9HTM – Ch374

Chapter 374 – Summons From The Empress

After walking the main road for half a day, they finally reached the center of the city arriving at the imperial palace. Lei Yu was once again shocked by the scene in front of his eyes: a magnificent architectural design, dignified soldiers, and an elegant golden dragon flag fluttering on top of the palace walls.

Many eyes were now looking towards Lei Yu’s group.

Lei Yu didn’t bother with their stares. The soldiers that came with him explained the reason for coming and handed over some documents. A military officer then ran into the palace before coming out a while later. The imperial palace main gates then started opening up. Those soldiers who escorted Lei Yu remained outside while he was the only one invited in.

This palace was indeed not small since he couldn’t even see the other end of it. After being advised by this military officer, he stopped looking around and hurried his steps. Since he has come to this place, then he figured he would abide by their rules for now. Lei Yu wasn’t bothered about being advised on what to do because entering this palace could mean a chance to learn about this world.

Lei Yu somehow felt relieved by not seeing any eunuchs around. The only people he saw were usually palace maids and guards running around, not those half-man half-woman looking guys he sees in the movies. And the person leading the whole way was that military officer.

They arrived at a place with a blue wooden sign saying “Cold Morning Palace” before coming to a stop. Outside was a beautiful looking maid who the military officer spoke with: “Make arrangements to settle down the Mister. Tomorrow he will be brought to heal Princess Luminous.”

The palace maid made a bow to acknowledge it before the military officer left. The maid didn’t speak much with Lei Yu but acted passionate with her job as she invited Lei Yu into the Cool Morning Palace.

The furniture and decorations of this place were extraordinarily eye catching and was definitely not something the houses of common people could compare with.

“This servant is called Chun’er. If Mister has any needs, Mister may just let Chun’er know because she will be standing outside the door.” After saying that, the maid called Chun’er bowed before leaving and closing the door behind her.

Lei Yu was very curious about the palace since this was all new to him. But he has seen in many television series that the imperial palace had forbidden grounds, so he couldn’t just walk around and do some sightseeing. He felt that he should just politely stay here for now.

It wasn’t that Lei Yu was afraid of trouble; he just didn’t want to cause too much chaos. What if he caused some karmic sin without realizing it?

Lei Yu started releasing his spiritual perception very casually since he was planning on exploring the imperial place to see how many people there were. It was at this moment that he became shocked!

“So that’s how it is; looks like it was right for me to come to the imperial palace!” Lei Yu coldly said with a smile.

A full day and night and no one came by to check in on him. Lei Yu didn’t call for Chun’er so she just stood outside the door without ever taking a single step into his room. But he honestly didn’t have anything to request of her so Chun’er and just patiently waited for morning to come. Lei Yu really wanted to see what kind of special powers this Empress Guo had.

“Mister! Mister! Have you woken up yet?” Chun’er cried out before pushing the door open. In her hands was a copper wash basin.

“Chun’er, can we go heal Princess Luminous now?” Lei Yu asked while accepting the washcloth from her.

“No one has called for Mister yet so please be patient.” Chun’er lowered her head but Lei Yu could tell this girl was frowning. Lei Yu couldn’t help asking: “Is there something wrong? You looked kind of distraught.”

Chun’er became startled and replied: “No, nothing, nothing’s wrong!”

Lei Yu knew something was up with her and continued: “Don’t worry so much, there’s no one else here.”

While trembling a bit, Chun’er breathed out before hesitatingly saying: “Mister doesn’t know but ever since Prince Luminous got sick, no one paid too much attention to it. But when her conditions became worse, Princess’s body was like mud and her bones extremely brittle. She wasn’t able to move at all and no one knew how she had contracted such an illness. Several imperial doctors had no way of healing her and even accidentally broke some of her bones in the process. That’s the reason the imperial doctors had their heads decapitated. Mister is still so young so Chun’er didn’t want…”

Chun’er hadn’t managed to finish her sentence when Lei Yu suddenly covered her mouth and pushed her against a round wooden table beside them. Chun’er’s eyes went round and wide! She thought Lei Yu was a gentleman because he never called her in the entire night. What she didn’t expect was that Lei Yu was actually such a pervert to act now. She was just about to scream out when a voice came from the door: “Mister, please come with me to the Luminous Palace to treat the Princess’s illness.”

Lei Yu released his other hand from holding onto Chun’er and stood up, pretending he was in the middle of doing something perverted towards her. That military officer came in with a faint smile as he noticed the scene. “There’s no need to rush Mister. When you have healed the Princess’s illness, you can have as much beauties as you want.”

Lei Yu lightly nodded his head towards Chun’er and left the Cold Morning Palace with the military officer.

Chun’er stood there in a daze while in thought. She then ran towards the door and said to herself: “Mister was saving me! He was afraid that military officer would hear what I had just said! I’ve misunderstood Mister’s intentions!” After pausing for a bit, Chun’er’s red lips parted a bit as she whispered: “Mister, you must come back safe and sound.”

Outside a sign that said Tranquil Palace, Lei Yu was a bit confused and asked: “Aren’t we going to where the Princess stays? Why am I brought here?”

The military officer replied: “The Empress wants to meet you first and not because we don’t trust Mister. There are protocols in place with everything, and we are dealing with the Princess’s precious body, right?”

Lei Yu didn’t care about the response since he wanted to come here since yesterday. When his spiritual senses swept out, he could sense a non-human existence at this location. If his guess wasn’t wrong, then that non-human existence should be the so called Empress Guo.

The military officer spoke some words with the maids in front of the entrance. One of them went inside and a while later, they invited Lei Yu inside.

This Tranquil Palace was more than double the size of Cold Morning Palace where Lei Yu stayed at. The floors were laden with rugs with different kinds of embroidery. The furniture were mostly made out of red wood and looked extremely sturdy.

Sitting on one side of a bench was a noble looking lady dressed in dark purple phoenix robes. She was about forty years old but still looked rather elegant. Even though her demeanor was less than half of Telephassa’s aura, one could still tell that she was a beauty when she was young.

But was this really the case? Lei Yu didn’t believe the current looks of this non-human existence was real and determined she must have used some type of ability. What surprised Lei Yu yesterday was that underneath this seemingly ordinary body was actually someone that had cultivated the demon’s path to the late Soul Splitting stage.

“You’re the Mister that tore off the reward notice? I really didn’t expect you to be this young, and it has made this Empress somewhat worried. Are you sure you’re capable?”

Lei Yu was neither haughty nor humble. He noticed the palace maid next to the Empress repeatedly give him eye signals but Lei Yu continued standing there calmly. He had no thoughts of bending his knee to this Empress so he coldly responded: “Whether I am capable or not would be seen after I see the Princess, so what use is there to guess my abilities? Unless your Empress has eyes that are able to see one’s ability with a glance?”

“What an arrogant tone!” Empress Guo suddenly stood up and shouted, causing the palace maids near her to quickly kneel down. Lei Yu didn’t even bother looking her in the eyes as he was thinking to himself: “What a ghost of a thing! You have the ability to harm others but none whatsoever to save them. Looks like you’re definitely not something good!”

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