9HTM – Ch375

Chapter 375 – Princess Luminous

Empress Guo hiddenly made some gestures and a trace of internal energy appeared on her finger. She then flicked the energy which shot into Lei Yu’s body. Lei Yu already knew what she was doing and didn’t dodge it. He allowed that energy to enter his body freely before he used his own internal energy to surround it.

“Good! Stay unbridled and arrogant! Once you cannot heal the Princess, just watch how this Empress punishes you! Bring him to the Luminous Palace!”

The palace maid never imagined that this Mister who didn’t even kneel in greetings, who dared to contradict her, had not been punished by this extremely petty Empress Guo. This scene was simply too strange to behold. But since the Empress commanded, the palace maid quickly stood up to bring Lei Yu away.

The Luminous Palace wasn’t too far away from where Empress Guo stayed at. It was only about a twenty minute walk before they reached their destination.

This place had many soldiers guarding here. It was most likely heavily guarded because they didn’t want any chance of intruders disturbing the rest of the frail princess.

Once the palace maid explained their reason for being here, the soldiers opened the main door to the palace. Lei Yu and the palace maid then started walking inside.

This place was dark and damp, and wasn’t a place where humans would enjoying living in. There was a cold yin aura coming from the bed that caused Lei Yu to frown. “How come I didn’t sense another non-human existence from here? I’m such a putz! This Princess Luminous is the daughter of the demon Empress so it’s natural for her to be non-human too.” Of course Lei Yu didn’t say this out loud and was only saying it in his mind.

Princess Luminous was covered in a white cloth, her eyes sunken down, and the air she breathed out was filled with a yin energy. If it weren’t for Lei Yu being present, most likely no one would be able to sense these symptoms.

Although the princess looked pale, it wasn’t difficult to see that she too was a beauty. It was only the unknown sickness that had tortured her to the point of appearing in such a bad state.

Lei Yu had no ill feeling towards demonic beasts or devil cultivators. As long as their hearts were on the right path, Lei Yu could still be friends or even brothers with them. His own bull-head brother and lover were also cultivators of the demonic beast and devil’s path.

Lei Yu turned around and said to the palace maid: “Get a tub of warm water and cleanse the princess’s whole body.”

Every word and action of this Mister may save the princess, so how could the palace maid dare disobey it? She then quickly left the place to prepare the water. Lei Yu placed his fingers onto the Princess’s wrist to observe her radial pulse. Even though he had never trained in the medical field, Ceng Hong had given him two very special books which allowed Lei Yu to gradually form his own understanding of miscellaneous sickness and diseases.

“Are you kidding me?” Lei Yu was a bit surprised. “She’s completely normal inside and doesn’t have any sickness. She’s only undergoing some type of evolution. There’s no way she’s sick because she’s clearly in the process of evolving to a stronger state!”

Even so, Lei Yu couldn’t say this out in public. Perhaps that demon Empress would understand that this couldn’t be cured, because there was no need to treat it.

Lei Yu guessed that this Empress Guo didn’t know how to cover it up, and the Princess’s evolution was taking too long to succeed so she had to call this a sickness. That useless Emperor then ordered a search for doctors to treat her precious daughter, yet it was naturally something that was untreatable.

Lei Yu’s luck wasn’t too bad because if he encountered some weird and unique type of illness, he may not be able to treat it. But when it came to the evolution of demonic beasts, he could actually help out a bit.

He wasn’t in a hurry to immediately start helping her evolution. Lei Yu continued quietly waiting for the palace maid to come back. The palace maid then acted according to her instructions and began removing the white cloth from the princess’s body. Lei Yu didn’t leave and just continued watching the process. He wanted to see if the princess would exhibit any abnormal changes while undergoing her evolution. But once he saw the princess’s white and alluring naked body, Lei Yu had to quickly turn around and walk towards the doorway to wait.

In a short period of time, the palace maid bowed and said: “Mister, I have finished cleaning her body.”

Lei Yu nodded, and said: “Go out first. Without my permission, no one is allowed to come in.”

“This…” The palace maid hesitated. The princess was so beautiful and cannot move or cry out in distress, so what would happen if this Mister started molesting her?

Lei Yu noticed her hesitation and coldly said: “It’s fine if you don’t leave, but this place will be filled with yin energy. You are also a woman so staying here would increase the yin energy. If you are worried, you could always call in two male soldiers to watch the process. But that’s only if you aren’t afraid the Empress would kill off every single one of you afterwards!”

The palace maid shook from fright and immediately said: “This servant will leave right now! Leaving right now!” After saying that, she went out and closed the door behind her. Lei Yu then grabbed a partition and wedged it against the door. As long as heavy force wasn’t used, the door wouldn’t open so easily anymore. As he arrived in front of the princess’s bed, heat started spraying out of Lei Yu’s nose. That palace maid was stupid enough to leave the princess’s completely naked body out in the open, revealing all her alluring features!

Lei Yu swallowed hard. He wasn’t a saint so how could he not feel any desires? Only after pulling the blanket over her body did Lei Yu sigh in relief. He then started circulating his internal energy, which was purely just that without adding his lightning attribute. A faint purple line of energy then started entering the Princess. Lei Yu was trying to help her newly evolved powers to blend into the rest of her bodily functions.

This wasn’t a difficult process for Lei Yu. And most likely this princess didn’t know she was a demonic beast lineage so it was quite easy. The current princess had been training according to the cultivators of this world and had only reached the strength of a Third Order Warrior. It’s no wonder that Lei Yu hadn’t detected her early on.

After about twenty minutes or so, Lei Yu slowly opened his eyes. Upon looking at the princess, he noticed her face was more flushed and her previous sunken eyes had now recovered. The current image of the princess can now be described as a truly beautiful girl.

“Cough… cough…” The princess gave couple of light coughs before opening her eyes. Lei Yu’s lips curved into a faint smiled before saying: “You’re awake? It’s good that you’re awake or else my little head will be chopped off.”

The princess looked at Lei Yu. She was first shocked by Lei Yu’s appearance and her heart skipped a beat. But she then discovered that she had no clothes on and was lying naked on the bed. Her face involuntarily turned a shade of pink making her appearance look even more charming.

“Who are you? Did you save me?” Asked the princess as she didn’t dare to look at Lei Yu and buried herself below the blankets.

Lei Yu felt somewhat relieved as it seems that Princess Luminous didn’t know she had a beast lineage in her bloodline. He then smiled: “The princess’s sickness as been cured, so I should withdraw myself now. This one shall notify the palace maid outside to come in and serve you.”

Princess Luminous wanted to get up to stop Lei Yu from leaving but remembered she was still completely naked. She could only watch as Lei Yu strode out through the doorway.

“The princess is awake so go inside to attend her.” Lei Yu said this in a casual manner as he stretched his waist. But those words to the soldiers and palace maids who had been guarding this place for months was like thunder clap in their minds.

Several palace maids rushed inside. When they saw the princess putting on clothes by herself, one of the palace maids rushed out and yelled: “The Princess has really woken up! She has woken up!”

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