9HTM – Ch376

Chapter 376 – Six Great Demonic Beasts

Being bestowed rewards for his success would be inevitable. Lei Yu really wasn’t interested in it one bit but he still had to give them some face. Even if he wasn’t someone from this world, he still had to give the Emperor of this place a little bit of face, right?

“Your majesty, this one has made a strict oath to never kneel before anyone. I hope that your majesty will forgive this one!” Lei Yu cupped his hands while observing the appearance of this world’s emperor.

Lei Yu was somewhat disappointed with the guy’s appearance. Although the aura of the emperor seems a bit dignified and powerful, his looks were lacking quite a bit. The emperor’s small beady eyes made him weak looking and the faint moustache lacked any majestic qualities. And the golden dragon robes on him looked like it didn’t really fit his body structure.

“No need for such ceremony! Someone come and bestow him a seat!”

That demonic empress wasn’t here but Princess Luminous was standing right next to the emperor. Her eyes were staring at Lei Yu unblinkingly making him feel a little awkward.

Lei Yu declined the rewards of official titles and only accepted some purple crystal stones. If an ordinary person was in his place, just these crystal stones alone would give them a life filled with wealth. But how could it move Lei Yu’s heart? What Lei Yu really wanted to do right now was to interrogate that Empress Guo to see what kind of demonic beast she was.

“Since Mister doesn’t want to become an Official, what requests do you have instead?” Asked the emperor.

“I only wish that all the doctors who have failed to be released, and the ones that have died to be given a ceremonious blessing so that they can rest in peace. That’s all I really want.” Lei Yu softly replied.

“Mister’s medical ethics are really devoted and has a benevolent heart. It will be granted!”

Seeing how Lei Yu had refused to become an official, the face on Princess Luminous had turned slightly depressed. This clearly meant that Lei Yu was unwilling to stay in the imperial palace for any extended amount of time.

“Mister shouldn’t leave in case this one’s sickness comes back, then Mister can help me heal it again.” Princess Luminous spoke out.

Lei Yu smiled while shaking his head. “Princess doesn’t need to worry because your sickness has been completely healed and will not relapse.”

Princess Luminous wanted to say something more when a soldier ran into the hall and said: “Your majesty, the Empress wishes to request that the Mister go to the Tranquil Palace to receive his rewards!”

The Emperor smiled, “It looks like the Empress has received news of this. That’s good; Mister should go over and receive some more rewards.”

A faint grin appeared on Lei Yu’s lips since this was exactly what he wanted. He then bowed before leaving.

Inside the Tranquil Palace.

“Everyone else withdraw!” Empress Guo waved her hand and the palace maids present all started filing out leaving Lei Yu and her alone.

Others may not know her daughter’s illness but Empress Guo was very clear about it. Let’s not question how Lei Yu was able to cure Princess Luminous yet, and ask what happened to the internal energy she had shot into Lei Yu. This was very strange for her.

Without waiting for Empress Guo to start questioning him, Lei Yu was the first to ask: “What is your purpose here?”

Hearing Lei Yu’s words, Empress Guo became startled and asked with widen eyes: “Who are you?!”

“It’s fine to be a demonic beast but you’re so narrow-minded and malicious; who knows what type of beast you have transformed from. But with your mere strength at the late Soul Splitting stage, you better not play mind games with me or else I’ll destroy you this instant!” As Lei Yu’s voice faded, his body exploded out with a strong aura. This aura actually caused Empress Guo to have difficulty breathing and her face to pale.

“Spare me Immortal! Spare me Immortal!” Empress Guo gasped out while revealing a terrified expression.

Lei Yu retrieved his aura and coldly stared at the demon empress. “Answer my questions: What is your goal for being here and what kind of world is this?”

Lei Yu’s first question wasn’t uncommon but the second question stunned Empress Guo. Could it be that Lei Yu wasn’t someone of this world?

Empress Guo slowly got up, walked over to Lei Yu and bowed. There was a sudden brief flash in her eyes that caused Lei Yu to faintly tremble. Lei Yu’s demeanor then became dull.

When Lei Yu woke up, he discovered that Empress Guo wasn’t here anymore. Instead, there were several beautiful women as pretty as fairies before him. They were kneeling before Lei Yu and their soft enchanting tongues were desperately licking Lei Yu’s crotch area!

Lei Yu was shocked, took a step back and yelled: “Bastards!”

Those girls acted like they were possessed and started crawling over to Lei Yu. Their charming eyes were plenty enough to cause any man to be drowned within them, but how strong was Lei Yu’s willpower? How could he be so easily tempted by this?

Lei Yu closed his eyes and sent out his spiritual perception. Strangely enough, he couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations come from these girls. Could they be an illusion?

Upon opening his eyes, two girls had managed to reach Lei Yu and started kissing his feet. This action actually sickened Lei Yu! As he stepped back, another girl was already behind him blocking his path.

With a single hand, Lei Yu grabbed the girl’s hair and lifted her up into the air. The girl didn’t show any signs of struggle or pain and instead, licked her lips like she was enjoying it. She then used her jade like hands to start caressing Lei Yu’s chest.

Lei Yu faintly smiled, “Using these types of methods in front of me? My advice for you is to stop it. If you truly angered me, you should be able to imagine the consequences of it!”

Sure enough, those girls disappeared as Lei Yu’s words faded. Empress Guo was actually in front of the door about to escape. Lei Yu quickly grabbed onto her and said: “You’re quite vicious, but not everyone is mesmerized by beauties! If you don’t give me a clear account on what type of beast you are, careful that I take your life this instance!”

“Spare my life Immortal! I am the Viper Queen from the Desert of Illusions!” Since her illusions were broken by Lei Yu, Empress Guo quickly reported her name.

“Viper Queen?”

“Yes! Yes!” Empress Guo was very afraid of Lei Yu because he was the first person she has ever met with such powers.

“Stop hanging around here and causing harm. Come with me to look for another demonic beast!”

“Another demonic beast?”

“Are you going or not?” Lei Yu asked again with a stern glare.

“Going! Going! As long as Immortal doesn’t kill me, I’ll go anywhere!”

“Go mention this to the Emperor. Just say you will be accompanying me to take care of an important matter. If this matter is performed well on your part, I might consider allowing you to come back to being your Empress Guo. If not…”

“Understood! Understood!” Empress Guo ignored the shock of the guards and ran towards the main palace like crazy. After relaying some instructions, she then left the palace with Lei Yu. Of course, no one dared to stop them. The only person seen standing outside the palace was Princess Luminous with tears in her eyes as she watched Lei Yu’s back gradually disappear. “Will you be coming back?”

Outside the Cold Morning Palace, Chun’er watched Empress Guo run after Lei Yu in a hurried manner. Her face revealed a happy expression as she said: “Mister is fine! Nothing happened to him!”

In an area with no one around, the two of them took to flight. Lei Yu then asked: “Viper Queen, I want to ask what other demonic beasts exist in this world?”

Without thinking, the Viper Queen replied: “Out of the six great demonic beasts, there’s only four left: Me, Ancient Gray Beast, Snow Wolf King, and our leader, the Ink Beast.”

“Ink Beast? Did you just say Ink Beast?”

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