss this as little as possible. Who knows if someone is eavesdropping on us right now and accuse us of something, then we’ll be screwing ourselves over.”

Speaking to this point, those several people stopped the topic and started chatting about random stuff.

Lei Yu ordered some dishes and alcohol and started eating quietly by himself. What he was currently worried about was where that Ancient Gray Beast was hiding. For such a powerful flame monster, there’s no one around here that is capable of dealing with it. The people of this world were the most ordinary of ordinary that didn’t have any special abilities.

Lei Yu really wanted to know what kind of world this was, but he didn’t dare to ask outright. If he was to really ask about this, most likely people will take him for a joke or think he was some crazy person. The only thing he could do right now was slowly learn about this place through the conversations of others.

After leaving a white crystal stone, Lei Yu turned around to leave when one of the workers of the restaurant yelled out: “Sir, I haven’t given you the change yet!”

Lei Yu didn’t bother turning his head and just waved: “No need!” After saying that, he started walking towards the city’s main entrance. Most posters and general notices were posted at the main gates of the city. Since it wasn’t far from where he currently was, Lei Yu decided to take a look at the notice so he could get a clearer picture of what those other patrons of the restaurant were talking about.

The bulletin board area was packed with people. Lei Yu stood very far away but could still read the post clearly. And everything written on it was basically what those patrons were chatting about in the restaurant.

Those people looking at the notices were whispering with each other and Lei Yu locked onto one of their conversations. “Did you know? Princess Luminous is our monarch’s only child, so he especially dotes on her.”

“That’s right, and that vicious Empress also loves Princess Luminous dearly. Now that Princess Luminous is suffering from some incurable sickness, all the imperial doctors were helpless and have been killed off by Empress. Everyone in the imperial palace are all in a panic, so that’s why they posted notices up in all the cities of the empire’s territory. They’re hoping that can find some able person to heal our Princess Luminous.”

“Since that Empress is so vicious, which capable person would even dare to go try?”

Lei Yu smiled, “It looks like this Empress isn’t a good person. Someone that cannot treat her daughter’s illness so she decides to kill or jail them? Should I involve myself with this matter?”

Those that got involved with the affairs of the imperial palace have no place to hide, but Lei Yu was someone that didn’t care about that. No matter how powerful the palace was, there’s no way they could do anything to him, right? Since he couldn’t find the whereabouts of the Ancient Gray Beast, he might as well go visit the palace to take a look around.

Lei Yu walked up and tore off the notice from the bulletin board and waited for the nearby soldiers.

Once Lei Yu tore off the notice, the surrounding commoners started shaking their heads and sighing. There was even someone off to the side commenting: “What a pity for this young man. Who knows what kind of tricks the vicious Queen will pull this time!”

Lei Yu didn’t care about their discussions. As if someone tipped the government off, a pair of soldiers arrived a short moment later. Seeing the notice in Lei Yu’s hands, one of the soldiers asked: “Are you the one that tore off the notice because you’re interested in the task?”

“That’s right.” Smiled Lei Yu.

“Come with us then!” The two soldiers took the lead and Lei Yu followed behind. They were walking towards the central part of the city and into the prefectural government office. Lei Yu had to sign some documents with provisions that were similar to contracts of modern Earth. If he wasn’t able to fully heal Princess Luminous’s sickness, then he would be severely punished for it.

If it was someone else, they would definitely not bother caring after seeing the provisions. They haven’t even seen the sickness and conditions that Princess Luminous was in right now so how would they know whether they could heal her or not? Wasn’t signing such a contract equivalent to courting their own death?

The people of the prefectural government office were giving Lei Yu weird looks, but he pretended he didn’t notice anything. He just glanced around the building and could tell this place was much bigger than a government building of a town, and it also looked more majestic. Lei Yu was currently standing at the main hall chatting with someone that called himself Advisor Ma while he waited for the prefectural governor.

“Were you the one that tore off the reward notice?” A voice was heard from the rear hall, and then a fat middle-aged man came out. He was dressed in an official looking gown and hat, but Lei Yu was unable to tell which dynasty the clothing resembled.

“That is I.” Lei Yu replied while cupping his hands.

The prefectural governor looked at Lei Yu and immediately became stunned. He couldn’t help feeling pity since this was the first time he has seen a doctor this young. He then tried dissuading: “Please reconsider your actions. If you feel the provisions are too much, I still have the right to null the contract you have signed so that you don’t regret it later.”

Lei Yu was happy to know that this prefectural governor seemed to have a conscience. But since Lei Yu had no intentions of backing out, he smiled brightly and said: “I thank the Prefectural Governor for his kind intentions. This one has full confidence in completing the task so Prefectural Governor does not need to worry.”

After sighing again, the prefectural governor nodded. “Fine then, tomorrow I will send a small squad of soldiers to escort mister to the imperial city. The distance isn’t far and the journey will only take three days.”

“This one obeys.” Said Lei Yu as he cupped his hands.

That same day, Lei Yu stayed within the prefectural government building. A room was prepared for Lei Yu in one of the rear courtyards and two maid servants were assigned to him. Since Lei Yu was not used to being taken care of, he had them stationed outside the room and didn’t call on them.

Lei Yu would never feel bored because he would always use his spare time to cultivate. But his current cultivation speed was as slow as a turtle and he would not feel the slightest progress. Even though this was the case, he was still unwilling to take a break from it.

The next morning, Lei Yu was being escorted by a team of soldiers. It was also the first time he has sat on a horse carriage and contrary to belief, it wasn’t that bumpy. Perhaps it was due to the policies of this kingdom of maintaining the main roadway.

Within three days, apart from allowing the soldiers to bring him food and water, Lei Yu would stay in the carriage to cultivate. He never thought this was boring and felt it was a good way to pass the time.

The three day journey wasn’t considered long or short. Lei Yu got off the carriage and it was his first time in three days seeing the sun. Upon seeing the city walls that were at least twenty meters tall, Lei Yu couldn’t help feel some surprise. This was indeed the imperial capital city, even their walls was so imposing! Many soldiers were patrolling atop the city walls while constantly paying attention to anything suspicious beyond the wall. There were a large amount of soldiers guarding the huge city gates, but those soldiers escorting Lei Yu only had to show some identifications and no one gave the group any trouble, allowing them to smoothly enter the city.

This imperial capital was indeed impressive where normal cities and towns couldn’t compare to. The main roadways were very wide and even the narrow side streets were wider than the main streets of Silicon Town. The city was busy with crowds of people walking to a fro, and there were very little side stalls on the streets while it was mostly small shops as the business venue. It was truly a bustling scene for a large city like this.

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